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Fan Fiction

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All of a sudden Beerus went rigid for a brief moment as if the dark arts warned him of a disturbance-like tremor in the magic. Closing his eyes momentarily he reached out with his thoughts before snapping them open again and alerting his leader.

BEERUS: Lord Borf! We have intruders listening in on our conversation.

BORF: What?!! Who dares spy on me? <glares>

EGGMAN: Mommy...<calls out to his deceased mother>

STAR LORD: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> Our cover is blown.

AMY: Oh no! <alarmed look> We better get out of here.

Immediately they began running back the way they entered the stronghold as silent alarms went off only to run headlong into SwatBots aiming their wrist-guns and laser rifles at them.

STAR LORD: Care to play hard-ball, he? <whips out his horse-shoe shaped blasters> Fire in the hole!

He squeezed off beams of lasers in rapid-fire succession as though he was the Duke, John Wayne that is instantly freezing the robot soldiers before they could get off shots then Amy swung her magic hammer again like THOR of Marvel Comics.

AMY: Bashing time! <leaps into the attack>

She swatted the SwatBots aside like tenpins in bowling sending them crashing to the floor as Peter Quill whooped it up then struck out with force shoves throwing the machines backwards like mannequins as well as martial arts kicks and punches like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Finally both of them began running again to escape being captured as now ComBots and ShadowBots began shooting at them while pursuing the space smuggler and sidekick. Star Lord stunned more robot soldiers with point blank shots from his blasters then shielding himself and Rose from return fire in the process. At last they burst out the main door of the stronghold but kept running passing through the invisible force field then safely on the other side of the unseen barrier Star Lord transformed back into Camaro disguise with Amy at the wheel and they sped away in clouds of dust as Borf and his minions charged into view firing their laser guns but the shots fell short of their mark.

BORF: They're out of range.

ORBOT: Oh dear, they're getting away.

CUBOT: What do we do? <shrugs>

EGGMAN: We can't let them reveal the secrets of the space-drive test rig.

BORF: They won't...<to his bodyguard> you know what to do. <Beerus nods>

In the next instant Ravage a feline creature took off in hot pursuit of his prey. At the moment Peter and Amy were far enough away from enemy HQ.

AMY: I don't think they're after us now, we gave them the slip.

STAR LORD: <Camaro form> Uh, Houston, we have a problem. <quotes Jim Lovell of Apollo 13>

AMY: Huh? <confused frown>

STAR LORD: Enemy feline fast approaching from behind.

AMY: <looks into rearview mirror> What-the?!! <eyes wide in shock>

STAR LORD: That's Ravage, one of two pet servants who work for Beerus.

AMY: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>

Ravage was fast gaining on his prey as Star Lord attempted to elude him and protect Rose at the same time. Ahead the Mobian countryside was hilly and wooded. Peter thought that if he could reach the cover of the woods and hills, maybe, just maybe he would have a chance of shaking off his pursuer.

STAR LORD: I'm going to try and shake him off my 6:00.

AMY: Okay, uh, what does that mean? <puzzling frown>

STAR LORD: When somebody-someone is chasing you from behind it's a phrase meaning your 6:00 position.

AMY: Oh...I think I get it. <leers>

Ravage was closing fast as Star Lord reached the hills and hit a narrow dirt road that wound through the trees. It took all of Peter Quill's skill to stay on course as his tires slipped and skidded on the loose gravel.

STAR LORD: Whoa, there! This is worse than driving on black ice on my world in winter time.

AMY: Really! <alarmed>

STAR LORD: Yeah, whoops! <almost loses traction again> Dang, almost lost it there.

Suddenly Ravage opened fire with laser bolts from his tail-gun and from his eyes trying to score hits on the muscle car.

AMY: Aaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown> He's shooting at us!

Yet try as he might, Peter Quill could not shake off Ravage no matter what he tried. Ahead, the dirt road was crossed by a rough track running along the bottom of a deep, narrow ravine. At the exact moment that Ravage let loose another barrage of laser fire, Star Lord went into a perfectly four-wheel drift off the road onto the track.

STAR LORD: YeeHaaw! <shouts the Dukes of Hazzard yell>

AMY: Wheeeeee! <shouts in excitement>

The track was covered with weeds and a layer of dead leaves, and Peter's tires left easily followed ruts. Ravage closed in on his prey, but Star Lord was out of sight around a bend in the track. Following the ruts, Ravage bounded around the corner, and...suddenly the feline predator went crashing head over tail as something slammed into him full tilt like a boomerang as Amy's pliko hammer whirled through the air colliding into Ravage and sent him flying off-balance at the same time that Star Lord released a burst of light-magic into his pursuer.

STAR LORD: Down he goes!

AMY: Take that! Yes, I got him! <cheers then retrieves her hammer as it returns to her hand>

STAR LORD: Awesome, it flies back to you like a boomerang.

AMY: always comes back. <leers>

STAR LORD: We're out of here! <quotes Kidd Video>

By the time Ravage regained his senses both Peter Quill and Amy Rose were long gone by now and nowhere to be seen. After scouring everywhere for signs of his prey but no results, he made another discovery of a different kind. There was a wide opening in the hills. Hidden from outside by the trees, a high arched entrance to what must be a cave or tunnel rose above Ravage's head. Cautiously the predator advanced into the darkness hoping to find something new. A short distance inside, the vegetation gave way to a dirt floor which appeared to be level. Two strips of metal or steel ran down the center and there did not appear to be an exit in sight. Having seen enough for now, Ravage made speed back to Decepticon HQ in RoboTropolis where he displayed 3D holograms to Borf who grinned evilly.

