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Fan Fiction

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At the Wolf Pack Nation settlement the Autobots began the magic lessons for Lupe and her family to master the arts and in no time the lupine warriors and overlander sisters were learning everything from levitation, disappearing-reappearing, moving objects with mind control or hand gestures, making objects appear out of thin air then vanish, etc. Lupe, Lobo, Reynard, Canus, Drago, Bergamo, Basil, Lavender, Marcus, Maria, Leeta, Lycos, Aerial and Athena were excited about how much they were learning about magic and how to use its power wisely. Once Ace, Jesse, Kimberly, Flash, Don, Colin, Star Lord believed the Pack was ready to fulfill their destiny in confronting the dark arts they congratulated Lupe and family for a job well done then entertained via Karaoke sing-along fun afterwards.

On the way back to the Mobian capital the AFF invited Ace and company to go with them to their world and meet Professor Kintobor which we accepted even though Sally, Sonic, Amy, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine, Tails had second thoughts or doubts that was a good idea but Anti-Sally assured her counterpart no harm would come to the magic warriors.

ANTI-SALLY: Besides we're just going to introduce them to our boss, nothing else.

SALLY: Well, all right, for now that is. <frowns> Just watch yourself out there. <to me>

ACE: The magic will keep me safe, boss. <salute my new girlfriend>

Then using a portable star globe transporter the AFF and Autobots passed through a vortex until arriving on another planet similar to Mobius but different in appearance. Anti-Sally led the way with her friends forming a phalanx around the terran warriors to keep them safe so to speak until stopping before a building complex.

ANTI-ROTOR: Welcome to Dr Kintobor's clinic. <gestures>

ANTI-ANTOINE: Aye, where the professor takes care of his patients.

KIMBERLY: Interesting. So this Kintobor is a Robotnik too?

ANTI-TAILS: He claims to be the father of his son Julian Kintobor who disgraced him by becoming a mad dictator.

ACE: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

ANTI-AMY: Uh-huh, but we still work for him just the same.

ANTI-BUNNY: Especially me when he saved my life from a deadly virus inside my body.

JESSE: Uh-oh...<worried look>

The main doors opened and we marched inside with Anti-Sally taking us before her boss then making introductions then we put on a magic show of our special talents which surprised-impressed Kintobor.

IVO: Wow, that is amazing. I never seen anything like that.

COLIN: Thank you sir. It's what we are good at doing when battling the dark arts of evil.

IVO: Ah, the Decepticons you revealed to me who are trying to conquer the universe.

FLASH: You got it. Only we stand firm in their way.

DON: So what do you think?

IVO: That is magic indeed, thank you for showing this to me.

KIMBERLY: You're welcome.

Then the good Robotnik gave us a tour of his clinic explaining how he helped the Mobian people of this planet who were constantly being harassed-bullied-intimidated by the AFF and kept them out of his complex by means of force field barrier less they break in and steal something of course. But now with Anti-Sonic out of the big picture that is it was Anti-Sally and gang offering to work for Kintobor so they could redeem themselves in a matter of speaking.

IVO: Since then they have proven themselves honorable-worthy assistants, always ready whenever I need their help.

ANTI-TAILS: Right, a lot better than fighting against him.

ANTI-AMY: Uh-huh...

JESSE: Good for you lady. <fist bumps her and Anti-Tails>

ACE: I bet you're happy your so-called boyfriend is out of your hair. <to Anti-Sally>

ANTI-SALLY: <leers> Exactly, I could not stand his bossing me around all the time, giving me orders rather than I doing that honor myself.

KIMBERLY: You mentioned something about the vixen in black?

ANTI-SALLY: Oh! <rolls her eyes and glowers> Fiona Fox, yes. She became Scourge's new girlfriend and 2nd in Command when he returned unexpectedly and resumed leadership of the AFF. Not only that, but he proclaimed himself king making Fiona his queen too!

FLASH: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown>

ANTI-TAILS: Uh-huh...<nods and glowers>

We listened to the AFF talk about becoming the Suppression Squad under Scourge's leadership as usual then with Fiona leading the way launched a surprise attack against their good counterparts invading their headquarters base and battling them in fierce combat. Of how Sally, Sonic and gang were forced to retreat momentarily abandoning their fortress to the bullies of course, then of Anti-Tails plotting to turn against his so-called king to get rid of him once and for all, blah-blah-blah.

