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Fan Fiction

SONIC & THE TRANSFORMERS - THE MOVIE PART 6 (CHAPTER 3). Missed part 5? Click here to read it.

Sally sat alone deep in meditation as she reached out through the magic in an attempt to contact her deceased husband Ace Robotnik.

SALLY: Ace, if you can hear me, please reveal yourself to me. I still miss you, my heart cries out to you.

Then in her mind she saw a glowing terran figure appear in front of her, a familiar looking person to be exact.

ACE: I am here, my wife. <smiles> It is good to see you.

SALLY: Ace, I believe I failed to defeat Shredder in light-saber combat when I thought I could take him on.

ACE: Yes, I witnessed the battle in the afterlife, unfortunately you allowed yourself to underestimate his strength and skill. However you should not be sorry or blame yourself of failure.

SALLY: Huh? <confused at first> But, but...

I put up a hand for her to allow me to continue speaking and did just that.

ACE: The important thing to remember is the light arts will serve and obey your will, continue to help you in your quest to save the universe from evil.

Now Sally had tears in her eyes but these were happy tears as she reached out to caress my face actually touching my ghost form and feeling my presence envelope her as I pulled her gently into my arms then feeling the power flow through her as she gazed into my smiling face.

SALLY: I will always love you if you are not with me in real life, I will never forget you and all you have done for me and my home world.

ACE: And I will always love you as we did when we performed the ritual for the first time, then being married and teaching our children the magic arts.

Sally laid her head on my shoulder with her arms about my neck now crying as the tears fell down her cheeks as she felt my gentle touch while I stroked her hair and back bringing forth tingling sensations as we swayed back and forth, side to side as if slow dancing. She then gazed into my face blinking back her tears as I looked into her own face and then our lips met and closed in a long everlasting kiss. For a long time we remained like that before I stepped back, releasing her from my embrace.

ACE: I must go now, return to my family waiting for me. You must go back and carry on my legend in the war against the Decepticons, perhaps we will meet again, who knows?

SALLY: Goodbye, farewell Ace. <gives the salute> Let the light shine forever.

Then she watched as I retreated or appeared to be moving away from her still smiling and then, she awoke with a start!

SALLY: Oh! <reacts in shock and alarm at first>

At first she could not remember or recall what took place, did she imagine the whole scenario or had she dreamed everything? When it came back to her in a matter of speaking.

SALLY: Yes, I will carry on Ace's legend and continue fighting back against the dark arts. <glowers> I am strong in the magic, the light-side is with me always. <rises to her boots>

Now the next step was to figure out where or when the Decepticons would make another move, where their next target would be or if they were in the act of stealing energy resources again or not. She once again replayed the saber duel against Shredder in her mind trying to discover how it could've been a lot different if she successfully beat him.

SALLY: I must prepare myself for the next confrontation with the dark-side, my children will be taught the same skills too.

Thus, she did just that so to speak, beginning magic lessons with Angel and Omar as the three practiced the martial arts of karate, kung fu, kenpo, taekwondo, wushu, shorinryu, kickboxing, light-saber techniques too until she believed they were ready to confront the enemy. Pallet Town the scientists Charles Oaks and Albert Wily hard at work. Both were building a new high-tech radio system, but so far it isn't working for the moment.

ASH: You'll get it going soon enough. I've never seen a machine get the better of you yet.

Ash Ketchum the Pokemon grand champion offered a piece of advice to Professor Oaks since he thought of him as a father.

OAKS: Thanks for the vote of confidence. <notices Ash is dressed up> It looks like you and Hope are ready to leave for the concert in Heywood Heights.

Hope the Overlander daughter of Oaks and niece of Wily nodded.

HOPE: Right, we're waiting for our friends to pick us up and we'll be on our way.

WILY: Be careful, watch yourselves out there. I've heard they are expecting lots of people at that band.

ASH: No sweat, don't worry.

HOPE: We'll be okay.

Then Delia Ketchum, the mother to Ash and Hope called out as a beeping horn sounded from outside.

DELIA: Ash, Hope! Your ride is here!

ASH: Okay, mom! <calls back>

HOPE: See you when we get back.

As the kids rush out of the garage workshop, a light suddenly flickers on the radio set. It's finally working! But after adjusting a few dials, Oaks and Wily are stunned to discover a weird radio band that they did not know existed. It's the secret Decepticon frequency! Listening with growing alarm, the scientists hear Beerus speaking to Shredder.

BEERUS: The experiment is a success. We now have a way to drain the incredible untapped energy of the Overlander brain. It's so amazing, that these Overlanders use so little of their mental capacity. Of course, after we empty their brains it won't matter because they'll be stupid! <erupts into laughter>

SHREDDER: Very funny, I am not amused. Just tell me how this experiment works.

BEERUS: By your command, Lord Shredder. All we need is a large enough concentration of people in one place to make sure we get the quantity of energy we need.

