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Fan Fiction

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Later that night saw Amy and Peter Quill having fun with the space smuggler massaging the pliko hammer warrior's feet working on her heel, arch and toes constantly as Amy moaned happily eyes half closed.

AMY: Oh, I like that, I like it. That feels good.

PETER: I aim to please my dear.

AMY: <giggles> I love you already Star Lord, I do indeed.

PETER: I believe you 100%. <continues the massage>

Finally Rose asked him to stop so she could recover from the tingling feeling coursing through her feet. Smiling sweetly she beckoned him over as he complied then reached up to take his face in her hands as he leaned towards her and their lips met in a kiss of true love while they held each other in their loving embrace. At last they fell into deep slumber dreaming happy thoughts together. As for Don, Flash, Colin, Jesse, Kimberly they were sleeping at Castle Acorn in their guest bedrooms. Sally on the other hand was again making love with Ace as they played with each other sharing the magic between them.

ACE: The magic has revealed to me we are to become a family.

SALLY: Yes, I've seen the same vision that I am to give birth to my first newborn.

ACE: And then they too will be trained to learn the magic arts.

SALLY: Uh-huh, just like us. Oh, I believe I have not yet mastered the arts of transformation. <worried look> Did you forget to teach me?

ACE: Damn it! <smacks himself> I did forget that final lesson to instruct you how to change yourself into disguises.

SALLY: Well I hope it's not too late to learn, is it? <still looks worried>

Ace said no that he would still teach his future wife how to transform into whatever vehicle form she chose of course. He brought forth illusions of various car and truck forms until Acorn settled upon a semi big rig alias the PeterBilt 379 that is.

SALLY: I could become that semi form while you are the Western Star 5700 form, he? <leers> Or do you want to switch big rigs instead?

ACE: Negative, I think that's the perfect disguise for you. <they fist bump>

I began massaging Sally's back for awhile then after working on her neck, shoulders and backside moved onto her feet as she sighed and moaned happily feeling the magic rush through her body. After awhile she had me come to her then locked her legs around me, pinning me against her body and arms about my neck pulled my face to meet hers and we kissed long and deep tongue-wrestling inside our mouths, brushing our lips tenderly and sighing constantly. At last the game ended as we drifted into deep sleep. The next day the Mobian citizens went about their daily routines at their workplaces while the Autobots met with Max and Alicia inside the throne room of the palace with Ace instructing Star Lord to undertake a spy mission on the Decepticons hideout and find out what evil plans Borf had in store.

ACE: It is most important that we know what the Decepticons are up to. The fate of the universe depends on that knowledge.

STAR LORD: No sweat, I'll be in and out before they know I was there anyway. Of course my partner side-kick will back me up.

AMY: Aye-aye! <salutes> I'll watch his back, he can watch mine.

ALICIA: Then good luck and be careful as always.

MAX: Do not let the dark arts seduce you.

AMY: No way, not me. <smirks>

STAR LORD: She is under my magic protection constantly.

ACE: Good hunting both of you.

Seconds later a Chevy Camaro muscle car raced out of New MoboTropolis with Amy at the wheel pretending to drive although it was Peter doing the driving of course. Along the way Peter told Amy about his friends the Guardians of the Galaxy and the adventures they had in outer space.

STAR LORD: One incident that sticks out in my mind is when we were invited to tour the Collector's archive of antiques and life-forms.

AMY: Oh? <curious frown> Who was the Collector?

STAR LORD: An alien being named Tanleen Tivan who would purchase various items from planets across the universe then display them inside his fortress.

AMY: And you were invited to tour his facility? <Peter nods in vehicle form> Sounds like fun.

STAR LORD: Well, that's what I, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot Junior thought at first. Not realizing we would be the main attraction instead.

AMY: What?!! <shocked look on her face>

Peter then explained how he, Drax, Gamora, Rocket and Groot Junior ended up being held hostage within electrified cases within the Collector's inner sanctum with no means of escape. How Gamora blamed Peter for getting them into the so-called mess, Drax hoping Rocket would rescue them, Groot Junior always saying the same three words over and over "I am Groot", and Rocket trying to figure out a way of escaping his display case. How the bounty hunter-tracker anthropomorphic raccoon did break free then asked terran (human) visitors to help save his Guardian friends, blah-blah-blah.

