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Fan Fiction

By Scott Oliverson as Space Ace "laser disc animated video game"

Note: This is a parody version of TransFormers the animated movie back in 1986...

It all begins on planet Earth in the Sol system with Ace and his terran Autobot warriors entertaining Sally Acorn, her parents Max and Alicia, Sonic and his parents Bertha, Jules and Chuck, Tails and his parents Amadeus and Rosemary, Amy Rose, Fiona Fox, Nicole in her holographic Mobian form, Bunny and Antoine DeCoolette, Rotor Walrus, we took them to our favorite amusement theme parks such as the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California, Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood near Los Angeles, Universal Studios Florida-Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Knots Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain and so forth to allow the Mobian visitors a chance of a lifetime to play and have fun like human people do themselves on occasion. Some of the many attractions Sonic and friends experienced were...

Jungle Cruise "DL and WDW versions"
Pirates of the Caribbean "DL and WDW versions - both similar"
Haunted Mansion "DL and WDW versions"
Splash Mountain "DL and WDW versions"
It's A Small World "DL and WDW versions - both similar"
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad "DL and WDW versions"
Mark Twain Riverboat of Disneyland & Liberty Belle of WDW
Hall of Presidents of WDW
Space Mountain "DL and WDW versions"
Autopia of Disneyland and INDY Speedway of WDW
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters of Disneyland and Space Ranger Spin of WDW
Monsters Inc Laugh Floor of WDW
Stitch's Great Escape of WDW
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage of Disneyland
EpCot Attractions of Spaceship Earth, Mission Space, Living with the Land, Test Track, Guardians of the Galaxy Rollercoaster, World Showcase
Animal Kingdom Attractions of Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, World of Avatar, Kilimanjaro Safari, etc.
Hollywood Studios Attractions of Toy Story Land, Toy Story Midway Mania, etc.

Plus we managed to take lots of photos, sometimes posing with Disney characters, having them sign autographs for us, video footage of the rides, blah-blah-blah. Soon it was time for everyone to return to Mobius. As we prepared to board our spaceship little did we know that forces of evil had been observing, watching all the time without any of us sensing the dark-side presence...Commander Borf and his Decepticons! Borf, 2nd in Command Tryax Kahn, Security Officer Captain Gantu, super genius MegaMind, his sister Crystal and her alien pet Amber, the Supernova twins Gary and Scorch, Communications Officer and bodyguard Beerus, and of course the MonStars.

BORF: So, Ace and his friends showed their Mobian friends a good time, did they?

BEERUS: Indeed they did, my lord.

TRYAX: Makes me feel jealous that we cannot have fun like terran people do!

BORF: <scowls> Oh, really? Don't tell me you have a soft spot for the Autobots.

TRYAX: I-what?!! <shocked look then anger> Of course not, I hate and despise them!

GANTU: Uh-huh. <nods with arms folded>

MEGAMIND: What are your orders sir?

BORF: We shall follow them back to Sonic's home world and ambush them! <sneers> Assassinate them all in one sweep. <draws finger across his neck making a cutting sound>

CRYSTAL: Oh! <alarmed look at first>

AMBER: I don't think I like the sound of that myself.

GARY: But if what Borf tells us to do then we do it without question or arguments.

SCORCH: Aye! Let the darkness grow.

BORF: Board our starship and get things ready for liftoff while I contact the boss-lady.

BEERUS: By your command! <salutes his leader>

And while the others were boarding their vessel Borf used his hologram device to contact the Grand Council Woman whose image appeared miniature version in the air.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Are you planning on destroying Ace and the Autobots once and for all?

BORF: Yes boss. I believe it is my destiny to finally rid myself of my rival adversary for good.

COUNCIL WOMAN: <nods> Very well, may the dark arts be with you always. <then her image vanishes again>

Moments later Borf was in the captain's chair on the bridge of his starship as his warriors sat at their console stations readying all systems for blastoff. Seconds later the Decepticon vessel rocketed away into outer space following the Autobot vessel already ahead of them and entering deep space to prepare for hyper-jump penetration. Onboard the Autobot starship.

ACE: Engage second stage rockets now.

OMAR: <pilot's chair> Yes sir. <operates his controls>

The engines fired to life lifting the Autobot ship out of Earth's orbit heading towards the moon for a lunar gravitational slingshot maneuver that would launch us into the void beyond.

SALLY: <navigator's chair> We are approaching the moon, dear.

ACE: Good, <then> Okay, honey...engage LOI now.

SALLY: Aye-aye! <operates her controls>

My vessel began racing around the moon going so fast the satellite of Earth looked like a gray blur beneath our passage then broke away from its 1/6 gravity field heading into outer space.

ANGEL: <engineer seat> Ready to initiate hyper-drive warp engines daddy.

ACE: <nod> Engage...

ANGEL: Punch it! <quotes Han Solo in Star Wars>

Now there came a low whine that built to high crescendo as the warp drive generators powered up to full status. The suddenly the stars elongated and turned into a spiraling vortex-like tunnel of bluish-white light as the Autobot starship leaped headlong into light-speed. At first the acceleration shoved us into our seats but then smoothed-leveled out soon after as we began the long journey back to Sonic's home world.

DON: <from engineering> Warp drive engines running smoothly boss.

ACE: Excellent, let me know of anything amiss.

DON: Wilco, boss. <then signs off transmission>

COLIN: <at weapons tactical> Sensors indicate normal travel until we reach our destination.

ACE: <nod> Then we drop out of hyper-space again.

