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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE: PART 2. Missed the first part? click here.

DON: Ace, the shields are failing fast! <calls from engineering> We can't take much more of this.

ACE: If we can't fight them, we'll have to outrun them instead. Everybody find a seat and strap in!

Max, his wife, Sonic, Tails, Fiona, Amy, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine, the Wolf Pack either sat cross-legged on the floor or on their knees grabbing onto anything solid as I gave the order to my kids to engage the engines and attempt to elude the enemy when suddenly a huge shudder went through the vessel.

KIMBERLY: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> They've locked onto us with a tractor beam!

FLASH: <confirms> We can't break free.

STAR LORD: What now?!!

ANGEL: Looks like we'll have to fight our way free.

OMAR: You said it sis. <agrees with her>

Then without warning a glowing portal materialized into view as Borf, Tryax, MegaMind, Gantu, Beerus, Scorch, Gary, Amber, Crystal and the MonStars popped into view.

COLIN: Decepticons!

JESSE DART: Let's take them. <readies his magic staff> AstroBat!

BORF: Destroy them all, no survivors! <orders his minions to attack>

In the next instant the brawl began. Autobots and Decepticons fighting hand-to-hand, martial arts style with the FF warriors helping out too along with Lupe and her family. Suddenly Borf activated his fusion cannon another version of the Infanto Ray gun and began firing nonstop striking down Flash Gordon, Kimberly, Don Davis, James and Jesse Rocket, Colin Kintobor even as Ace, Angel, Omar, Sally, Star Lord, Jesse Dart, Amy, Fiona, Sonic, Tails and others fought back but were also shot down as Max and Alicia watched in wide eyed horror! Somehow I managed to destroy Gantu, the Supernova twins, as did Sally using the magic to obey her command.

All of a sudden the Autobot starship went into a free-fall through Mobius's atmosphere as SkyNet's systems were damaged due to the fighting onboard, fortunately the heat shields deployed to protect the surfaces from being burned up by the heat friction then crashed into the ground, sliding along then coming to a dead stop. Ace, Sally, Angel, Omar, Max, Alicia, Lupe, and others stumbled-staggered out of the wreckage gasping in shock and pain from the assault against us.

MAX: I can't believe it, he killed them.

ALICIA: Flash, Kimberly, Don, Team Rocket, Colin...they're dead.

OMAR: No! <anger in his voice - on his face>

ANGEL: No! <also with anger>

ACE: That does it, Borf must be stopped no matter the cost.

SALLY: Aye! <glares> Vengeance will be mine.

STAR LORD: I'll make them all pay for murdering our friends.

JESSE DART: Yeah, me too!

LUPE: Here he comes. <sees Borf emerging from the crashed ship>

Sure enough the Decepticon leader emerged into sight a sneering triumphant expression on his face as he confronted me for the last time.

ACE: Borf, one shall rise, one shall fall.

BORF: Why throw away your life so recklessly?

ACE: Maybe you should be asking yourself that question.

BORF: I only answer with the dark arts at my disposal.

SALLY: Then bring it on! <yells defiantly at him>

My wife and I attacked first but Borf repelled the magic assault then hit back with his own powers as we deflected them away. He struck out with his double-bladed light-saber as Sally and I engaged him with our light-sabers as the death match began. Back and forth the combatants fought fiercely except Ace was wounded several times in the brawl but I refused to submit or yield too easily to my adversary. Sally was also wounded but she kept fighting bravely not to give into her pain. All of a sudden Borf went down as Sally hit him with a Bruce Lee side kick followed up by my severing his light-saber in two hilts. For the moment he looked stunned in disbelief at what happened and attempted to save himself.

BORF: No more Ace, grant me mercy, I beg of you! <puts up a hand>

ACE: You are without mercy and now you ask for it? I thought you were made of the sterner stuff, Borf.

Borf had been reaching for his fusion cannon that lay beyond his grasp when without warning the twins made their move against him.

ANGEL: No you don't!

OMAR: You're not harming our dad!

ACE: Kids, get back! <warn them>

Too late! Borf used the dark arts to immobilize them as Ace and Sally were about to rescue the kids then aimed his deadly weapon again with the dark-side magic obeying his command.

