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Fan Fiction

 SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE: PART 4. Missed Part 3? Click here to read it.

The sudden assault took the Decepticons totally off-guard and by surprise too, but they were firing back in retaliation then fell back to new defensive positions retreating into the building and shooting through openings in the brick facade walls.

SALLY: We can't get at them from where we are! <shouts angrily> We must get inside!

ANTI-ROTOR: Leave that to me!

BUNNY: Me too, this should be a piece of cake to slice.

The cybernetic walrus inventor and cybernetic female rabbit stomped towards the metal doors of the workshop then grasped both ends where the door came together. Then with all of his super-mobian strength and that of Bunny's right mechanical shoulder-forearm-wrist strength they tore the door right off its frame as if it were made of cardboard or plasterboard-sheet rock. With an echoing crash, the door collapsed inward and seconds later, Kimberly, Jesse Dart, Star Lord, Fin, Poe, Sally, Angel, Omar, Sonic, Tails, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor, Fiona, Dr Kintobor and the AFF poured through the opening blasting away.

As the heroes stormed the building, Anti-Bunny no longer wearing her bio-suit since she was cured of the virus destroying her body hurried after her comrades.

ANTI-BUNNY: Come on, Doc! We're missing all the action.

IVO: Wait for me! <hurries after her>

The twin counterpart to Bunny DeCoolette was crouched in the cover of some machinery. MegaMind, Crystal, Amber, Beerus, Pound, Bang, Nawt, Blanko, Bupkus, Shredder were at the far end of the building exchanging or trading shots with the Freedom Fighters, AFF, and terran warriors crouched along both walls. Anti-Bunny glanced around as her boss rushed inside then saw what at first appeared to be a sinister ominous figure in the shadows by the door!

ANTI-BUNNY: Doc, look out!

IVO: <looks around> Look out for what? <then sees what his assistant was pointing at> Oh, that...<laughs>

ANTI-BUNNY: Huh, what? <confused look on her face>

IVO: That's not a Decepticon, my dear. It's a large capacity calorifier, a piece of Overlander equipment.

Both he and Anti-Bunny looked at the tall cylinder with pipes and gauges attached to it.

IVO: If you thought it was a terran warrior, perhaps the opposition will think so too.

Then the scientist's eyes turned to where the overhead crane ran on its rail-mounted tracks, a chain hung down.

IVO: Bunny, hook it up.

ANTI-BUNNY: Yes sir! <salutes her boss>

Dr Kintobor made his way to a control panel set against the wall. Anti-Bunny hauled the heavy chain and connected to the calorifier then attached to a protruding pipe. Ivo activated a series of control buttons, switches, levers on the panel and the metal cylinder rose off the floor. Then it began advancing down the center of the building towards the Decepticons. Shredder was the first to see the menacing shape advancing.

SHREDDER: What the devil?!!

He aimed his shoulder mounted fusion cannon and blasted a hole through the middle of the cylinder causing it to wobble and spin about in the air but still it came onward. The MonStars, Beerus, MegaMind, Crystal, Amber also fired away but nothing could stop it. At the same time the Autobots and allies caught on quickly to the distraction.

SALLY: Now! Let them have it with everything you got! <glares and fires away>

Everybody pressed the attack fiercely than before. They advanced down the center of the building while the swinging cylinder drew the fire of their rivals.

SHREDDER: Cease fire! <glares beneath helmet-faceplate> This is no ordinary Autobot attacking us!

He pivoted, wheeled about and blew a hole in the rear wall of the brick workshop.

SHREDDER: Decepticons, retreat then regroup in those ruins! <leads his horde>

Unfortunately the Mean Team got separated from the others while retreating and ended up heading towards a junk-littered enclosure some distance away. It was the same location where Amy and Fiona purchased the wheel trims. Poe Dameron was with both Fiona and Amy as the two warriors headed towards the construction magnetic crane.

POE: Uh, what are you ladies doing? <looks confused>

FIONA: <leers> Watch this magic trick.

She vaulted inside the cab and the next instant there came a humming noise as the magnet came online. All of a sudden Pound and his MonStar brothers were dangling helplessly off the ground, pinned against the underside of the magnet itself.

MONSTARS: GET US DOWN FROM HERE! <all shout angrily>

POE: YeeHaaw! <shouts the Dukes of Hazzard yell> Take that you no-good bullies.

AMY: All right! <leers and pumps fists>

FIONA: Yeah! <emerges from the cab> Now that is magic indeed.

POE: Way to go lady in black. <gives double thumbs up - Fiona nods>

Meanwhile, the rumble between good and evil, Mobians and terran versus alien grays raged on within the half demolished walls of an old factory. Then the Shredder called a halt to the fighting.

SHREDDER: This battle cannot be settled in this way, no one is about to win anyway.

Then Sally stepped forward glaring angrily her hand resting on the hilt of her light-saber attached to her belt.

SALLY: Shredder! I doubt that's your real name or not but I sense a familiar evil presence behind that helmet faceplate, Commander Borf!

SHREDDER: What?!! <surprised that she recognizes him>

SALLY: <nods still glaring> Exactly, I recognize that voice as the one who struck down my husband with no husband, Space Ace!

