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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE PART 5. Missed Part 4? Click here to read it.

SALLY: Now, let us return to New MoboTropolis. We have much to do in the days to come. Autobots, transform and roll out!

But halfway down the road it was Poe Dameron who stopped, u-turned about and headed back to the estate.

FIN: <Toyota SR5 form> Where are you going?

POE: <Lamborghini form> There's something I forgot to do, be right back.

FIN: Wait, hold up! <turns around to follow him> I'll cover your back.

Together they re-entered the park walking past the scene of battle.

FIN: <transformed back to terran self> Wow, what a mess. <whistles> Going to take lots of cleaning up.

POE: <also back to terran self> Yeah, looks that way.

Poe then entered the scrap yard and heard angry voices yelling at him, looked up and there were the MonStars still trapped against the magnetic crane.

NAWT: Well it's about time, get us down from here.

BUPKUS: Yeah, before we decide to beat you up.

POE: YO! Chill out, Kay? It's not my fault you got stuck up there.

BANG: Oh yeah? Then we'll take it out on the vixen in black instead.

BLANKO: That is if she's foolish or stupid enough to show up.

FIN: That's no way to insult Fiona Fox like that, shame on all of you!

POUND: Oh, we're sorry. <pretends to look innocent>

POE: I'll get you down, not a problem.

FIN: Right...

He briefly climbed into the cab of the crane and deactivated the power system and seconds later the Mean Team fell to the ground gasping in relief as they staggered to their sneakers again then limped away without looking back or saying thank you either until gone from sight.

FIN: You're welcome! <calls after them>

POE: See you later, NOT! <yells after them>

But by then the MonStars disappeared like ghosts as they returned to home base in RoboTropolis. Fin and Poe laughed then changed back to vehicle forms and raced off to rejoin their teammates. Inside Freedom HQ when they were alone and together for the moment it was Fiona who stood before Poe with her hands behind her back.

FIONA: Ready for the big surprise? <leers>

POE: Hey, I'm ready as ever. Go ahead and surprise me.

FIONA: Surprise! <brings her hands out in front of her>

POE: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

The vixen held out shiny gold chrome wheel trims as Dameron took them from her and said.

POE: Real class, just what I wanted. Thank you Fiona, you're one hot chick. <winks>

FIONA: <giggles> Thank you my lover-boy. <sweet smile and winks back>

Then he was sweeping her into his arms as they kissed each other long and lovingly...Fin watched the whole scene trying not to laugh out loud.

FIN: Cool, they are in love with each other. <gives double thumbs up>

And inside the throne room of Castle Acorn it was Sally addressing her parents with her children at her side.

SALLY: This has been a warning to us that we can never be too careful in dealing with the Decepticons and their new leader Shredder.

ALICIA: Oh dear, he was so terrifying to look at. <recalls the scary image in her mind>

MAX: Did you find out who he really was? <his daughter nods>

SALLY: Yes, I saw a vision through the magic that it was Borf himself, the one who killed Ace.

OMAR: I still think it's my fault for trying to stop him from using his deadly weapon against my father.

ANGEL: Me too, because of our actions our dad is dead.

MAX: Do not grieve forever my child, you should not blame yourself for what happened.

ALICIA: Aye, neither of you could sense or predict what he was going to do.

BOTH KIDS: Yes, grandpa, grandma. <say together as Max and Alicia nod>

SALLY: As I recall or remember what Ace once said about protecting the lives and property of the Mobian and Overlander people from being harmed or destroyed, I'm afraid we caused a great deal of destruction at the industrial park near Pallet Town.

That's when Dr Kintobor approached and offered the following.

IVO: Ahem! The Anti-Freedom Fighters and I will repair it. With our technology, we can have everything good as new before the Mobian people return.

MAX: Very well, so be it Dr Kintobor. <salutes him - he returns it>

SALLY: I put you in charge of this operation, good luck.

IVO: Thy will be done ma'am.

ALICIA: It's good to have friends offering their assistance all the time.

MAX: Indeed, my wife.

The following day the AFF and their boss returned to the scene of battle in a matter of speaking. They rebuilt the wall of the big workshop, made a new set of metal doors, and a new calorifier to replace the one shot full of holes by the Decepticons. And when the Mobian citizens and Miriam LeFleur returned from their vacation, none of them ever suspected that a war-games took place while they were away.


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