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Fan Fiction


There are lots of Overlanders watching the Rock & Roll concert and not a single one knows how danger he-she is in. The music is blaring, the crowd is cheering, the sunset is beautiful. It seems like a perfect summer evening so to speak. But suddenly from out of nowhere the sky fills with fighter jets and attack helicopters disguised as MegaMind, Crystal, Amber and Beerus. Other Decepticons, including Shredder appear on the heights overlooking the grounds. Yet the people are oblivious to anything else for the moment. The Autobots are ready...

SALLY: <PeterBilt form> Don't transform yet, wait for it.

The enemy forces are getting closer by the second. They are almost on top of them!

SALLY: Now! <shouts the magic words> Transform!

In the blink of an eye the heroes of Tails, Fiona, Lupe, Fin, Poe, Star Lord, Kimberly, Jesse Dart, and others magically change to Mobian and Terran forms and commence their assault. Yet the opposition is not so easily defeated. It had been their evil scheme to set the parking lot on fire, trapping the Overlanders so they cannot escape before the Brain Drain device was put into effect. Shredder likes this plan even better.

SHREDDER: Excellent, I'll not only have a whole new energy source, I'll destroy those foolish mortals in a sea of flames too!

He gives the orders and MegaMind, Beerus, Crystal and Amber begin dropping napalm everywhere across the entire parking lot that burst into flames on contact. Simultaneously it is Sally's idea to set fire to all vehicles in the parking area so that way there will be a protective ring of flames keeping the Decepticons away from the Overlanders.

SALLY: Attack! <then leads the charge>

SHREDDER: What-the? <glares from beneath helmet> Not you again.

SALLY: Oh, yes. <glares> We meet again as always. Only this time I will not be so easily overwhelmed as before.

SHREDDER: You foolish girl, you cannot hope to destroy my powers, I am invincible!

SALLY: <still glares> You think so, he? Well then prove it, strike me down if you dare.

Snarling the Decepticon leader sprang forth as Acorn yelled angrily and lunged towards him and in a instant they were fighting kung fu-wushu style back and forth. Shredder tries using his blade gauntlets to tear apart his rival while mocking Acorn.

SHREDDER: First I destroyed Ace, and now you...this is too easy, the universe will be mine to rule.

SALLY: Never! <slams him with a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick> Take that! That is for my husband whom you killed, yes! <then lands hammer fist punches> And this one is from me!

Borf stumbled-staggered off-balance from the blows surprised by the ferocity of Acorn's magic used against him.

SHREDDER: Impossible! The magic is strong with this one.

He went down hard onto his butt but as Sally leapt towards him she was struck with force lightning that stung her briefly, sending her reeling backwards through the air, over the flaming parking lots and onto the grassy area near the bandstand where she skillfully used the light arts to cushion her landing onto her boots.

SALLY: You'll have to do better than that, trying to zap me with force lightning isn't going to help you much. <leers>

SHREDDER: No, you're right. <sneers beneath helmet> I have a much better idea to finish you off.

At that precise moment Beerus hurries over with the Brain Drain device.

BEERUS: My lord, use the device. Now's your chance.

Shredder nodded as he chuckled and took the machine in his spiked gloved hands.

SHREDDER: The destruction of all Mobian and Overlander races and control of a whole new energy source will be my ultimate revenge!

Nearby are Star Lord, Amy, Poe Dameron, Sonic and Fiona Fox as they watch the frightening scene.

FIONA: Oh no! He's going to do it.

AMY: We got to stop him!

POE: That's where I come in, I have the best chance of snatching it away from Mr man in the metal faceplate.

SONIC: No, let me do the honors.

STAR LORD: Go for it fastest thing alive.

Sonic accelerates like a silver bullet and speeds between Beerus and Shredder, both react in shock alarm.

SHREDDER: What the devil?!!

BEERUS: Where did he come from?

POE: Thank you, I'll take that if you don't mind. <snatches device out of Shredder's hands>

SHREDDER: Hey! Come back with it, you idiot!

Sonic is going so fast that he cannot keep from barreling into the circle of fire around the parking lot.

SONIC: Whoa-nellie! <eyes go wide>

The only thing he can do is keep on going and hope to pass through the flames that he won't be singed. The heat is incredible, vehicles are exploding all around but Sonic ignores everything blowing up and keeps running. At last he makes it safely through the ring of fire skidding to a stop near the bandstand where Sally gasps in amazement at seeing him there.

SALLY: Sonic?!! How did you get that device out of Shredder's hands?

SONIC: He was too surprised when I took it away from him. <shrugs>

SALLY: Uh-oh, here he comes. <spots the Decepticon leader striding towards them>

SHREDDER: There's no escape for both of you. I shall enjoy killing both of you at the same time.

But suddenly he comes to a abrupt halt as his eyes go wide in shock disbelief. A shimmering halo begins forming about Sally's being as it seems or appears she is morphing into a new person before the startled eyes of Sonic who looks on.

