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Fan Fiction

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EGGMAN: It'll be an honor to help you in your cause to rule the universe. My empire is at your command.

BORF: Thank you sir. I'm sure my boss the Council Woman will reward you well.

EGGMAN: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! <evil laugh> I like the sound of that already.

BEERUS: Figured you would say that. <evil grin>

BORF: So this planet contains resources I need to fulfill my destiny.

EGGMAN: Exactly, plenty of target locations to choose from so to speak.

BEERUS: I'll contact the boss and inform her the status report.

BORF: <nods> Excellent, I'll be in my chamber to await her transmission.

The Decepticon leader entered his quarters so to speak then both he and Beerus kneeled with heads lowered in respect as the holographic vision of the Grand Council Woman appeared like a ghost.

COUNCIL WOMAN: So the mission proceeds as I instructed you to carry out?

BORF: Yes, master. I shall begin stealing resources from this unknown planet.

BEERUS: Nothing will dare stand in our way of conquest.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Good, I look forward to hearing from you whenever you complete your tasks so you can update me as usual.

BORF: As you wish.

COUNCIL WOMAN: <nods> May the dark-side be with you my friend, always. <then her images vanishes>

Moments later the forces of evil made preparations to commence Operation Energy Steal with Eggman offering the usage of his robotic soldiers the SwatBots (Sonic SatAM), the ComBots and ShadowBots (Archie Sonic Comics) as backup should Borf require their aid or not. In seconds they were taking off from Robotnik's fortress within the nightmare machine-city known as RoboTropolis the one-time golden city MoboTropolis that was taken over by Julian "Ivo" Robotnik and transformed into his empire. Their destination or first target the homeland colony of the Wolf Pack Nation!

Meanwhile the Autobots were touring New MoboTropolis with Sally and Nicole the holographic Mobian program disguised as a normal looking female lynx as they pointed out the sights around their city.

NICOLE: And that concludes the grand tour.

DON: Wow, a lot like cities on our world back home.

KIMBERLY: Except we don't have anthropomorphic people living alongside terran people.

SALLY: Oh dear, that's not good.

NICOLE: What do you think?

JESSE: Nice looking, I mean it. <Nicole beams proudly>

FLASH: Yes, and we'll protect this city from being conquered by the grays.

SALLY: <leers> And you'll have full support of my Freedom Fighters as backup.

ACE: <also leers> Together we can save the universe from evil.

Just then of course SkyNet (Terminator films) alerted me (Ace) that my adversary was on the move.

SKYNET: The Decepticons are heading towards a colony settlement to steal resources. <Nicole and Sally stare in horror>

ACE: Great Scott! <I quote Doc Brown> We're on our way.

SKYNET: Good luck and may the magic be with you. <signs off>

NICOLE: Teach those grays a lesson that it's wrong to steal. <glowers then vanishes>

COLIN: Don't know if I'll ever get used to seeing that.

SALLY: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> Lupe and her family don't stand a chance against them. I can take you there, I know the way. <glares>

ACE: <nods> Roger, boss-lady. <to my comrades> Autobots, transform!

As one we changed into cars and trucks with I morphing into PeterBilt 379 and Sally vaulting into the cab of the semi buckling her safety restraints then we accelerated out of MoboTropolis to head off our enemy with Amy Rose hitching a ride inside the Corvette form of Don, Bunny and her husband Antoine inside the TopKick form of Colin, Tails inside the Camaro form of Jesse, etc...while Sonic ran ahead top speed in the hopes of warning the Wolf Pack Nation of incoming danger. Meanwhile the Decepticons were rapidly approaching the settlement.

BORF: <Cybertronian jet form> Remember, do not engage the lupine warriors in battle unless necessary if they try to interfere, we must not harm them with our powers.

BEERUS: <Fulcrum jet form> Affirmative, my lord.

TRYAX: <Raptor jet form> By your command!

BORF: We are only here to steal resources and nothing else. Let the darkness grow.

GANTU: <Police cruiser form> Oh this is going to be fun. <quotes Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 2>

MEGAMIND: <Cobra copter form> Yeah...

GARY: <Audi form> That must be it directly ahead of us.

SCORCH: <Tow truck form> Looks like no one's home to welcome us.

BORF: Very funny...Decepticons, prepare to attack!

But just then something caught Borf's attention as a speeding blue figure shot beneath him then ahead of him heading for the settlement.

BORF: He, who's that? <scowls in jet form>

BEERUS: Where did he come from? <also scowls in jet form>

Sonic skidded to a stop before the main temple house of Grand Chief Lupe and her family and shouted up towards the structure hoping to get the attention of the Pack leader.

SONIC: Lupe, Lobo! Incoming invaders about to attack your home!

LOBO: What? <pokes his head out carved window>

LUPE: Who's attacking us? <head emerges next>

SONIC: Better stay out of the way or you'll be harmed. <looks over his shoulder> Uh-oh...they're here.

LUPE & LOBO: Huuuuuuuh! <gasp like Doc Brown with eyes wide>

What Lupe and her husband saw were strange looking machines that fly and travel on land racing towards them then opening fire with laser bolts streaking through the air. Canus the bodyguard, Lycos and Leeta the twin sisters of Lupe, Reynard the 2nd in Command, Drago the older brother of Lupe, Bergamo-Basil-Lavender (DragonBall Super) known as the Dangerous Trio rushed outside to repel the assault despite Sonic's warnings not to engage the grays and came under fire themselves even though they attempted to fight back but were easily overpowered then forced to retreat to safety. Lobo and his wife stared in shock alarm as Borf and his minions changed to their normal selves then began stealing resources to be filled inside containers conjured by Beerus out of thin air then pressed down into glowing-humming Energon cubes.