BORF: Fall, Ace...fall! <opens fire on me>

LUPE-MAX-ALICIA: NO! <shout in horror - eyes wide>

Deadly beams struck me dead-center throwing me off-balance then another blast slammed me onto my back as Sally cried out in horror.

SALLY: ACE! <eyes wide>


Laughing evilly Borf threw Angel and Omar into Sally knocking them down as Jesse Dart, Star Lord, Sonic, Amy, Tails, Fiona, Max, Alicia all gasped in horror then onto his boots as he stood over me as I glared weakly up at him.

BORF: I've been waiting for this moment, it's finally over.

In pain I glared back at him as I summoned the last of my powers then like Liu Kang striking down Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat the Movie...

ACE: Mortal Kombat! <shout the famous arcade game cry>

A burst of light-side magic slammed full tilt into Borf making him cry out in shock and surprise as he crashed face-first to the ground out cold as Tryax Kahn sneered down at him.

TRYAX: How do you feel now, mighty Borf, he? Decepticons, retreat!

Then he, Beerus, MegaMind, Amber and Crystal disappeared like ghosts with Beerus carrying Borf in his strong arms. Immediately the king, queen, Sally, the twins, Star Lord, Jesse Dart, Sonic, Lupe and friends rushed to my aid shocked and horrified at what they witnessed. Seconds later inside Autobot headquarters alias Freedom HQ that is...

STAR LORD: There's nothing we can do, not even our powers can save him this time.

JESSE DART: We failed him. <sad look on his face>

OMAR: Dad, you can't die.

ACE: Do not grieve for me, soon I shall become one with the magic...

ANGEL: Daddy, don't leave us. <tears in her eyes>

ACE: I will always be with you Angel, you will never be alone.

MAX: Farewell Ace, my terran son-in-law. <sad look on his face> You will not be forgotten.

ALICIA: Yes, we will always remember you for everything you did for us. <tears in her eyes>

SALLY: Goodbye my husband, I will not forget you. <cries with tears in her eyes>

ACE: You must be strong, my ghost-spirit will watch over you and the kids...take care of them, dear. <she nods>

LUPE: <hugs me one last time> I will miss you, you will always be part of my Pack family. <tears in her eyes>

ACE: Thanks...I believe it is time for me to go home, my parents and sister are waiting for me. <look up>

As I spoke a shimmering portal materialized into view as everyone else stared in stun disbelief as three glowing figures momentarily came into focus...Gerald Robotnik, Maria Robotnik, Jessica Rabbit Robotnik.

GERALD: Yes, it is time for you to come home my boy.

JESSICA: We are waiting for you to join us.

MARIA: Can't wait to hear all the stories you tell us, brother.

ACE: <smile with tears in my eyes> Mom, dad...sister. <reach out for them> I'm coming home!

Then a ghostly form seemed to rise out of my body resembling Ace in spirit form surrounded by holy light as everybody gasped. I smiled goodbye to everybody then began walking towards my family who reached out to embrace me then encircled me within their arms before the portal faded away again. Max, Alicia, Sally, Angel, Omar, Lupe, Sonic, Tails, Fiona, Amy, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine, Nicole, the Wolf Pack Nation family, Star Lord, Jesse Dart stared sadly at my motionless body as Sally trembling with sadness and grief leaned down to kiss my forehead one last time then closed my eyes with her hand as Angel and Omar burst into tears crying as Max and Alicia held them also crying too.

Hours-minutes later the royal family and friends stood before a statue monument depicting Ace in battle pose in the courtyard or backyard of Castle Acorn. The statue itself was a vault crypt containing the body of Ace the Autobot leader, hero of the universe, loving father and husband to his wife and kids. Attending the funeral were also Ivo Kintobor, Anti-Sally, Anti-Tails, Anti-Bunny, Anti-Amy, Anti-Rotor, Anti-Antoine, Ari Ram who had wedded Ace and Sally long ago.

ARI: Here lies the hero of the universe who gave his life to save others from being harmed by the forces of evil. Ace will always be remembered as the Chosen One who saved New MoboTropolis and planet Mobius.

Everyone was crying as Ari Ram continued...

ARI: And now his majesty has something to say. <gestures for the king who nods>

MAX: My daughter will now assume the role of leadership within the Autobot ranks as its new leader as a way to honor and remember her fallen husband.