SHREDDER: Very good. Our spies report there will be a large gathering of Overlanders at something they call a Rock and Roll concert. I don't know what kind of music is played, but tonight there will be lots of helpless Overlanders gathered at Heywood Heights. Keep your device under heavy guard and meet me and the forces soon enough!

OAKS: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

WILY: Oh no! We got to warn Hope and Ash.

DELIA: <having heard the same message> It's too late, they've left! <panic on her face>

There's one thing left for the scientists to do. Charles and Albert got to contact the Autobots and their new leader Sally Acorn. But should they set out for the headquarters base immediately?

DELIA: We better reach Mrs Acorn and warn her of this new threat to our lives.

OAKS: Right! Albert and I'll head there right now. Maybe we can reach Autobot HQ in no time.

WILY: That way Sally and company can get to Heywood Heights and stop this so-called Shredder whoever he is from using the Brain Drain device.

DELIA: Good luck and be careful. <kisses them both>

Soon after both men were speeding like crazy aboard the Jeep Grand Cherokee XJ (used in the opening scene of the 1990s Land of the Lost television show) trying to get to Autobot headquarters when suddenly there's a BANG! This was followed by a shuddering-shaking feeling to the vehicle.

OAKS: S***! <grips steering wheel> I can't control it.

WILY: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown>

The XJ flies off the road, skids sideways then goes tumbling, bouncing end over end until coming to a crashing stop on its side then back onto its wheels again. Fortunately neither scientist is injured or hurt as they stumble out of the wreckage.

WILY: Oh man, look at that. <gestures at wrecked jeep> It's going to cost a fortune to get that repaired.

OAKS: No time to waste, let's keep moving.

As they walk along the highway Charles calls Delia on his cell-phone telling her what happened but he's all right and not hurt a-bit. She says she will send a wrecker to pick up the jeep and tow it back into town for repairs then hangs up as does Charles. All of a sudden a "Beep-Beep" makes them both stop, turn around and coming towards them is a Chevy Camaro muscle car.

STAR LORD: Hey-YO! What happened to you two?

WILY: Aren't you a sight for sore eyes. <gets into front passenger seat>

OAKS: Yes, thank goodness you showed up. <gets into front driver's seat>

STAR LORD: What gives, where are you going?

Charles and Albert tell Peter Quill about the secret Decepticon plan to attack the rock concert with a device that draws energy out of Overlander brains.

STAR LORD: Holy crap! <mad look in vehicle form> We've got to tell Sally about this! Hang onto your lunch boxes. <punches the accelerator>

In the blink of an eye he pulls up in front of the home base, both scientists pile out as Peter Quill changes to his terran form and they burst into the complex.

SALLY: What on earth?!! <shocked look at first then anger> Star Lord...<arms folded> don't you ever learn to knock first before entering, huh?

OAKS: Ma'am! He brought us here to tell you something.

SALLY: Oh? <now raises eyebrow like Mr Spock> Go ahead, fill me in.

WILY: You may not believe us at first, but we heard everything being said by Beerus and the mysterious Shredder.

SALLY: No! <anger on her face at first but quickly regains composure> I mean, sorry about that. <apologizes>

By the time both scientists finished explaining everything...

SALLY: Good plan on your behalf that you were in the right place at the right time to bring them here. <to Star Lord>

STAR LORD: Yes ma'am. <salutes her>

OAKS: Any idea of how we're going to stop them?

WILY: Yes, our son and daughter's lives are in danger as are other Overlanders.

Sally had Nicole and SkyNet come up with two possible scenarios...

NICOLE: We can create a diversion tactic at Decepticon headquarters in RoboTropolis which will force Shredder to return to base and stop him from attacking the concert.

SKYNET: Or we can go to this concert and set a trap for the enemy.

A short time later with Sally leading the way in her PeterBilt 379 semi form, the Autobots in their vehicle forms...Jesse Dart as the Pontiac Solstice, Star Lord as the Chevy Camaro, Kimberly as the Hummer H2, Angel as the Christine Plymouth Fury, Omar as the Doc Hudson Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Lupe as the BigFoot monster truck, Fiona as the Fast and Furious Dodge Charger, Tails as the General Lee Dodge Charger, Poe as the Lamborghini Centenario, Fin as the Toyota SR5, blah-blah-blah...were racing top speed to Heywood Heights. It was nearly sundown when the Autobots reach the outskirts of Heywood Heights. According to the message that Wily and Oaks heard, in 15 minutes or so the Decepticons will attack.

Up ahead, the Mobian and Terran warriors see lots of Overlanders sitting in front of an outdoor stage. Cars, trucks, RV motor home campers, motorbikes, and such are parked in an ever-widening circle around the area. That gives Sally an idea.

SALLY: <PeterBilt form> Spread out! Blend in or mingle with the vehicles around this entire area. Stay in your disguised forms until I give the signal. When the Shredder makes his move, we'll be ready.

TO BE CONTINUED... Onward, to Part 7!

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