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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - CHAPTER 3 PART 4 - EPISODE 3. Missed the Penultimate part of Episode 3? Click here.

Inside Freedom Headquarters alarms sounded as Nicole and SkyNet sensed enemy forces approaching. It was the Decepticons as usual.

JAMES: Great, here comes trouble.

JESSE: Without our leader I doubt we can stand up against them.

OMAR: No way! Dad would want us to go for it, no matter what the odds against us.

ANGEL: Yes, Mom would do the same thing too! Let's take them on, show them who's boss.

JESSE DART: Roger! <thumbs up> Time for another rumble with Tryax Kahn as always, Astro-Bat! <deploys his magic staff>

KIMBERLY: MewTwo and I'll keep watch over your parents. <to Omar and Angel who nod>

MEWTWO: Good luck, may the magic protect you.

Then it was Team Rocket, Jesse Dart, Angel, Omar, Sonic, Tails, Antoine, Bunny rushing out of home base to confront the enemy.

SONIC: Can you get a fix on the enemy's location?

TAILS: Uh-oh, here they come. <points into the sky>

SONIC: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

OMAR: Let them have it! <opens fire>

ANGEL: Let the light shine! <she too fires away>

TEAM ROCKET: Surrender now! <Jesse> Or prepare to fight! <James>

BUNNY: Prepare to be terminated! <quotes the Terminator>

ANTOINE: En guard! <draws his sword>

BORF: Take no prisoners or hostages, destroy them all! <blasts away with fusion cannon>

EGGMAN: YeeHaaw! <shouts the Dukes of Hazzard yell>

Although the Mobians and terran warriors valiantly stood their ground against the grays they were easily overwhelmed in the end. That's when Colin, Flash, Don, Star-Lord, Amy, Hope, Fiona came into view in time to witness the rumble commencing.

DON: Jumping giggawatts! <quotes Doc Brown> Our friends need us! <draws his magic sword>

COLIN: Roger that, let's go!

FLASH: Right behind you. <follows him>

STAR LORD: Amy, Hope. Come with me to HQ, our leaders need first aid.

AMY & HOPE: Right! <say together and follow him>

FIONA: <bangs fists together and leers> Let me at them!

She, Colin, Flash and Don rushed to the aid of their teammates in an attempt to beat back the Decepticons while Amy, Hope and Star Lord burst into Freedom HQ startling Oaks, Wily, Kimberly, MewTwo and Nicole.

NICOLE: Goodness, you're back.

KIMBERLY: You got it?

HOPE: Here it is. <hands over the kit>

KIMBERLY: Excellent, good job.

MEWTWO: Now to start saving lives.

OAKS: I volunteer to save Ace's life.

WILY: And I for Sally's life.

The scientists lay on bio-beds and the IV needles inserted into the veins on their forearms then began opening and closing fists again and again as the blood flowed through tubing into the blood bag attached to the rack until it was full so to speak, then the same IV needles were inserted into the forearms of Ace and Sally and the reverse process began with the blood exiting the bag, through the tubes then passing through the needles into the veins until empty. After Kimberly dismantled the equipment everyone watched and waited...when Ace and Sally began to stir and open their eyes.

SALLY: What happened, am I dead?

NICOLE: Negative, your life has been saved by Professor Albert. <Wily nods>

SALLY: Thank you sir. <smiles>

WILY: Certainly, the honor was mine.

ACE: Feels good to be at full health again, thanks Professor.

OAKS: You're welcome sir.

KIMBERLY: Okay, ready to beat up the grays as usual?

ACE: No sweat, let me at them.

SALLY: <glares> Me too, I want payback.

Amy-Hope-MewTwo-Star Lord whoop it up then follow the leaders out of HQ where they see their friends sprawled on the ground and the opposition gloating-taunting them including Borf of course.

BORF: We are victorious. Is there anybody foolish or stupid to challenge me?

ACE: There is one, Borf old buddy. I, Ace challenge you.

SALLY: Me too, Borf! We may be down but not out for the 10-count.

Borf looked shocked at seeing his adversary on his feet again as did his comrades who were also shocked. Robotnik chose that moment to make his exit.

EGGMAN: I think I'll be going now, if you'll excuse me. <flies away on EggMobile>

TRYAX: They accepted the challenge, leader. <mocks Borf> The battle code requires you two engage in combat, alone.

ACE: So you think you have what it takes to defeat me? <ignite my green light-saber> Let's see what you got.

SALLY: <ignites her blue light-saber> Aye, if you dare.

BORF: So be it...I'll easily defeat both of you in no time. <ignites his red light-saber>

He then attacked us but we parried his blows easily then attacked back forcing him to block our blows as everyone watched. Borf tried using force shoves and occasional energy bolts to disorient-distract us in his attempt to strike us down but Sally and Ace were too smart to allow him a easy victory. At one point he tried calling out to his 2nd in Command for assistance.

BORF: I need assistance, my powers are failing.

TRYAX: <sneers> Oh, really. If you think you cannot fight your opponent yourself, you are not fit to be our leader, I am the only suitable leader anyway.

That made Borf mad as hell so to speak as he resumed his assault against his rivals but it was his undoing in the end as his anger clouded his mind and he was taken down by Sally as she knocked his saber out of his hands followed up by a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick by Ace dropping him onto his back where he lay helpless and defeated. Both of us leveled our sabers in his face.

SALLY: Do you yield!

BORF: Yes, I yield for now.

ACE: Then I spare your life from death. <shut off my saber>

TRYAX: Retreat! <calls to his warriors> And take our leader back to sickbay.

One by one the Decepticons flew away as the Freedom Fighters and Autobots cheered in triumph. Hope, her father and uncle watched them depart.

OAKS: I guess that takes care of those grays for the moment.

WILY: Me too, I hate those bullies. <angry look on his face>

HOPE: They'll be back, I just know it. They'll be back.

ACE: Agreed, they will show up again for another confrontation with us.

SALLY: And we'll be ready for them.


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