ANTI-TAILS: Now that he's gone for good things have returned to normal as usual.

ANTI-BUNNY: Indeed they have.

DON: I'm glad to hear that, well done. <gives thumbs up>

FLASH: Yeah, good job too.

ANTI-ANTOINE: Thank you sir. <half bows>

ANTI-ROTOR: Good luck in destroying the Decepticons to save the universe.

IVO: Yes, the fate of both our worlds are in your magic hands.

ACE: No sweat, thanks for the tour and everything...maybe we'll come again for another visit, who knows?

That made the AFF get excited! Then Dr Kintobor used his Star Post transporter to send the Autobots back to Mobius Prime that is...and in short order we were back in New MoboTropolis once again.

JESSE: Well that was fun, wasn't it?

COLIN: It sure was fun. Now we know about the AFF and that they are no longer waging war against the Freedom Fighters.

KIMBERLY: Looks like our friends went their own ways. Oh well, we can find them in no time.

I (Ace) nodded then we walked through Main Street exploring the many shops, stores, restaurants and chatting with Mobian citizens along the way. Nicole made her appearance as always.

NICOLE: Good to see you back again. SkyNet and I are keeping watch on Borf and his horde in case they make another hit.

ACE: Good job, both of you. <she nods> We'll be ready to intercept them anytime.

Then without warning it was SkyNet alerting me the Decepticons were on the move heading for another city to steal its resources called Station Square.

SKYNET: I do not know the coordinates to get there but good luck in stopping them sir. <then signs off>

NICOLE: Wait, here's the directions to get to the city. <displays them for us>

KIMBERLY: Thanks, you're a big help. <Nicole smiles and blushes then fades away>

ACE: Autobots, transform and roll out!

Once again we changed into cars and trucks with me morphing into the Western Star 5700 Phantom semi when at that same moment here comes Sonic running top speed with Sally in his arms.

SONIC: Hold up! We'll help you as always.

SALLY: Right, don't want to miss out on the fun.

ACE: <open both doors> All aboard for the Ace Express!

Laughing they climb into the cab and buckle their seat belts then I accelerate full speed leading my gang out of MoboTropolis with Amy, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine onboard Jesse's Camaro form and Tails as usual flying his Blue Tornado biplane. Meanwhile the grays were rapidly approaching the metropolis populated by both Mobian and Overlander citizens. Borf had ordered his warriors not to harm the people but frighten them away if they try to interfere then began the attack. Although the SSPD (Station Square Police Department) attempted to repel the invaders they were forced to pull back, retreat from the dark powers unleashed against them.

BORF: Onward Decepticons, let's find us some resources to steal!

GANTU: Yes my lord.

BEERUS: How about there? <points out a target to his leader> That should suffice.

BORF: Excellent...proceed with the assault.

BEERUS: By your command!

MEGAMIND: Let's get this over with and be gone before you-know-who shows up to stop us.

TRYAX: Yeah, the Autobots that is.

GARY: They probably don't even know where this city is anyway.

SCORCH: Serves them right, those losers.

BORF: Enough chit-chat, there's work to do!

With that the forces of evil began the process of preparing the Energon cubes as Beerus conjured forth the containers out of thin air which were then filled with resources then pressed down into humming-glowing cubes of energy. Just at that exact same moment...the Autobots burst onto the scene with their Mobian allies ready to fight.

ACE: There they are! <semi form> Good grief <quotes Charlie Brown> they're stealing again.

SONIC: Ah, nuts. <glowers>

SALLY: <glares> Oooooooh...<fists clenched> let's take them on!

ACE: <pops open both doors> All ashore, it's rumble time. <Sonic and Sally jump out of the cab> Autobots, transform! <I change back to normal form>

At those magic words Jesse, Kimberly, Don, Flash, Colin, Star Lord changed back to their normal forms too arming their laser guns as Amy readied her magic hammer, Antoine with his sword drawn, Bunny powering up her robotic forearm cannon like the Terminator, etc. Unfortunately the opposition spotted them.

BORF: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> Not there anywhere I can be rid of you?!!

