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Fan Fiction

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LUPE: In the end both my clan and that of Hathor's clan continue to live and work together in peace and harmony.

ACE: At least that's better than feuding between each other.

COLIN: Sort of like the HatField and McCoy feuds on our world.

LOBO: The who? <curious look>

COLIN: Skip it, you wouldn't understand anyway. <Lobo nods>

KIMBERLY: That was an excellent idea of Sally to have both the Feline and Wolf nations take turns guarding the ancient Onyx crystal.

SALLY: Aye, instead of fighting over it and deciding who has the right to use it.

SONIC: That happened a long time ago.

DON: No kidding.

JESSE: This is an interesting place you have here, learning how to live off the land and work with nature.

LOBO: <nods> We take care of the land and it supplies us with what we need in return.

FLASH: Good for you.

LUPE: That was amazing how you transformed into vehicles, we never seen anything like it before.

AERIAL: Yeah, totally awesome.

ATHENA: <nods since she cannot speak>

MARCUS: What other magic tricks can you do?

MARIA: Yes, can you show us?

We put on a magic show of sorts for our lupine hosts such as moving objects with hand gestures or mind control, levitating or hovering in the air, disappear and reappear, and so forth. Lupe and her family were awestruck by everything they witnessed and applauded when it ended.

LEETA: Cool, now that is magic.

LYCOS: You said it sis.


ACE: You're welcome. Oh, how would you like to join me and my gang as Autobot recruits?

When I said that the Pack looked shocked-surprised as did Sonic, Tails, Amy, Sally, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor. I nodded and they all got excited saying "YES!" simultaneously then whooping it up pumping their fists up and down. We laughed as did our Mobian friends before Sonic suggested we should return to MoboTropolis and inform the king of what happened so we said goodbye as the Pack again thanked us for saving their lives and looked forward to seeing us again soon enough then waved farewell as we drove away in vehicle forms back to the Mobian capital. Meanwhile inside Decepticon headquarters it was Borf contacting his boss the Grand Council Woman via hologram transmission like in Star Wars.

BORF: <kneels before his boss> Master, I have begun the task you assigned me to undertake in stealing resources.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Good, very good. I trust you will not have much trouble with Ace interfering as usual?

BORF: He will keep trying to stop me from fulfilling my destiny but I will not fail you either.

COUNCIL WOMAN: I believe you will succeed in collecting enough resources to conquer and rule the universe. However I should warn you, caution you to be wary of Tryax Kahn's own destiny of taking over as leader.

Borf nodded knowing full well Kahn's desire to replace him as Decepticon leader but also knew he was not yet ready to accept full responsibility of assuming that duty.

BORF: He is not ready, he needs much more to learn about the dark arts and how to become a leader.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Agreed, but be careful just the same if or when he tries to betray you or deceive you. Keep up the good work and keep me informed, cherrio! <her image fades away>

Borf then left his chamber to inspect repair work being done to his starship by the SwatBots, ShadowBots and ComBots nodding to himself that the machines would finish work on his vessel soon enough so he could return to the Sol system in no time. Now he went to gaze upon the Energon cubes in storage almost hypnotized by the glowing-humming colors given off so to speak but snapped out of the trance when Beerus approached him and spoke.

BEERUS: My lord, when or where do we set off for our next target?

BORF: Eggman and his droids are working on that right now as we speak, they should come up with a list of sites around this planet.

BEERUS: Of course, sir. Oh, here they come now.

EGGMAN: Lord Borf! <salutes him> Here is a list CuBot and OrBot made for you. <hands it over>

BORF: <scans through it> Hmmm...very good. <looks up and evil grin> This will suffice for now.

EGGMAN: As you wish. <inclines his head> Let the darkness grow.

BEERUS: You are proving yourself worthy as a member of our gang.

EGGMAN: Yes sir! <salutes>

Back inside the Mobian city at Castle Acorn it was Ace and Jesse making their report to Max and Alicia of the events so far.

JESSE: Although we saved the Pack from being harmed our enemy got away.

ALICIA: Sorry to hear that sir. And now the Pack agrees to work with you.

ACE: They will be trained in the magic arts and in no time will be ready to engage the dark arts.

MAX: Incredible! <excited look> What about Sally and her gang, will they be trained too?

JESSE: Yes as our apprentices too, they will study and learn the magic arts.

MAX: Excellent, can't wait to see our daughter perform magic illusions.

ALICIA: That will be fun to watch. <excited look>

Afterwards Sally came to fetch me of course asking if I would like to join her for dinner at her house and I agreed.

SALLY: This way you can show me the ways of the magic so I can learn how to master its power.

ACE: Agreed, you as my apprentice and I as your master.

