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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE: PART 3. Missed the second part? click here.

Days had passed since the death of Ace and funeral services for the fallen terran Autobot hero of planet Earth. Other funeral ceremonies were held in honor of James and Jesse "Team Rocket", Flash Gordon, Don Davis, Colin Kintobor but Kimberly survived her near death experience thanks in part of the light-side of magic restoring her back to full health again. Now it was Sally Acorn as the new Autobot leader to carry on her husband's legend and legacy so to speak together with her children Angel and Omar, Star Lord the space smuggler, Jesse Dart the cyborg warrior who also escaped being killed by the Decepticons. At the same time two more terran warriors from Earth arrived unexpectedly known as Poe Dameron and Fin (Star Wars the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi) also Autobot magic users who heard of Ace's death on another planet and came to pay their respects as well as join Acorn's family too. Poe's vehicle disguise form was a Lamborghini Centenario (Hot Rod's disguise form in Transformers The Last Knight) code named Hot Rod, Fin's vehicle disguise form was a Toyota SR5 pickup truck (used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future films) code named Kup. Things were, as always, very busy in Freedom HQ the former home base of the Freedom Fighters.

POE: <looks through magazine> That's what I want, gold-chrome wheel trims! Now that's a touch of real class.

FIONA: Oh? Why can't you conjure forth them out of thin air?

POE: Well, I, uh...<Charlie Brown's stammering quote> I'd rather use my powers to fight evil.

ANTI-SALLY: Good idea, <grins or smirks> no need to waste the magic on self needs.

ANTI-TAILS: Sure is a lot different without Ace saving the universe.

Suddenly alarms sounded inside headquarters! But as the Autobots repelled the assault the Decepticons, MegaMind, Beerus, Crystal, Amber, and MonStars retreated as quickly as they launched their attack. Sally then assembled her warriors and Autobots.

SALLY: We had no warning of the Decepticons, how could they have come so close to Freedom HQ without being detected by SkyNet or Nicole?

FIN: Perhaps they are already close at hand. They could have sneaked past our HQ and we would never known it. We must find their new hideout.

Then the voice of Nicole sounded on the speakers.

NICOLE: Decepticon activity, non-hostile and heading away from our location.

SALLY: Here's our chance. Star Lord, locate where our enemy is going and follow them. They will show us where they are going.

STAR LORD: Yes ma'am! <salutes his new boss>

Moments later Peter Quill changed into the Chevy Camaro muscle car and had started to leave home base but had only gone half a mile or two when a familiar female hedgehog ran after the sports car.

AMY: Hey! You wouldn't dare leave without your sidekick.

STAR LORD: No sweat, jump in. <opens driver's door>

AMY: Yeah! <leers and climbs into the vehicle>

Then the vixen in black hopped into the passenger seat.

FIONA: I think I'll tag along too if you don't mind. <leers>

STAR LORD: Yes ma'am.

The Decepticons travelled single file heading to nowhere in particular. Star Lord shadowed them all the way. On the outskirts of Pallet Town, the community of Station Square, the convoy swung off the main road. Moments later Star Lord reached the same place. There was a branch road, and a sign which read "Industrial Park"

FIONA: Never been to this part of town myself. <frowns> What is it used for anyway?

AMY: Let's take a closer look.

Together they exited the muscle car and cautiously approached the roadway leading into the estate. They could see large buildings, tall chimneys belching white smoke into the sky and cooling towers. Nearby were construction vehicles at work on a building site of sorts beside an old one in the process of being torn down. More important, there were other vehicles coming and going along the roads inside the estate.

AMY: <scowls> A perfect place for the Decepticons to hide and not be seen.

FIONA: You said it lady. <agrees with her>

STAR LORD: Let's go, ladies. I sense a disturbing tremor in the magic. <Amy and Fiona climb back into the Camaro>

They proceeded with caution into the estate and along the main road between yards, workshops and office buildings on both sides. Close by a new factory building was a tall, brick workshop.

STAR LORD: I'm afraid I'll have to drop you girls off while I do my work, although you would like to help me.

AMY: No sweat, I'd just get in the way. <climbs out>

FIONA: Me too, catch you later. <also climbs out>

STAR LORD: <nods in vehicle form> Roger that, be careful. <they both nod and salute>

As soon as Fiona and Amy wandered off, Star Lord transformed to his terran self and made his way carefully towards the brick building. The main door stood slightly ajar, Peter Quill peeked around them to find that the inside of the structure was brightly illuminated. Large pieces of machinery covered most of the workplace floor, from the far end came the sound of voices, familiar evil voices to be exact.