KIMBERLY: <calls from sickbay> At least I don't have to tend to any patients at the moment.

That made my wife, kids and myself giggle-chuckle even though the comlink was open so Kimmy could hear us teasing her.

KIMBERLY: Very funny, ha-ha!

OMAR & ANGEL: Hey, it's only a joke Aunt Kimmy. <say together>

KIMBERLY: I know...<replies back> I'm just playing along with you.

SALLY: <rolls her eyes> I'm drowning in testosteone. <then leers at me> Anything to say or add to that, he?

ACE: No, not at the moment. <put up my hands in surrender>

We laughed over that joke yet Kimberly heard everything and added.

KIMBERLY: I'll pretend I did not hear that spoken by your wife, duh?

SALLY: What?!! <then glares> Oooooooooh...<eyes narrowed - teeth bared>

KIMBERLY: Ha-ha, got you. <then signs off before Sally can retort>

ACE: <roll my eyes> Mom, Dad, Sis...if you're seeing this, I surely could use some help or advise.

OMAR & ANGEL: Huh? <say together and look at me>

SALLY: Never mind. <leers at her kids> Daddy's only having fun with me, is that right, yes? <looks at me again>

ACE: Yes dear. <nod back and wink>

We continued on our merry way until Nicole and SkyNet confirmed we had come within range of Mobius and I ordered the twins to cut sub-light engines which they complied and the Autobot starship returned to normal space again as the familiar blue-white-brown Mobian world came into sight on the view screen. Max and Alicia emerged onto the bridge from the elevator.

ALICIA: There it is, home sweet home.

MAX: Aye, it's so good to be back to our world again. <they hold hands and stare together>

They were soon joined by Sonic, Jules, Verne, Bertha, Tails, Rosemary, Amadeus, Rotor, Fiona, Bunny, Antoine who also took in the beautiful sight.

FIONA: Ah, can't wait to get home and look at the photos and videos of our adventures.

TAILS: Me too, look back at all the attractions we went on. <Fiona nods>

BUNNY: It sure was fun exploring the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts.

ANTOINE: That is was honey.

ROTOR: I think I've had enough fun time to last me forever.

AMY: Me too.

SONIC: Where's the rest of the gang? <looks around the bridge>

Then the elevator doors opened again to reveal Team Rocket, Jesse Dart, Flash Gordon, Star Lord and MewTwo stepping onto the bridge.

JAMES: Mobius, the home world of Sonic.

JESSE: Like when we first arrived on that planet long ago.

MEWTWO: That we did, to join Ace and gang in saving the universe.

JESSE DART: It looks a lot like our world in many ways.

FLASH: Yeah except it's populated by anthropomorphic people.

STAR LORD: With the occasional Overlander humans intermingling among them.

KIMBERLY: At least we do not have to worry about the Decepticons ruining things for us.

ACE: That's true, yet we cannot underestimate the power of the dark-side for it will strike without warning.

COLIN: What-the?!! <reacts in surprise as something pops up onto his monitor> Holy s***!

SONIC: What!

COLIN: Houston, we have a problem. <quotes Jim Lovell of Apollo 13>

TAILS: We do? <worried look>

COLIN: <nods> Decepticons, right behind us and closing in fast!

OMAR & ANGEL: No way! <say together in shock>

SALLY: Where?!! <angry stare on her face> I don't see them. <checks her console>

Then a powerful impact rocked our ship staggering-knocking everybody off balance as we fought to regain our footing. Alarms went off as SkyNet announced.

SKYNET: Mayday-mayday! We are under attack, I repeat, we are under attack!

JESSE DART: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> Right now?

ACE: Son, Daughter, weapons online! <they perform the task> honey, shields up! <she performs her task>

MAX: <glowers> They dare attack us on our way home?

ALICIA: I'm so afraid, scared. <clings to her husband in terror>

MAX: Don't worry, we'll be all right. <tries comforting her>

ACE: If Borf wants a fight then I'll give him one. <glares> Come about, we'll...

Suddenly another impact struck our vessel but bounced harmlessly off the deflector shields yet the blow made everybody stumble about.

DON: <calls from engineering> The shields are still holding but I can't say for certain how long!

ACE: Hang on down there Davis, I have everything under control. <then to myself> I think...

While onboard the Decepticon starship everybody whooped it up as they watched the results of their handy work.

GANTU: Bulls-eye! Got them good.

SCORCH: Yeah, like shooting tin cans on a fence.

GARY: They didn't know what hit them.

BORF: <sneers> Just the way I like it. Prepare another spread of torpedos to fire on my mark.

BEERUS: Yes my lord. <works his console>

TRYAX: Uh-oh, they're coming about to face us head-on. <reports from his station>

BORF: Oh, Ace wants to play does he? <raises eyebrows> All right, two can play that game.

Back onboard the Autobot starship...

OMAR: Right, let's show those bullies who's boss around here.

ANGEL: Yeah, those creeps. <glowers>

SALLY: <to me> Honey...<I nod> open fire! <orders her kids to attack>

BOTH KIDS: Fire at will! <work their consoles>

A barrage of torpedos and lasers shot from my ship to streak away and slam full tilt against the shields of Borf's vessel rocking it about like a toy in a bath tub.

MEGAMIND: Holy BLEEP! They hit us! <panics>

AMBER: <glares> They dare strike back?

CRYSTAL: No way. <also glares>

BORF: Return fire, now!

Back and forth the two ships exchanged firepower against one another, each trying to damage or weaken the other's shields first to land the killing blow...

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready to read on to part 2?

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