It was then the Shredder saw a vision in his mind of himself begging for mercy, Ace about to drop his guard when his children tried intervening, then he using the dark arts to shoot Ace, taunting him for the last time then he, Ace striking him down with the last of his powers. He snapped out of the trance.

SHREDDER: Borf is dead, I am Shredder, supreme leader of the Decepticons!

SALLY: <removes her hilt - ignites her blue light-saber> I shall avenge Ace's death by defeating you 1-on-1. <lifts her sword in salute then readies herself>

SHREDDER: So be it, let's see if you can indeed defeat me or strike me down. <ignites his red light-saber and returns salute>

A big gasp went up from everyone looking on as both combatants faced each other then rushed towards one another bringing their blades together in a clash of red-blue lights. Back and forth they dueled fiercely trading death blows against each other's defenses. That is when Ace's voice spoke inside Sally's mind as my ghost appeared before her.

ACE: Be careful, do not let him tempt you to give into your anger or hate or you will be seduced by the dark arts. Be strong in the magic my dear, you can win.

Sally parried several thrusts aimed at her head and body turning them away or aside with ease then hit back with her own thrusts forcing Shredder to block them skillfully. All of a sudden Acorn found herself on her backside with a shocked look on her face as Shredder towered over her laughing evilly.

SHREDDER: So, the great and mighty Sally Acorn thought she could defeat me, he? Looks like it's the other way around, I guess. <shrugs> Maybe or perhaps I shall spare your life rather than taking it like I did to Ace.

SALLY: Oooooooooh! <snarls with narrowed eyes - bared teeth>

SONIC: Boss! <alarmed look on his face>

TAILS-BUNNY-ROTOR-ANTOINE-FIONA-NICOLE: Sally! <shout with horror on their faces>

At the same time Amy Rose and Anti-Sally Acorn seeing what was about to happen decided to do something quick. Just then something caught their eyes. The demolition Mobian crew had moved out most of their equipment before shutting down for vacation. But...a large jib crane still stood in place. From the end of its cable hung a steel and concrete wrecking ball.

AMY: Maybe I can use that to stop Shredder from harming Sally, if I can get there in time.

ANTI-SALLY: Good idea, time to play knock down Mr Shredder character. <sneers>

The female Pliko hammer expert and twin counterpart of Sally pulled themselves into the cab of the crane and checked over the array of levers. Amy clicked a switch labeled "POWER" and there was a faint hum and the cab vibrated gently.

AMY: Ah-ha, yes. <leers> Okay, now let's see...

She moved a lever and the cab slowly rotated to the right. Neither Poe, Fin, Jesse, Kimberly, Star Lord, Dr Kintobor, Anti-Freedom Fighters Buns, Boomer, Patch, Miles, Rosy, Lupe, MegaMind, Beerus, Crystal, Amber noticed as the crane with its long lattice jib, swung slowly in a half circle. At last it was facing towards Shredder as he prepared to strike down Sally Acorn.

ANTI-SALLY: Ball-winch, Ball-release. Let's see what this one does. <works first lever - ball is wound back> Bingo, he-he! <evil chuckle>

AMY: Fire in the hole!

ANTI-SALLY: Look out below! <works second lever - ball is released>

At the sound of the winch, all heads turned to stare in wide-eyed disbelief at the crane and who was inside the cab. But before anybody could say or do anything...the massive steel-concrete wrecking ball swung down like a softball pitcher throwing the underhand windmill pitch and slammed directly into Shredder who shouted in alarm and pain as he was lifted completely off his boots and sent flying backwards into the air as everybody gasped in shock! Shredder hit the ground hard but his armored suit protected himself from being injured or worse.

SHREDDER: Who dares knock me down like that?!! <looks around in anger>

As MegaMind, Beerus, Amber, Crystal rushed to their leader's aid, Anti-Sally was rewinding the wrecking ball for another so-called pitch.

AMY: Hit him again before he can get back up. <leers>

ANTI-SALLY: <sneers> You got it, steady...aim...FIRE! <pulls the ball-release lever>

This time Shredder saw what was coming and shouted...

SHREDDER: Look out, behind you! <points over his friends shoulders>

But too late! His minions went sprawling face-down as if shoved roughly from behind by unseen forces. A big cheer went up from the Autobots and allies pumping their fists into the air. Unfortunately the wrecking ball continued in its swinging arc and collided with the wall behind the enemy forces causing the structure to shake, then groan and begin to collapse.

SALLY: Everyone, out now! <leads them to safety>

The FF, AFF, Lupe, and Autobots rushed out of the collapsing structure in the nick of time but not so fortunate were their rivals who disappeared beneath an avalanche of bricks and dust. Everybody withdrew to their makeshift stronghold in the empty warehouse. From a distance, they watched as the Decepticons painfully dug themselves out of the rubble pile. Shredder was the last to stand looking around in anger and hate.

SHREDDER: I will have my revenge, victory will be mine! <raises clenched fists high>

Then he, Crystal, Amber, MegaMind, Beerus flew away back to their main base in RoboTropolis again far away from the industrial estate park.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for part 5? Click here.

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