BORF: Well, well...our unknown spies did us a big favor. This cave or tunnel may be the means of our testing the ion-drive. With luck it will convert easily as a space-drive test rig too.

EGGMAN: He-he...they sure did. <also evil grin>

BORF: Come, Robotnik. Let's make a personal inspection.

EGGMAN: Thought you were going to ask me to tag along. <Borf nods>

Escorted by Ravage, Eggman and Borf with Beerus located the tunnel in no time. As they explored the interior, Beerus, CuBot and OrBot checked out the dimensions.

ORBOT: The entire tunnel will suffice us in assembling the space-drive test rig to test the ion-drive.

CUBOT: Affirmative, measurements are sixteen hundred meters by five meters in diameters.

BORF: Precisely what we need.

EGGMAN: Good work you two. <praises his droids>

CUBOT & ORBOT: Thank you sir. <say together>

BEERUS: These metal strips or rails suggest a crude energy conductor system. <points them out to his boss>

BORF: He, what's that? <looks for himself> Oh, forget those for now. Contact base immediately. <Beerus begins communicating with HQ> I want work to start at once on transporting the equipment pronto.

EGGMAN: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! Nothing will stand in our way of testing the ion-drive system. <sneers>

At the same time inside Freedom HQ the hideout of the Freedom Fighters that was now Autobot HQ it was Peter and Amy reporting to Ace, Sally, Sonic, Nicole, Tails, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine, Kimberly, Jesse, Don, Flash, Colin of what they learned.

STAR LORD: So, it seems the Decepticons are having problems with their ion-drive system.

AMY: Yeah, they're going to use some kind of giant tube to test it out.

ROTOR: <stares at hologram> Wow, not like something I would construct myself.

TAILS: Me too...<frowns>

JESSE: Oh great, if Borf succeeds in getting his ion-drive functional it's doomsday for all of us.

DON: Give me good old fashioned neutron-drive anytime. That should keep Borf and his horde grounded for good. <smirks>

ANTOINE: You and me, monsieur!

BUNNY: Me too, honey. <fist bumps him>

ACE: There's no guarantee of that. Borf is not only ruthless and cunning, he is also highly ingenious too. He will find a way out of his mess one way or another.

KIMBERLY: Unless, that is, we stop him cold.

SONIC: So what do we do about it? <shrugs>

ACE: SkyNet, see if you can learn anything else about the Decepticons ion-drive system, if Borf intends on testing it.

SKYNET: Affirmative, sir. <begins the task assigned to him>

SALLY: Nicole...

NICOLE: On it...<also begins the task>

Unfortunately both computer programs reported back with negative results. The fortress in RoboTropolis was abandoned as if the dark-side warriors packed up and left for greener pastures so to speak taking with them their technical equipment too.

SKYNET: I could not detect any presence of the dark arts within their base.

NICOLE: least I tried.

SALLY & ACE: This is worse than we thought it would be. <say together>

Next, both leaders dispatched their warriors to scout around and see if they could sense the dark arts themselves. It did not take long before Sonic, Tails, Bunny, Amy, Rotor, Antoine, Kimberly, Jesse, Colin, Don, Flash, Star Lord returned with coordinates they were able to pick up and with SkyNet and Nicole's assistance the data was transformed into a 3D topographic map of surrounding areas on Mobius.

TAILS: <indicates a small range of low hills> Borf and his horde must be here.

FLASH: I wonder what that region is or what resides there? <curious>

ROTOR: This area was the former homeland of the echidna people and their leader Locke but no one lives there anymore, just a swamp-jungle area.

KIMBERLY: Can't believe Borf would want to set up shop in a place like that. <scowls>

BUNNY: You said it redhead. <then looks at Sally> Oops, he-he...<nervous laugh>

SALLY: Right...<leers> redhead indeed.

KIMBERLY: That's all right, she was referring to me, not you. <Sally nods>

COLIN: I bet it's just the place for Borf and his horde to work undisturbed. It might be worth a look-see.

ACE: That will be difficult since Robotnik may have his robot soldiers on guard patrol.

STAR LORD: Oh, yeah. Like the machines Amy and I tangled with recently. <Amy nods>

Then Nicole appeared magically letting her creator know her parents would like to have the Autobots entertain them tonight and perhaps introduce them to earth-food too. Sally told this to Ace who agreed to the idea of sharing his kind of terran food with the Mobian people.

ACE: I'll surprise Max and Alicia with specialty dishes from my world.

NICOLE: Wonderful, I'll let them know, bye! <vanishes again>

SALLY: <leers with arms folded> So, what's on the menu, may I ask?

SONIC: Yeah...anything you make, I'll be the first to sample it. <also leers>

ACE: If I told you it would not be a surprise, duh? <arched eyebrow like Mr Spock>

Everyone laughed...then went back to making plans on how to track down the Decepticons within the Mystic Ruins the one-time homeland of the echidna civilization.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready to read Part 8 now? Lets do it!

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