ACE: Sorry...<shrugs> thou shall not steal. <quotes one of the Ten Commandments>

SALLY: I won't let you harm those Mobian-Overlander people or steal their energy! <glares>

BORF: Really...I like to see you try and take me on, redhead. <sneers at her> Go ahead, ladies first. <gestures>

SALLY: Ooooooooh...<snarl expression on her face>

ACE: Wait! <firm hand on her shoulder> He's trying to seduce you to give into your anger, do not allow that to happen. Remember your lessons.

SALLY: Right! <nods>

BORF: What's wrong, still don't believe you can engage me in battle, hmmm?

SONIC: Oh, I'll give you a battle all right. <sneers>

All of a sudden he changed into a spinning blue ball and hurtled straight at the Decepticon leader who exclaimed "What?!!" with eyes wide at first but easily blocked the assault executing a force shove to throw him away sending Sonic spinning into the air briefly.

BORF: <laughs> Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Missed me.

SONIC: Guess again...sucker!

BORF: Huh! <glowers>

He came spinning back down colliding head-on into Borf knocking him off-balance that he wind-milled his arms wildly but went down onto his back momentarily stunned. His warriors gasped in surprise at seeing this attack on their boss but before they could respond it was Amy Rose charging in swinging her hammer like Thor.

AMY: Bashing time!

She connected solidly toppling the Supernova brothers off their boots then sent MegaMind sprawling onto his face. Beerus and Gantu attempted to strike back but were engaged by Mr and Mrs DeCoolette instead.

ANTOINE: Have at thee! <attacks with his sword>

BUNNY: Prepare to be terminated. <quotes the T-800>

GANTU: Ha, you're no match for me. <sneers with arms folded>

BUNNY: Is that so? <leers back> We'll see who falls first.

BEERUS: I'll take you apart piece by piece.

ANTOINE: Bring it on, I'm ready for you. <sets himself>

Beerus ignited a glowing laser-sword that startled Antoine then lashed out as the swords expert tried parrying the attack but suddenly his blade were severed cleanly as the laser sword cut through his weapon like a hot knife through butter, Antoine gasped in alarm staring at the broken hilt then at Beerus who shrugged then sneered and aimed his sword.

BEERUS: Oh dear, looks like I broke your sword. Any last words?

BUNNY: No! <opens fire> Don't you harm my husband!

She fired upon the bodyguard to Borf who parried the shots easily then reached out with a hand lifting the cyborg off her feet into the air trapping Bunny in the dark arts as she fought to break free from its grip.

ANTOINE: Let her go! <anger on his face>

GANTU: No way, let her have it.

ANTOINE: Bunny! <horror on his face as he rushes to save her>

Suddenly he was slammed by a surge of dark magic sending him crashing face-first to the ground unconscious as Bunny gasped in terror seeing her husband get assaulted while trying to escape the forces holding her firmly then gasped as unseen hands closed around her neck as Beerus used a force-choke on her.

BEERUS: You're no match for the power of the dark-side. <sneers>

Suddenly he was struck by a staff wielded by Jesse Dart as the cyborg Autobot came to the rescue.

JESSE: Not so fast! No one does that to another cyborg like me. <goes to help her> You okay?

BUNNY: Yeah, thanks for saving my life. <then horror in her eyes> Honey! <runs to her husband>

JESSE: Holy s***! <goes to assist her>

Amy seeing this got angry and KO'd Gantu when he started laughing at seeing Bunny being tortured after he knocked out Antoine. She glared down at him.

AMY: I'll give you something to laugh about! <levels her hammer>

TAILS: All right! <calls down from the Blue Tornado> He's down and out for the 10-count.

AMY: Yeah! <gives a thumbs up>

Only Tryax was still standing as he faced off against Sally wielding his light-saber.

TRYAX: Let's see how good you really are against me. Who knows, perhaps you could be my 2nd in Command and together we would rule the universe.

SALLY: <leers> Sorry, I do not serve the dark arts. <ignites her light-saber> The light-side is strong within me.

TRYAX: Then prove it, redhead. <attacks her>

SALLY: Let the light shine! <meets him head-on>

They clashed in light-saber combat trading death blows back and forth as the others looked on in shock disbelief.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Part 5? Click here to read it!

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