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Fan Fiction

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Later that night at Castle Acorn dinner was served courtesy of Ace's home-style cooking from his home world that is. The menu consisted of barbecue chicken and original fried version, baked beans, corn on the cob, St Louis baby back ribs, Georgia pulled pork, Cole slaw, lemonade or iced tea, and barbecue sauces including "Memphis Sweet and Spicy" "Kansas City Sweet and Smokey" "Kentucky Bourbon" "Carolina Cider" "Hawaii Sweet and Smokey" and "Original Sweet and Savory" sauce which his majesty, her majesty, Sally, Sonic, Chuck, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor, Nicole, Amy liked so much they kept complimenting on the flavors used to create the barbecue sauces. After dinner entertainment was Oldies-Pop music performed by the Autobots with Ace on microphone as lead vocals, Flash on regular lead guitar, Don on electric bass guitar, Colin on drums, Kimberly on keyboards, Jesse on saxophone, Star Lord on microphone as bass singer, etc. Everyone had a wonderful time until bedtime rolled around as usual...Sonic and his uncle heading home, Tails going home to his parents with Jesse Dart accompanying him, Amy living on her own except for Peter Quill spending the night as usual and make love too, Bunny and Antoine having Kimberly, Don and Flash stay as guests at their house, Colin spending the night with Rotor, blah-blah-blah. Then it was Ace saying goodnight to Max and Alicia.

MAX: Thank you for the barbecue buffet, my wife and I really liked it.

ALICIA: Yes indeed, I'll never forget it.

ACE: The honor was mine, ma'am, sir.

SALLY: Come on, master chef. <takes my hand in hers> It's time for bed, yes? <leads me out of the palace>

MAX & ALICIA: Goodnight Ace, Sally! See you in the morning.

SALLY & ACE: You too! <give salutes to Sally's parents>

As soon as we got to Acorn's house the first thing we did was prepare for another ritual of love making and sharing the magic arts between us. Stripped naked and positioned on the couch-sofa in the family room both lovers began playing with each other feeling the light-side flow through them as we kissed, necked-nuzzled like dogs & cats, tongue-wrestled, ran our hands gently over our bodies, humped each other again and again ending with I feeding my future wife my seeds as she took them willingly refusing to let go until she was satisfied. At last we lay entwined-locked in our embrace gazing happily into our smiling faces.

SALLY: If or when I have babies they will be a boy and girl, half mobian and half terran born.

ACE: Aye, that they will become. The magic revealed to me what they would look like.

SALLY: Me too, honey. <kisses me on the nose> Oops, tee-he-he-he-he, ahem-hm-hmm-hmmm...<chuckles>

ACE: <grin> Right...funny kiss me anytime.

SALLY: <stops chuckling> Sorry, didn't expect to do that, he? <smirks>

I kissed her back on the nose as both of us erupted into fits of laughing mirth then proceeded to her bedroom but first showered off the sweat from our bodies then dressed in pajamas and nightgown climbed into bed, slid beneath the covers and dreamed happy thoughts as one. The next morning dawned bright and clear in a matter of speaking...plans went ahead to track down Borf's whereabouts and blow up his space-drive test rig before he could use it to test-experiment his ion-drive system. Inside Freedom HQ the Autobots, Wolf Pack Nation, and Freedom Fighters were assembled as Sally and Ace briefed their warriors.

SALLY: Right, okay. We must locate where the Decepticons have set up shop in the Mystic Ruins.

ACE: So who's going to volunteer for this mission? It'll be risky and dangerous too.

LUPE: I'll do it! <raises her hand> As Grand Chief I can handle any dangerous situation.

DON: I'll provide backup to watch her backside so no one gets the drop or jump on her.

LUPE: <leers> Thanks, although I can take care of myself anyway, but I accept your protection.

SONIC: Sounds like a plan to me, I like it. <grins and thumbs up>

ACE: It's settled. SkyNet, Nicole...the 3D map if you please.

Both computer programs brought forth the three dimensional map showing the Mystic Ruins in all directions. Flash the twin brother to Ace examined the illusions carefully then said.

FLASH: There appears to be a line of a railway of some kind that runs through the center of the village. <points it out> The only one shown on the map.

TAILS: <frowns> Hmmm...that's odd. I doubt any railway trains pass through that region.

ROTOR: Yeah, really odd indeed.

COLIN: Who knows where it leads to or ends? <shrugs>

FLASH: <also shrugs> Beats me, but I guess it will lead Lupe, Don and Sonic right to the doorstep of Borf and his horde.