STAR LORD: Must be MegaMind and his sister Crystal, Beerus and Amber. But I don't recognize that low menacing voice. <scowls>

Near Peter, a ladder led to an overhead crane and the Guardians of the Galaxy leader pulled himself up for a better look-see so to speak. From his vantage point he saw MegaMind, Amber, Crystal, Beerus and the MonStars assembled before a scary-frightening figure clad in body armor suit from head to foot, head and face concealed beneath a helmet and faceplate.

STAR LORD: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> Who is that, Darth Vader from Star Wars?

Quickly and quietly he crept back to the open door...and froze in his tracks.

STAR LORD: Uh-oh, someone's coming this way.

Sure enough, a reptoid being looking like a humanoid velociraptor was striding in his direction but did not appear to see him just yet. Peter Quill chose that moment to make his exit stage-left or right in a matter of speaking running as fast as he could but then heard the sound of pursuit behind him, turned to look back over his shoulder...

STAR LORD: Nuts! He's after me.

AMBER: Stop! <gives chase> Come back here, you spy! <hisses and barks like a Raptor>

STAR LORD: No way! <flips him off> Try and catch me if you can. <changes back into Camaro form>

He accelerated top speed hoping to throw him off his tail but when he saw Amber transform into an F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet and start dive-bombing him from above he put on more speed to outrun him.

AMBER: You can run but you can't hide, not from me! <sneers in aircraft form>

STAR LORD: Up yours! <taunts him back>

Then at the last possible second, the Guardians leader saw a yard with junk cars & trucks parked among buildings and machinery. In the blink of an eye, he was off the main road and tucked away at the back, between a rusty Ford and a battered Citroen. Amber circled about several times before giving up and flew away. Meanwhile Fiona and Amy got bored sitting around doing nothing when the vixen recalled Poe Dameron wanting gold chrome wheel trims.

FIONA: Maybe there's a shop in this estate that sells vehicle parts.

AMY: Oh, yeah. Let's check it out.

They approached a office and entered the front door as a bell jingled making Amy and Fiona look about in surprise.

AMY: Where did that noise come from?

UNSEEN VOICE: Yes, what can I do for you ladies.

FIONA: Huh? <startled look - turns about>

There behind a desk sat a Mobian person resembling a lady fox clad in military jacket, pants, black boots and cap atop her head. This was Miriam LaFloo (Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars) who ran the industrial park. She smiled friendly and spoke again.

MIRIAM: Can I help you, what do you need?

FIONA: Oh, ah...<hesitates then speaks> I'm looking for a set of gold chrome wheel trims.

MIRIAM: <raises eyebrow> Really, what size?

AMY: I'm afraid I do not know, sorry. <shrugs> It's for a Overlander friend of ours.

MIRIAM: <nods> Of course, please follow me ladies. <gets up from the desk>

She led them through a back door of the office into a large shed. It was piled high with car lamps, headlights and tail-lights, door handles, windscreens, and...wheel trims of various sizes and color designs. After a bit of rummaging, Miriam said.

MIRIAM: Hmmm...<scowls> I thought I had a set of gold chrome wheel trims right here.

She began pulling at a large box at the front of a pile of other boxes that reached almost to the ceiling. Amy and Fiona stared in wide-eyed terror as the stack of boxes began to shift then tilt dangerously, as if...

AMY: Ma'am, look out!

FIONA: Get out of the way, it's coming down!

MIRIAM: What? <looks up with startled expression>

Quick as a flash the Mobian warriors threw themselves into LaFloo knocking her out of the way just in the nick of time as the boxes crashed down behind them raising a cloud of dust in the air. They sat up then looked in disbelief at the mess scattered around the shed.

MIRIAM: Wow, you saved my life. <then frowns> Going to take lots of cleaning up then re-arranging everything back in order again, oh well. <shrugs and gets up> Thank you ladies.

AMY: You're welcome. We didn't want you to get hurt. <LaFloo nods>

MIRIAM: <hands over wheel trims> Here you go, no charge. If they don't fit, your friend can bring them back for a replacement at no extra cost.

FIONA: Thank you ma'am. <LaFloo nods>

She then escorted them back through the office and out the door waving goodbye as Fiona and Amy walked away. They headed in the direction of a yard with abandoned wrecked cars in rows.

AMY: Now where is Star Lord? <frowns to herself>

The Camaro was so well hidden that is was awhile before Rose spotted him in vehicle form. He was parked behind other junk cars at the far end of the yard.

