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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS EPISODE 4, CH1 PART 1. Missed the conclusion to Episode 3? Click here.

Once again things were quiet and normal in New MoboTropolis and surrounding cities and towns alike. Another triumphant victory over the forces of evil by the Autobots and Freedom Fighters as they thwarted yet another attempt against their lives at the evil hands of their enemy the Decepticons. Yet however, Borf and his horde were not about to throw in the towel so to speak...they wanted payback and vengeance!

One morning at Castle Acorn home to King and Queen Acorn it was Max and Alicia waking up to discover a shocking scene outside their window.

ALICIA: Oh my, what is this?

MAX: Good heavens, it's snowing?

Sure enough there was white stuff everywhere on the ground covering all parts of the palace even though the sun was out.

MAX: It couldn't have been snowing last night, there was no reports of snow-storms.

ALICIA: <confused> I don't understand, dear. You don't think or suppose...<starts to say now looking worried>

MAX: I hope not...<frowns or scowls> this cannot be another of Borf's dark magic to scare or frighten us.

The king went immediately to the guest bedroom where Ace and Sally were sleeping and woke us up, apologized for the intrusion then had us look out the window.

SALLY: What-the? <startled look on her face>

ACE: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown>

MAX: I know, my wife and I saw the same thing too. <then to Ace> I don't know if the dark arts are the cause of this.

Ace reached out through the magic but after a second or two spoke.

ACE: Negative, I did not sense the dark-side at the moment. Yet one cannot underestimate the power of magic, both light and dark.

MAX: <nods> What if this is one of Borf's schemes against us?

ACE: We will know soon enough. <the king nods again>

SALLY: Hey, check that out. <points out the window - Max and Ace look for themselves>

Outside in the snow the Autobots of Kimberly, Don Davis, Star Lord, Colin, Flash Gordon, Team Rocket, Jesse Dart, the twins Omar and Angel, and the Freedom Fighters Sonic, Tails, Amy, Fiona, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor were having a ball that is throwing snowballs at each other, laughing and giggling like crazy.

MAX: I say, they're having fun. <grins or smirks> Reminds me of when I used to do that as a young boy long ago.

SALLY: Oh, you did? <her father nods>

ACE: Careful out there...<speak to my friends through the magic> do not...

MAX: Look out! <shouts a warning>

SALLY: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> Ace, get out of the way!

Before I could reply or react to my wife's shout or that of the king I was hit in the face with snowballs causing me to stagger off-balance away from the window then fall onto my ass and backside gasping in surprise from the impact. Max and Sally gasped then as they yelled down at the FF and Autobots they too got splat with snowballs. Wiping snow out of her face and hair, Sally glared angrily.

SALLY: Oh, so you want to play rough, he? <vaults out the window> I'll show all of you.

MAX: Me too! <follows his daughter outside>

With that father and daughter began throwing snowballs back at Kimmy, Don, Flash, Star Lord, Colin, James, Jesse, Jesse Dart, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine and Fiona who shot back with their ammo in a matter of speaking until I joined the fray myself getting involved in the snow-war of course. Finally we stopped playing snowball-wars, all laughing and joking about.

BUNNY: I can't believe I'm doing this right now.

ANTOINE: Same thing, honey. Snowball fights in Summer.

ROTOR: What kind of weather problems are we having?

TAILS: Beats me. <shrugs> I've never seen anything like it before.

SONIC: Sorry if I let you have it. <apologizes to Sally>

SALLY: No sweat, I'm certain you did not mean to do that intentionally. <leers>

AMY: It was an accident of course.

FIONA: This is strange, this is not supposed to be winter right now. <frowns> It's supposed to be Summertime.

JESSE DART: You got that right lady in black.

FLASH: We better check in with SkyNet and Nicole at headquarters and see what they can find.

COLIN: Right, get to the bottom of this mystery.

DON: <throws up his hands> Here we go again.

KIMBERLY: You got that right.

TEAM ROCKET: Uh-huh...<say together>

MAX: Good luck in solving this mystery, I know I can count on you to save the day.

ACE: Yes sir. <salute the king - he returns the gesture>

Inside Freedom Headquarters Ace instructed SkyNet and Nicole to begin scanning the entire planet to find out what was causing this freak form of nature.

SKYNET: Temperatures falling rapidly, almost to freezing levels.

NICOLE: Affirmative, entire planet is suffering a cold wave.

ACE: The heat energy from the planet's core is somehow being drained away.

SONIC: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

OMAR: The Decepticons, I bet they are behind all of this.

ANGEL: Yeah, those no good bullies.

SALLY: <frowns> I wonder what they're cooking up this time.

Somewhere near the North Polar Caps on the planet activity was taking place at the moment. Borf, Eggman, the Decepticons Tryax, Gary, Scorch, Gantu, Beerus, MegaMind, Crystal, Amber, SwatBots, ComBots, ShadowBots were busy pumping heat out of the planet's core to be converted into Energon cubes as usual.

TRYAX: Everything is going according to plan, Borf. Locating the polar caps was the hard part but pumping the heat out is easier than we thought it would be.

BORF: And we shall have enough Energon cubes in our possession to dominate the universe.

EGGMAN: Of course my lord.

Not far away inside a ice cave was Gantu the security officer watching Scorch Supernova pound away on ice walls as if getting in shape.

GANTU: Problems, Scorch? Is the big bad ice too tough for you?

SCORCH: Nothing's too tough for me that I cannot handle. <glowers>

He landed a powerful two-fisted blow that caused tremors to shake the cavern, making Gantu lose his balance and fall onto his ass crying out in surprise. In the next instant a wave of snow and ice came rushing through the passageway as Scorch took off running shouting.

SCORCH: Run for it!

GANTU: Holy s***! <curses in shock>

Both managed to get to high ground to avoid being buried by the brief slide then looked back only to see something protruding through the snow pack.

SCORCH: What's that?

GANTU: Something's frozen.

TRYAX: <enters> What are you two standing around for, there's work to do.

SCORCH: We, we found something. <excited>

Then Borf, Eggman, Beerus, Gary, MegaMind, Amber and Crystal entered wondering what the commotion was about.

GARY: What-the, hey! <surprised look>

MEGAMIND: Who's that creature?

BEERUS: Where did it come from?

BORF: Tryax, I want a closer look.

TRYAX: You shall have it, my lord.

Kahn used the magic of the dark arts to melt away the ice encasing the unknown being as the others watched in wonder and awe.

EGGMAN: It looks like a dragon. <frowns> Don't know who it is or where it came from.

BORF: Yes, whether it's a male or female species...he-she will make an excellent Decepticon. <sneers>

At the same time inside Freedom HQ...

NICOLE: Unknown activity at the North Polar Caps.

SKYNET: Affirmative, I sense the dark-side in the vicinity too.

ACE: <scowls> Borf is at it again, no doubt about it.

SALLY: <also scowls> If we don't stop him and his horde, Mobius is doomed. Autobots, transform and roll out! <gives the magic words>

In the next instant a convoy of cars and trucks led by two semis without trailers rumbled along the roads.

OMAR: <Hudson Hornet form> Artic Circle, here we come.

ANGEL: <Plymouth Fury form> And another confrontation with the dark-side.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Part 2? Click here.

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