LOBO: What in the universe are they doing?

LUPE: My goodness!

SONIC: <glares> Great, where are the Autobots? <then spots familiar vehicles> Ah-ha, here they come.

Sure enough the heroes of Earth were fast approaching the settlement only to discover their rivals were already attacking.

FLASH: Oh no, they're stealing resources.

AMY: No way! <shocked look> They can't do that.

DON: They can do whatever they want, like schoolyard bullies of our world.

BUNNY: <glares> Well, we'll stop them before they harm the Pack.

ANTOINE: Aye, no one does that to the Pack.

JESSE: Boss...

ACE: Autobots, transform and engage the enemy in battle.

SALLY: Right! I'll go help Lupe and Lobo, let me out! <I put on my brakes - pop open driver's door>

She jumped skillfully to the ground then hurried towards the temple house noticing Sonic was there protecting Lobo and Lupe who were watching with faces frozen in fear.

SALLY: Lobo, Lupe! <bursts into their house> Are you all right?

LUPE: What's going on here, who are those creatures?

LOBO: What do they want with us!

SONIC: It's cool, our new friends with magic powers will stop them.


SALLY: Just watch and see for yourselves. <gestures towards carved window>

At that same time the Decepticons finished the last Energon cube and now stood gazing at the glowing-humming containers with Tryax thinking the mission was a success got excited.

TRYAX: We did it, we did it Borf! The energy is ours, we can go back to Earth.

BORF: <scolds him> You fool, Tryax. This is but a small fraction of the energy we need. We must suck this planet dry.

Then Kahn sensed another presence behind him and that of his leader, turned to see who it was and gasped!

TRYAX: It's the Autobots!

BORF: No! <eyes wide in shock then anger> Decepticons, destroy them!

ACE: I don't think so Borf old buddy. <hands on hips> It's wrong to steal or harm innocent life on this world.

Borf responded by firing the Infanto Ray gun at me hoping to shrink Ace back into his boyhood self Dexter once again as he did in the laser-disc animated video game story-line but I conjured forth a glowing shield of light-magic repelling the deadly beam away from my person then shot back with my laser pistol yet Borf blocked the bolts with his dark-magic shield in return. Now both leaders faced off.

BORF: Don't interfere Ace.

ACE: Give it up Borf.

BORF: The universe is mine.

All around them their comrades engaged in martial arts fighting of karate-kung fu-wushu-kenpo-shorinryu-taekwondo-jujitsu and so forth with Amy wielding her magic hammer, Bunny using her robotic arm & legs as weapons, Antoine wielding his sword like a skilled expert, etc. All the while the Pack looked on in stun disbelief.

REYNARD: Whoa, look at them go.

CANUS: I never seen that kind of fighting before.

DRAGO: Those humans must be trying to protect us from those grays.

LEETA: Yeah, looks that way.

LYCOS: Uh-oh, those aliens are getting away taking those strange looking cubes with them.

BERGAMO: Where are they flying away to?

LAVENDER & BASIL: Beats us...<say together>

They watched as Borf and his horde disappeared into the far horizon taking the Energon cubes back to their hidden base. Once they were gone Lupe and her husband came forth to thank the magic terran warriors for saving their lives and their home from being destroyed.

LOBO: I don't know who you are but you saved us, we thank you.

ACE: No sweat. We are magic humans from another planet far away in outer space. <point into the sky>

LUPE: Who are you?

KIMBERLY: We are the Autobots of the planet Earth. Those who attacked you are called Decepticons.

ACE: We must stop them before they conquer your world.

LOBO: Holy s***! <swears momentarily>

LUPE: <glares> How dare they...

KIMBERLY: Borf plans on getting his hands on all the energy he can possess then use it to rule the universe forever.

SONIC: That's about it. <shrugs>

SALLY: <glares as she looks into the sky> Ooooooooh...they better not come back, OR ELSE! <fists clenched>

LOBO: Thank you again for saving our home, Autobots of Earth. I am Lobo the pack leader and this is my wife Lupe.

LUPE: I am the Grand Chief of the Wolf Pack Nation. <gestures proudly with outstretched arms>

ACE: It's an honor to meet you ma'am, sir. <shake their hands>

KIMBERLY: <does the same> This is Ace, our leader of the Autobots <I nod> I am Kimberly, chief medical officer. The doctor is in to schedule an appointment so to speak.

That made Tails, Amy, Bunny, Antoine giggle-chuckle...

JESSE: Jesse Dart at your service! <half bows> Cyborg warrior and 2nd in Command to Ace.

FLASH: Flash Gordon's my name, older brother to Ace and skilled bounty-hunter.

LUPE: Oh? <surprised look> You are his brother? <looks to Flash who nods then to Ace who nods> Oh my...

DON: I'm Don Davis, swords expert with my magic sword. <displays his weapon proudly>

ANTOINE: <leers> He's not the only one who knows how to sword fight...

COLIN: Colin Kintobor, military strategist.

STAR LORD: They call me Star Lord, space smuggler of the universe but my real name is Peter Quill.

LOBO: Pleased to meet you.

LUPE: Yes, welcome to our humble home terran warriors. Let us show you around.

They did just that giving a grand tour of the settlement explaining about their first original colony that was attacked by Ivo Robotnik's machines and forced to flee for their lives while some of their kind were captured and robotized into slave drones, how they first met Sally and Sonic and formed a partnership alliance with the Freedom Fighters to destroy Ivo's empire, located this new region and rebuilt their colony again.

TO BE CONTINUED... Click here to read part 3 now!

Note: By using your imagination pretend this resembles a make believe Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic issue...also, I "Scott Oliverson" portray the character Ace from the laser-disc video game and comic book series "Don Bluth Presents Space Ace Comics"

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