DON: <leers> Yeah...

LUPE: <nods and smirks> I like the sound of that myself.

SONIC: Me too Grand Chief. <they high-five slap>

SALLY: Ha-ha, funny. <leers> Let's get to work everybody, the clock is ticking.

AUTOBOTS-WOLF PACK-FREEDOM FIGHTERS: Let the light shine! <shout together then whoop it up - pumping fists>

Seconds later Davis transformed into the Corvette Stingray sports car and with Sonic and Lupe riding shotgun sped away from home base en route to the echidna's lost civilization following directions given to them by Nicole and SkyNet that is. The fastest thing alive and grand chief examined the 3D map again before speaking.

SONIC: The old railway line leads to a temple that once housed the Master Emerald crystal, I bet that's where the Decepticons are holed up.

LUPE: Aye, if they are somewhere in that vicinity they'll probably have the SwatBots, ComBots, ShadowBots guarding all entrances-exits to keep out unwanted visitors.

SONIC: I want to take a look on foot so you can drop me off anytime.

DON: You got it. Then I'll carry on for a spell before coming back to join you since I'll need to get in touch with Ace.

LUPE: Roger! <agrees>

A few seconds later the Corvette came into sight of what appeared to be a lost city shrouded or hidden within dense foliage jungle growth everywhere but then a dull glint of rusty steel caught his attention.

DON: Whoa! <starts to slow down> That must be the railway line, we're getting close.

LUPE: Okay, let me out. <starts to open passenger door>

SONIC: Me too. <starts to open driver door>

DON: <applies his brakes - comes to a stop> Go-go-go! <yells like a drill sergeant at boot camp> Move it-move it-move it!

The grand chief launched herself out of the Stingray tumbling into the grassy verge as Sonic vaulted from the other door onto the hood of the Corvette momentarily then bounced into the air spinning himself into a blue ball like he was playing bowling about to score a strike of sorts but careful not to knock over Lupe in the process. Both came to a gradual halt at the bottom of the ditch then looked back to see Davis accelerate away into the distance until out of sight.

LUPE: <climbs to her sandals> Right, now to find Borf's hideout.

SONIC: <on his sneakers> I got your back covered. <Lupe nods>

Looking cautiously about in all directions to make sure they were not discovered by hostile forces the friends began following the rusty railway into the heart of the Mystic Ruins. As they walked both kept sharp eyes out for signs of danger but there did not appear to be anybody-anyone in sight.

LUPE: I don't see Decepticons about, who knows where they could be.

SONIC: <shrugs> I'm not force sensitive like the Autobots so I wouldn't be able to search through the magic.

At last they came in sight of the ruins consisting of derelict abandoned structures overgrown with jungle foliage. There was the Temple of the Master Emerald, Mystic Ruins Train Station, and other buildings scattered here and there all covered in vines and undergrowth.

LUPE: <frowns> So this was the former home of Knuckles and his people long ago. If I'm not mistaken this region is located not far from Hathor's settlement.

SONIC: Right, the feline queen and her people. <Lupe nods>

Just then footsteps caught their attention making them turn to see Don Davis approaching then stopped to stare in wonder and awe.

DON: Well, I'll be...<whistles> what a place to get lost within and unable to find your way out again.

SONIC: You can say that. <gestures> Welcome to the Mystic Ruins.

DON: Any luck? <Sonic and Lupe shook their heads> Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> Maybe I let you off at the wrong bus stop. <smacks himself>

LUPE: He, pardon? <arched eyebrow expression like Mr Spock>

Sonic on the other hand conjured forth the 3D map using the portable computer Sally gave him but cautioned to be careful with Nicole as always. He pivoted one way then another way scanning in all directions when Nicole's voice spoke up.

NICOLE: I believe Davis spoke the truth by saying you got off at the wrong bus stop, ahem!

DON: D'oh! <quotes Homer Simpson>

LUPE: Uh-huh...<leers>

NICOLE: Wait a second, can you aim me in another direction, Sonic?

SONIC: Huh? <confused look but obeyed> Yes ma'am. <points computer in another direction>

NICOLE: Bingo...found them.

LUPE & DON: Huh?!! <say together with surprised looks>

SONIC: That was fast enough.

NICOLE: Behold...<brings up illusion for closer view> the railway line leads to an old tunnel on the other side of the road, that way.

DON: I'm on it! <activates his Star Trek communicator> Ace, Sally, come in!

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Part 9? Click here.

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