STAR LORD: In the end Rocket saved the day, Mantis brought the MILANO starship to help us escape the fortress, I got my Walkman cassette player back, blah-blah-blah.

AMY: All right, yes! <excited> So you did escape the Collector's archive thanks to terran guests of course.

Just then she stopped talking as her eyes went wide in terror when she recognized where Star Lord was taking her and himself...into the robotic city RoboTropolis!

AMY: Uh, Star Lord. We're entering RoboTropolis.

STAR LORD: Oh! <surprised> Yes, that's where the Decepticons are hiding out, their headquarters base is somewhere in this nightmare city.

AMY: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

STAR LORD: The magic tells me they are nearby, ah, here we are. <slows and stops - opens driver's door> All ashore, please.

Nervously Rose exited the muscle car looking about in fear as Star Lord transformed back to his terran self then started walking with Amy beside him. All of a sudden the female hedgehog warrior felt a tingling sensation course through her body as if being tickled by unseen hands, this was followed by a shimmering distortion in the air like walking underwater or pushing through a curtain to enter a room. Then as quickly as it came the sensation disappeared.

AMY: What was that?

STAR LORD: We penetrated an invisible force field that surrounds the headquarters base of the Decepticons. And there it is, behold. <gestures>

AMY: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

Looming before them was an imposing building in all its evil glory. This was the fortress base of Borf and his horde. Activating his facemask the space smuggler approached the main door that slid open as though expecting his arrival with Rose keeping pace with her boyfriend as always. Inside the building they proceeded cautiously down a main hallway corridor then took a elevator ride to the top floor level and in seconds were peering through a one way mirror-window that looked into the Command Center where Borf, Beerus, Eggman and Tryax Kahn were deep in conversation for the moment.

STAR LORD: There they are, looks like Dr Robotnik is indeed helping them.

AMY: <frowns> That's just great. Oh, there's Tryax who lost that light-saber fight with Sally.

STAR LORD: Uh, yup. <nods> Bet he's still peeved or pissed off at being humiliated by your boss.

AMY: <leers> Serves him right that bully. Uh, what are they talking about? <frowns again>

STAR LORD: Time to turn up the volume so to speak.

He activated another control on his facemask and soon both could actually hear what was being discussed about between Borf and Robotnik.

BORF: Work on repairing my starship continues on schedule. But it will all be in vain if we cannot complete the power system.

TRYAX: It is complete, I worked on it in my spare time. It only needs assembling and installing.

EGGMAN: Oh my, does it power the main engines of your ship? <Kahn nods>

BORF: It also needs to be tested to make certain it does not malfunction. Report, Beerus.

BEERUS: As you wish my lord, ahem! Ion-drive system requires testing as you order. However the space inside our headquarters is unsuitable for that task.

EGGMAN: <eyes wide behind dark glasses> Uh-oh...I was afraid of that.

BEERUS: Therefore I suggest we explore someplace suitable to perform the test runs.

TRYAX: We are wasting time! Is our technology so bad we cannot trust our own work? If I had my way the ion-drive would be online and we'd be on our way back to the Sol system!

BORF: Unfortunately you do not have your way. <glowers> Until then, which is unlikely to occur or happen, you will continue to follow orders.

AMY: Oh my...doesn't like being bossed around.

STAR LORD: Tryax has been planning on getting rid of Borf then step in as leader of the Decepticons.

Then the communications officer-bodyguard produced a set of blueprints for his boss to look over along with Robotnik. Star Lord zoomed in for a close up shot, snapped a digital photo then downloaded it to SkyNet's data banks to be transferred to Ace immediately. Amy stared with a confused frown on her face.

AMY: Now what in the universe is that...

The blueprints was a design of a giant space-drive test rig which was to be a tube about five meters long by sixteen hundred meters wide. The interior of the tube was to be filled with electronics and electromagnetic equipment.

STAR LORD: No wonder the Decepticons are stranded. There's no place to hide a thing as big as that.

AMY: What is that strange looking tube anyway?

STAR LORD: Beats me, I haven't a clue. <helpless shrug>

TRYAX: Why can't the tube be formed by boring into the side of a mountain?

BORF: We do not have the dark magic for such a huge task.

BEERUS: <nods in agreement>

TRYAX: Well sorry if I brought it up anway.

EGGMAN: At least grandpa is not here to see this kind of technology, he wouldn't be able to make sense out of it.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Part 7? Lets go.

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