FIONA: What's he doing in there? <scowls then hears> Now what's that sound? <looks for its source>

Then she gasped with eyes wide and mouth half open! The junk vehicle beside Star Lord began to levitate, rise into the air as though by magic then there was a loud clank or clunk as it made contact with an electro-magnet attached to a crane.

FIONA: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

Amy stared with horror stretching her eyes...

AMY: Huuuuuuuh! <gasps like Doc Brown>

They ran towards Peter Quill as fast as they could run, shouting and waving frantically but their voices were drowned out by the noise from the crane. The magnet was just about poised above Star Lord who didn't seem to notice or if he had, did not attempt to shield himself with the magic. Thinking quickly, Rose jumped up into the cab of the crane startling its operator.

CRANE OPERATOR: What the heck?!!

AMY: You're wanted on the phone, in the office! Mrs LaFloo asked me to tell you!

CRANE OPERATOR: Oh, okay. <shrugs>

The Mobian worker switched off the power to the crane, climbed down from the cab then headed for the main office.

FIONA: Whew, that was close. <mops her forehead>

AMY: Yeah, too close for comfort. <jumps down from the crane>

STAR LORD: Ah, there you are. <they both jump - spin around and glare> Hey, didn't mean to startle you. <still in Camaro form> Are you ready to head back?

AMY & FIONA: Yes, it's boring around here anyway. <they climb into the muscle car>

In short order they returned to Autobot home base making their report to Sally and company.

AMY: The Decepticons are cunning. Somehow they've established a makeshift base within striking range of us without being spotted.

FIONA: Unfortunately there are Mobian people working and living in the industrial estate.

SALLY: <looks thoughtful> Yes, my husband would not want to endanger or harm innocent life. Who's in charge of the place?

FIONA: A Mrs Miriam LaFloo who probably owns the facility although we can't be sure.

SALLY: Nicole, send for Dr Kintobor, I could use his help.

NICOLE: As you wish Sally.

In short order the good Robotnik and the Anti-Freedom Fighters after listening to Amy, Fiona and Star Lord's story came up with an idea.

IVO: Your strike force must get close to the opposition before attacking. And it must interfere as little as possible with Mobian activities.

ANTI-SALLY: I propose we copy the enemy's strategy and go in, undercover so to speak.

ANTI-BUNNY: We can set up shop in one of the derelict buildings.

ANTI-TAILS: Besides, the complex may be closed for holidays soon enough.

ANTI-ROTOR: Aye, that way no other Mobians will be hurt or worse.

SALLY: Deal, I'll make battle plans at once. <leers>

SONIC: Sounds like a good plan to me.

TAILS: Me too, count me in.

BUNNY & ANTOINE: And us! <say together>

ROTOR: This one is for Ace, Flash, Colin, Don, and Team Rocket!

KIMBERLY: Here-here!

JESSE DART: It's payback time.

STAR LORD: I like it when a plan comes to action. <quotes John Hannibal of the A-Team television show>

ANTI-ANTOINE: Let me at them!

ANTI-AMY: Bashing time!

AMY & FIONA: Right! <shout together>

That night the Freedom Fighters, Anti-Freedom Fighters and Autobots slipped silently into the industrial park. None of the Mobian people suspected they were there anyway. More important, neither did the Decepticons and Robotnik. They found a abandoned warehouse and converted into a stronghold. At length, Sally was satisfied. All they could do now was wait for the right moment to strike. Dr Kintobor talked with Miriam about what was to go down but assured her nothing would be damaged or destroyed and she agreed to let the magic warriors do their stuff so to speak. Ivo then spoke to Sally and company.

IVO: It's all set. Miriam has agreed to close the estate for a week since we promised not to cause destruction to her property, now is your chance.

SALLY: <leers> Right, how about you kids? <asks her son and daughter> Ready to avenge your father's death?

OMAR: You bet!

ANGEL: Me too!

LUPE: Me and my family are ready too as always, this one is for the fallen Autobots of Earth.

FIN: You said it lady.

POE: I'm ready to kick butt.

JESSE DART: Astro-Bat! <deploys his staff>

KIMBERLY: Ace, you shall be avenged.

STAR LORD: May the magic be with us always. <activates his facemask>

Then, creeping stealthily under cover of night, the Autobots, FF and AFF and Wolf Pack surrounded the brick workshop. At a signal from Dr Kintobor and Sally, they rushed forward yelling and shouting like the Confederate Rebels at Bull Run firing their laser guns!

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready to read part 4? Click here.

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