SALLY: Sal?!!

Then the familiar ghostly voice of Ace Robotnik speaks forth...

ACE: Arise, Sally Acorn...master of the magic arts.

SALLY: Ace! <speaks his name>


Then as the halo disappeared there now stood Sally attired in azure blue denim vest with collar, black tank-top underneath vest, black skin-tight sports pants with white trim, held in place by white belt & square gold buckle, azure blue-white knee high boots, white gloves with ring-blades. She faced off the Shredder and spoke in a calm, yet angry voice.

SALLY: You will never succeed in conquering my home world or rule the universe, not as long as I stop you myself.

SONIC: I don't believe what I'm seeing.

SHREDDER: Impossible! This can't be happening, not now.

He struck out with force lightning but it was repelled by Acorn using the light-side to protect herself, he threw more bolts again but Sally caught them in her gloved hands then threw them back at him.

SALLY: Ha! Not even force lightning or the dark arts can harm me now. <sneers>

SHREDDER: Then let us settle this the only way, with light-sabers! <ignites his red blade>

SALLY: So be it. <ignites her blue blade>

They attacked each other in a fierce duel as everybody looked on in astonishment. Except this time Sally was more prepared and managed to blunt her opponent's death blows from touching her then hit back with her own thrusts. Shredder seemed to panic, lose control over his focus and concentration as his moves became reckless, wildly uncontrolled that is. All of a sudden his saber was sent flying from his gloved hands and in the next instant he gasped then cried out in shock as the blue blade struck him in the midsection burning through his body armored suit. He stood motionless for a brief second or two, took a step backwards as Sally withdrew her blade from his chest, looked down at the wound then up at her, eyes filled with terror and fear.

SHREDDER: I, I...<struggles to remove helmet from his head - manages to take it off>

A big gasp went up from Overlanders, Autobots, Decepticons, Freedom Fighters alike as they all saw who the Shredder was!

SONIC: No way...

SALLY: So, it is you. <eyes narrow in angry frown>

BORF: Yes, it is I...<face contorted in pain and fear> I am Borf, Decepticon leader...

Suddenly he pitched forward onto his knees then fell flat upon his face. In the next instant his entire body glowed brilliantly as a ghost-spirit rose up into the air revealing a different looking person, that of a handsome man with black hair tied into ponytail down the back, blue double breasted coat and trousers, black gloves and boots. The ghost smiled at Sally who stared in shock disbelief.

SALLY: Who-the, who are you?

DRAKKEN: Thank you, Sally. <half bows> You have freed me from the dark-side, I am restored again to the light arts at last. I am once again Drew Theodore Lipsky, or otherwise known as Drakken.

SONIC: That's who you were before you became Borf? <Drakken nods>

DRAKKEN: Yes, this is who I was before succumbing to the dark arts of magic, forced to serve and obey the Grand Council Woman from then on. Back then, Ace and I were best friends, magic students who studied and trained together in the magic arts.

SALLY: You and Ace were friends? <again Drakken nods> He never told me any of this.

DRAKKEN: Maybe he did not want to dredge up the nightmare memories of being unable to save me from the dark-side. <now looks guilty> Because of me, I failed him, I became obsessed with destroying him and ruling the universe forever.

Just then the ghost-spirit of Ace (me of course) appeared as a big gasp went up from the spectators.

ACE: It is all right my friend, I forgive you for taking my life...I am happy to see you restored to the light-side again, my family forgives you too my brother. <embrace him on both shoulders>

DRAKKEN: <happy tears in his eyes> Thank you, blood-brother. <then hugs me>

Everyone applauded this happy reunion as Sally watched with tears in her eyes before she spoke.

SALLY: Honey, I have fulfilled my destiny of becoming a true magic user. I saved the universe from all evil.

ACE: Yes you did, congratulations my wife. <smile at her - she smiles back> And now it is time for both of us to go home together, Drakken. <put arm around his shoulders>

DRAKKEN: Yes, let's go home. <smiles then looks to Sally and winks> May the magic be with you Acorn, always! <gives the salute> Let the light shine.

Then both figures vanished into nothingness as the Overlander spectators give a big standing ovation to their heroes for saving their lives including Ash, Hope, Oaks and Wily.

WILY: Wow, what a happy ending.

OAKS: Indeed, I like the way it ended.

HOPE: Ace and Drakken are together again.

ASH: Yeah, reunited in the afterlife with their parents and sister.

SONIC: okay? <looks worried>

SALLY: I'm fine. <smiles at him> At last it's over, victory has been achieved over the forces of evil.

Then they hugged and kissed as they always did as a shimmering halo formed around both their bodies then streaks of light shot into the night sky exploding into fireworks (the similar ending of the final episode "The Doomsday Project" of Sonic SatAM Season 2) as everybody cheered again and again.


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