At her house we had dinner by candlelight while she told about living as Princess Acorn in MoboTropolis the golden city at Castle Acorn with her father and mother, about Julian Kintobor the Overlander scientist building a robotic army to defend and protect the kingdom from invading forces, the Great War versus the Overlanders, blah-blah-blah.

SALLY: Without warning Julian betrayed my father, turned against him in a coup attempt transforming the city into RoboTropolis.

ACE: Great Scott! <quote Doc Brown>

SALLY: Me, Sonic, Tails, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor and Amy escaped into the Great Forest with help from Rosy my nanny nursemaid who helped us flee the city during the takeover where we resided within Knothole Village, thus becoming the Freedom Fighters.

ACE: What happened to your mother, Queen Acorn?

SALLY: No one knows. She probably was sent into hiding or exile by the king so she would not suffer the same fate as daddy did when Julian banished him into the Void.

ACE: Oops, not good. <quote Jack Sparrow>

Sally continued the tale...concluding with the destruction of the ultimate weapon the Doomsday Project, Ivo Robotnik fleeing to who knows where never to be seen again. As for King Acorn he escaped from the Void along with Ixis Naugus the wizard sorcerer who worked for his majesty and soon after Queen Acorn returned from exile reuniting with her husband at last.

SALLY: Then of course the rise to power of Eggman Robotnik. <glowers>

ACE: Is he working with Borf and the Decepticons? I hope not, but if the light-side tells me otherwise...

When dinner was done we sat in the living room on the couch-sofa enjoying drinks when Sally dropped a bomb so to speak by saying...

SALLY: Ace, I don't know how to say this but I think I may be having strong emotions of true love for you, although we haven't met or started to make friends.

ACE: What-the? <surprised look - she nods> You're kidding, right? <she shook her head> You're not kidding...<she nods> oh my god. <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

SALLY: Like I said we have not yet started dating each other, going steady if you know what I mean, ahem! <leers>

ACE: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Threepio in Star Wars>

The next thing I knew Sally was kissing me over and over as she pressed herself against me forcing me onto my back, clutching my wrists in her gentle grasp as she brushed her lips against mine, ran her tongue around inside my mouth then slid it halfway into my mouth gasping and moaning with eyes closed. In an instant I was atop her this time doing the same ritual as we tongue-wrestled fiercely, groaning in pleasure with Sally's hands clutching my shoulders, her legs wrapped around my waist pinning me to her body. We paused to catch our breaths then laugh in relief before resuming the game again with me kissing under Acorn's neck as she lifted her head slightly crying out in joy her eyes wide as she guided my face in her hands to kiss every inch of her person. Next she straddled my chest on her knees a leering grin on her face.

SALLY: Okay, let me show you my moves.

ACE: Go ahead, dance for me.

With that she began swaying back and forth while bouncing up and down at the same time waving her arms in the air over her head then clasping them together atop her head still leering playfully down at me while squeezing-relaxing her knees again and again. She followed that up by sliding up and down on my torso using her hands to pull herself up and her feet to slide back down gasping with each movement. Again we paused to rest and slow our heart rates to normal rhythm.

ACE: This is really getting interesting by the minute.

SALLY: I know, maybe this is my way of learning the magic arts, yes? <I nod> Cool!

ACE: And now for the grand finale...

I held Sally down as she did not resist me then gasped as I entered her being which was followed by warm-hot sensation flowing inside her making her cry out "Yes-yes! Oh-oh!" over and over again when suddenly as if being electrocuted her body convulsed-spasm and she bucked-heaved against me then clawed at my back, legs wrapped tightly around my waist with eyes clenched shut and teeth bared in snarl expression riding out the tsunami wave of pleasure into shore. Finally the feeling dissipated, went away leaving her shaking-shuddering as she fought to slow down her heart to normal beats, eyes wide and mouth half open. Sweat ran down both our naked bodies but we were too exhausted to wipe it away for the moment.

SALLY: Was that the magic you gave me?

ACE: Yes it was, although it's just the first step in your training lessons. There's a lot more to come.

SALLY: I'm willing to study and learn, master. <smiles sweetly>

ACE: In no time you will be strong within the magic arts and ready to face the dark-side.

SALLY: Yes sir. <playfully salutes me>

We shared a cool down kiss holding it long while savoring the happy moment. Finally we got up from the couch-sofa to shower off the sweat in Sally's bathroom then retired to her bedroom where we again performed the love ritual as the light-side flowed through us like a running stream or river. At last, too tired to play anymore we collapsed into deep slumber and slept the night away till the next day.

The same thing took place at Amy's house as Rose was experiencing the same ritual with Peter Quill who never stopped attacking her as she begged-pleaded for him to continue sharing his magic with her as he obliged to do so...when at last they lay in their loving arms.

AMY: Thank you for sharing your powers with me. I'm glad we are lovers.

PETER: You're welcome ma'am. From now on we shall work together and play together.

