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Fan Fiction

Missed Sonic and the Transformers Part 8? Click here to catch up.

ACE: Good thinking, Sonic and Nicole. Borf and his horde are bound to have the tunnel fortified to prevent intrusions.

SONIC: So how do we get in? <wants to know>

ACE: Sally told me all tunnels have hidden air shaft or ducts. We'll drop in that way and jump-scare the opposition.

SALLY: Stand by for further instructions, out. <signs off>

Sonic, Lupe and Don look at each other then shrugged as if to say "What else can we do about it?" then decided to check things out for themselves. They made their way back to the highway then crossed to the opposite ditch and followed the railway cutting...and sure enough there was the tunnel itself.

LUPE: So that's where they're hiding? <frowns>

SONIC: <also frowns> Where else to test out the ion-drive system undisturbed.

DON: I'm sure my boss will find a way inside in no time flat.

The Decepticons had cleared away the undergrowth foliage and the tunnel was brightly lit from within. Complex machinery glowed with power as preparations went ahead for the ion-drive tests. Just then Davis's communicator came online.

ACE: Yo! We're inside an air duct right now, starting our approach. Stand by to give support. <then signs off again>

SONIC: That was fast enough.

DON: Now for the fun to begin. <then scowls> Wish I was there right now. <reaches back to pat the hilt of his magic sword>

Nothing happened at the moment when without warning the voice of Beerus echoed within the tunnel.

BEERUS: Intruder alert! We are under attack by the Autobots!

LUPE: Dang it! <glares> They've been discovered.

SONIC: Ah, nuts! <also glares>

Simultaneously the forces of Ace, Kimberly, Jesse, Flash, Colin, Star Lord, Tails, Bunny, Sally, Rotor, Antoine, Reynard, Bergamo, Canus, Drago, Basil, Lavender, Diablo jumped down out of the air shaft firing their laser guns on the run. Startled, caught by surprise momentarily, the Decepticons began retreating until Borf ordered them to stop.

BORF: Idiots! Stand your ground. We are fighting for our honor to conquer the universe!

Immediately Tryax, MegaMind, Gantu, Beerus, Gary, Scorch rallied around their boss taking cover among the machinery. Ace and company on the other hand were exposed in an empty section of the tunnel beneath the glare of the light towers.

ACE: Take out the lights!

BUNNY: Asta-la-vista, baby! <quotes the T-800 as she opens fire>

JESSE: AstroBat! <activates his magic staff> Lightning attack! <unleashes bursts of energy from both ends>

REYNARD: Fire in the hole!

Everyone fired their weapons at the same time exploding the light towers into fragments that flew in all directions. Now under cover of darkness, the Autobots and allies found the Decepticons easy targets against the purple glow of the test equipment. But as they advanced, they were forced to retreat from return fire.

COLIN: I think we need a distraction, diversion tactic!

ACE: <activate my Star Trek communicator> Don, now's the time for a distraction.

DON: Wilco! <answers back>

Then Sonic and Lupe's voices came over the speakers.

LUPE: Hold the phone! I have an idea.

ACE: Duh? <confused look on my face>

SALLY: Lupe, what are you talking about?

SONIC: Sal, when you get the word...get out of there as fast as you can!

SALLY: Sonic?!! <scowling frown>

ACE: <shrug and shut off communicator> Beats me...<everyone looks at me and Acorn> what are you looking at me for?

SALLY: Come on, we're getting out of here now, follow me! <starts to lead her warriors>

And at the same time...that Davis shut off his communicator wanting to know what Lupe and Sonic had in mind that is, they told him.

LUPE: We noticed a rusty train on the tracks near the former Mystic Ruins train station, we can use that as a battering ram.

SONIC: Right, send it crashing into Borf's space-drive test rig and blow it up. <grins>

DON: Of course, of course! <leers> Let's do it.

Quickly they ran back the way they came until arriving at the site. Davis climbed into the cab of the train and with his magic got the systems online in no time as Lupe and Sonic joined him.

DON: All aboard for the Autobot Express now departing nonstop for a collision course with destiny.

SONIC: <leers> Watch out Borf old buddy...<quotes Ace's famous line> here we come.

LUPE: Yeah! <also leers> Get ready for a BIG BANG.

Davis disengaged the brakes, opened the throttle and the train slowly pulled away from the station gathering speed and momentum as it rumbled along the rails in the direction towards the tunnel. As the train sped faster, Don yelled into his communicator.

DON: Ace, get out of there now! Doomsday is heading your way!

The train rounded the last bend in the tracks then Don levitated himself, Lupe and Sonic out of the cab carrying his friends to safety far enough away from what was about to happen. Now the unmanned runaway train roared headlong into the tunnel and cannon-balled full tilt into the space-drive test rig, the resulting explosion caused by the impact hurled Borf and his minions in all directions like mannequins or rag dolls as everything went up in a blinding flash of released energy! Then in a billowing cloud of dust the tunnel collapsed upon itself burying everything beneath.

TAILS: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

AMY: Wow, what just happened?

ANTOINE: Sacrableu! <shocked>

ROTOR: Holy blew up.

SALLY: Oh my! <eyes wide in disbelief>

BERGAMO: Did we just do that? <stunned>

BASIL: I don't think so...

LAVENDER: Whoa, everything's buried.

DRAGO: That was a BIG BANG all right.

CANUS: Yeah, you said it dude.


REYNARD & LOBO: Cool...<say together>

I (Ace) and fellow Autobots could only stare with mouths agape and eyes wide without saying anything. Just then however Don with Sonic and Lupe came flying into view.

DON: Hey Lucy, I'm home! <quotes Ricky Ricardo>

SONIC: We're back...

LUPE: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> Look at that.

DON: All right! <pumps fists> A direct hit, bulls-eye!

Everybody cheered and whooped pumping their fists up and down then calmed down as I congratulated my teammates.

ACE: Good job on your part in bringing down the house.

DON: No sweat, I like it when a plan comes to action. <quotes Hannibal Smith in the A-Team>

SONIC: <leers and thumbs up> Me too.

LUPE: <nods> Another victory for the Home Team.

SALLY: Well done Sonic. <kisses him> You saved the day.

SONIC: <blushes> I know it.

Laughter from everybody...then I and Acorn ordered everyone to return to New MoboTropolis to inform the king and queen the good news so to speak. Transforming into cars & trucks the Autobots carried their Mobian friends back home of course.

THE END OF CHAPTER 1 - Ready to start reading Chapter 2? Click here for Chapter 2 Part 1 of Sonic and the Transformers!

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