SALLY: Yes, it is my destiny to carry on the legacy of Ace who's ghost will always be with me and my family and watch over me in the magic.

At the same time...the Decepticons prepared to return into space as Tryax Kahn proclaimed himself new leader of the Galactic Federation empire. En route to Earth the first thing was dispatch the injured-wounded Gantu, Gary, Scorch Supernova or exile them into deep space but then Tryax changed his mind deciding it would be proper to bury them in honor. Halfway through space Tryax prepared to get rid of Borf.

TRYAX: Oh, how it pains me to do this. <sneers>

BORF: Wait, I still live.

TRYAX: Want to bet?

Suddenly he tossed Borf into outer space.

BORF: TRYAX!!! <shouts in anger>

He went flying helplessly into space tumbling like a out of control satellite. Kahn turned to address the shocked warriors.

TRYAX: Now, as Borf has retired so to speak, I proclaim myself as Decepticon leader.

Crystal, Amber, MegaMind, Beerus were shocked-stunned to object or protest but instead agreed and continued the journey home. By the time they arrived at Federation home base the Grand Council Woman was shocked to learn of Borf's demise.

COUNCIL WOMAN: I have not foreseen or heard of Borf retiring. <frowns> But if what you say is true then it is your destiny to become leader.

TRYAX: By your command my lord. <half bows> I have fulfilled my quest at last.

Preparations were made for the coronation of Tryax Kahn...but unbeknown to anybody in question, Borf had survived being exiled when he was found by unknown forces and transformed into the Shredder (2003 TMNT animated series) as Gantu and MegaMind retained their normal forms but their strength and power restored again. Thus the trio set a course to Earth and seek revenge.

In the courtyard of the Federation fortress in front of eyewitnesses and the Grand Council Woman Tryax Kahn began addressing the multitude.

TRYAX: Fellow Decepticons, as your new leader, I...<suddenly he is distracted>

Out of nowhere a strange looking aircraft zoomed into view startling everybody touching down in front of both Tryax and Council Woman who gasped in surprise as a strange voice mocked-taunted them.

SHREDDER: Coronation, Tryax? This is bad comedy, don't make me laugh.

Then the vessel changed into a frightening form of a body armored warrior whose face was hidden-obscured inside a helmet faceplate but whose eyes glared beneath the helmet.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Who-the? Who are you!

Kahn recognized the voice from the armored figure...

TRYAX: Borf, is that you? <eyes wide>

SHREDDER: <nods> Here's a hint...

Suddenly he leveled another version of a fusion cannon squarely at Kahn and opened fire! Tryax screamed as electricity tore through his body jerking and convulsing then collapsed face-first to the ground as a big gasp went up from everybody. Shredder then addressed the Council Woman who stared in wide-eyed shock.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Who are you?

SHREDDER: Will anyone else care to fill his shoes? <gestures at Tryax's lifeless body>

COUNCIL WOMAN: What are you? <glowers>

SHREDDER: I am Shredder, Decepticon leader...

MEGAMIND: Hail Shredder! <shouts out>

BEERUS: Hail Lord Shredder!

Everybody shouted their new leader's name as the Council Woman stared in confused disbelief then her eyes widened when the Shredder removed the helmet and she saw...


SHREDDER: <nods> Yes, it is I...but now you may refer to me as Shredder.

COUNCIL WOMAN: As you wish, Shredder. I thought, everyone believed you to be dead.

SHREDDER: That's what he wanted all of you to think. <gestures at Tryax's dead body> I survived by unknown alien forces and returned to payback the traitor.

BEERUS: Myself and MegaMind also survived by the same unknown beings.

MEGAMIND: We witnessed the death fall of Ace even as he used the last of his magic to destroy Borf.

COUNCIL WOMAN: My goodness! <shocked look> So Ace has fallen at last. <her son nods>

SHREDDER: With my rival disposed of at last, the Autobots no longer have a leader to guide them to victory.

But things are not always as they seem so to speak. Sally Acorn is now the new Autobot leader with her children Angel and Omar, Star Lord, Jesse Dart, Lupe, Fiona, and so forth.

END OF CHAPTER 1 OF THE MOVIE. Ready for the next part? Click here.

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