AMY: <giggles> Yes, forever...<dreamy look in her eyes> ah, true love has brought me this terran hero.

PETER: May your dreams be true for all eternity. <kisses her>

Soon she was sleeping atop his torso dreaming happy thoughts while Quill visioned wonderful times he would have with Mrs Pliko Hammer expert. In the morning at breakfast Peter told Amy stories of how he became a space smuggler and teamed up with alien beings from other planets thus becoming the Guardians of the Galaxy.

PETER: That's where it ends for now. I was forced to destroy Eco when he threatened to wipe out planets and destroy life to create new life including my world.

AMY: Oh my! <shocked look> I can't believe he caused the death of his terran wife, your mother.

PETER: Yes, Meredith passed away and I was alone. That is until I was transported into space and joined the Ravagers space pirates and Yondu.

AMY: And he became like a godfather to you, right? <Peter nods> Taught you how to pillage and plunder, he? <leers as Peter nods again>

PETER: Something like that my dear. Then he sacrificed himself to save my life from perishing after defeating Eco.

After breakfast they left Rose's house and a short jaunt brought them to Acorn's house where they entered to be greeted by Ace and Sally at breakfast.

ACE: Well look who came to see us.

SALLY: Hey there, you two look happy.

PETER: You got that right boss-lady.

SALLY: Oh yeah? <leers> So I'm your new boss, he? <Ace rolls his eyes>

AMY: <laughs then stops herself> Oops, sorry.

ACE: It's cool. <high-five slap with her> Ready to engage the enemy in battle?

SALLY: What, already? <shocked look> You think I'm ready or strong in the magic.

AMY: Me too? <looks to Ace who nods then to Peter who nods> Wow!

PETER: It's time to fulfill your destiny in saving the universe from evil.

SALLY: Well in that case I am ready if he says I am. <nods at Ace>

AMY: Me too! <leers>

ACE: Then let's go round up the troops and see what the opposition is plotting.

We left Sally's house and strolled along the streets of MoboTropolis when without warning a portal opened out of nowhere startling the four of us and through this vortex came Anti-Sally, Anti-Tails, Anti-Bunny, Anti-Rotor, Anti-Antoine, Anti-Amy.

ANTI-SALLY: Hey there, long time no see. <greets her twin counterpart>

SALLY: <frowns> Whatever...what brings you to my world?

ANTI-SALLY: Our boss wanted to find out about these magic warriors who are fighting to save Mobius.

ACE: And you are?

ANTI-SALLY: Anti-Sally Acorn at your service. <half bows to me> These are my teammates the Anti-Freedom Fighters.

PETER: The who? <surprised look>

AMY: Uh-huh...<nods> our evil counterparts from another Mobius planet.

Anti-Sally quickly briefed me and Quill of their battles against Sonic and the Freedom Fighters but were defeated each time. Anti-Sonic or King Scourge once tried occupying Freedom Headquarters with Fiona Fox as his new queen but once again was beaten by the fastest thing alive of course when his own gang turned against him.

ANTI-TAILS: Actually it was my idea to begin with since I hated being bossed around by Scourge constantly along with the others. <gestures at his friends>

ANTI-ROTOR: Aye, I'm glad he's no longer leading us.


PETER: Amazing, so who's the new boss, her or you? <gestures between Anti-Sally and Anti-Tails>

ANTI-SALLY: He is...<nods at Miles> I'm just a figure-head.

SALLY: Oh? <curious look on her face>

AMY: I didn't know that.

ANTI-SALLY: Well now you do lady. <leers at her>

ANTI-BUNNY: So you are the Autobots from another planet. <addresses me>

ACE: We are. Defenders of the universe.

ANTI-AMY: Cool...

PETER: <looks up> This is a weird movie I'm watching. Think I'll go back to the lobby and ask for a refund.

We continued on our merry way with the AFF accompanying us until joining up with Don, Flash, Colin, Jesse and Kimberly who were introduced to the AFF who did the same ritual in return. Just then Nicole appeared like a ghost as always.

NICOLE: Lupe and her family invite you to see them again.

FLASH: Awesome, we'll be there or be square.

DON: Count me in, sounds like fun.

COLIN: Bet the wolves want us to entertain them again.

NICOLE: That's what the Grand Chief asked me to have you entertain her family.

JESSE: That's what we're good at doing.

KIMBERLY: Yes sir.

PETER: Oh this is going to be fun. <quotes Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 2>

ACE: Autobots, transform and roll out.

Once again we changed into vehicles startling Anti-Sally and her gang who never seen this magic act before while Sally and Amy fought hard not to laugh out loud. Seconds later the convoy was making its way out of New MoboTropolis in the direction of the Wolf Pack Nation settlement with the AFF aboard, Tails flying his biplane and Sonic perched atop the wings.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Part 4? Click here.

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