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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - CHAPTER 3 PART 3 OF EPISODE 3. Missed the second part of Chapter 3? click here.

The Autobots with Amy and Fiona materialized on the other side of the portal surprising the Grand Council Woman and her son!

COUNCIL WOMAN: Autobots?!! Where did they come from.

MEGAMIND: What the h***?!!

The Galactic Federation ruler struck out with force lightning that was blocked by Colin and Flash shielding Amy and Fiona who were shocked at being assaulted by this female gray.

MEGAMIND: Prepare to be destroyed, terran fools. <unleashes his dark magic>

STAR LORD: I don't think so, neighborhood bully. <retaliates with his light magic>

AMY: Leave him alone, get away from him! <angrily attacks with her hammer>

MEGAMIND: What?!! <caught off guard momentarily>

Rose swung her hammer like Ted Williams the greatest baseball hitter of all time KOing the super genius who staggered off-balance and fell to the floor as his mother gasped then retaliated.

COUNCIL WOMAN: How dare you attack my son! Taste my magic! <hurls force lightning at Rose>

AMY: No way! <blocks the bolts with her hammer>

STAR LORD: Way to go, Amy. Time to cool down, ma'am. <fires bursts from his blasters>

Instantly ice beams struck the Federation ruler that hardened, immobilizing the Council Woman in seconds.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Ugh, can't move...I'm stuck!

FLASH: See you later misses, got to run.

COLIN: Yeah, sore loser. <flips her off>

FIONA: Asta-la-vista, baby. <leers and quotes the Terminator>

DON: I'll be back. <also quotes the Terminator>

Immediately they rushed out of the Federation headquarters en route to Autobot headquarters somewhere within Metro City (fictional metropolis in Disney PIXAR The Incredibles & The Incredibles 2) to pick up the first aid blood transfusion kits Kimberly needed to draw blood from volunteers to save the lives of Ace and Sally. Unfortunately the Council Woman contacted Borf telling him of being assaulted by four Autobots who attacked her and her son then got away.

COUNCIL WOMAN: I will not have my honor insulted like this, I demand they be punished! <angry look>

BORF: Yes, master. Leave that to me, I will take care of it. <then signs off>

The Decepticon leader sent forth Hunter Killer Aerial aircraft and Hunter Killer tanks to dispose of the intruders as the robot machines flew off, rolled off so to speak. Meanwhile the Autobots and FF stood outside the fortress main doors.

DON: Unfortunately I don't know the password code to unlock the door,'s up to you genius. <to Hope>

HOPE: <nods> Aye-aye, let's get cracking.

The daughter of Agnes and Charles and niece of Albert began typing in various number and letter combinations and just like that, a green light illuminated on the keypad and the door slid open.

AMY: You did it!

FIONA: Way to go!

HOPE: Told you I would crack the code. <they high-five slap>

COLIN: Now to find Kimmy's sickbay and collect the first aid kits.

FLASH: Right behind you dude.

DON: I got your 6:00 covered.

STAR LORD: Me too.

They entered the empty-silent fortress and in seconds arrived at sickbay where after scrounging through cabinets, drawers and so forth...Colin located the plastic box with red cross on the top.

COLIN: That was fast enough.

DON: <dismantles IV rack> We'll need this to hold the blood bags when performing the transfusion.

FIONA: What's that used for? <curious frown>

DON: Whoever donates blood to save Ace and Sally's life, it will be transferred into bags that are connected to this rack. <Fiona nods> Then when the bag is full, intravenous needles are inserted into the forearms of Sally and Ace so the blood then exits the bag through the tubing, passing through the needle into the veins like so.

AMY: Oh, like that? <Don nods>

FLASH: Now to get this back to Ace on the double, let's roll!

STAR LORD: I'll take the lead. <heads out the door>

HOPE: I got your 6:00 covered.

But as they emerged from Autobot HQ they were confronted by HK tanks and HK aerials that began attacking them.

STAR LORD: Son of a bitch! We're being assaulted. <drops his facemask - pulls out blasters>

COLIN: Damn! We can't be distracted, not right now.

FLASH: <fires laser rifle> We got to save Ace and Sally or all is lost!

DON: <draws his magic sword> I know! We can't waste time brawling with these machines.

AMY: Bashing time! <activates her hammer>

FIONA: Come on, come on! <glares> I'll show you machines a thing or two.

HOPE: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

All of a sudden the aerials unleashed beams of lasers striking down the four Autobots who instantly collapsed face-first to the concrete to the shock-alarm looks of their Mobian and Overlander friends.

FLASH: Ugh, our powers, we're losing them.

COLIN: Feel weak, can't stand.

DON: We failed...

STAR LORD: Can't move, uh...<passes out>

AMY: NO! <horror on her face> Star Lord!

FIONA: Aaaaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown>

HOPE: <frozen in terror>

Observing the nightmarish scenario inside headquarters on Mobius...Borf and Eggman were enjoying the free show so to speak.

EGGMAN: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! Looks like everything is going according to plans, he-he!

BORF: Exactly. The Autobots are without their leader and four of their numbers have been vanquished on Earth.

TRYAX: Then I humbly suggest, my lord. We attack them now while we have the advantage!

BORF: For once, Tryax...we agree. <Kahn nods>

EGGMAN: Victory shall be ours! <pumps fists into the air>

And back on the terran home world...

HOPE: You can't quit now, not while Ace and our world are at stake.

DON: How, we can't even move or feel anything.

HOPE: I didn't volunteer to come all this way and see you quit, just like that. <glowers>

FIONA: <glowers> Yeah! No one is defeated unless he-she has courage to continue!

COLIN: Maybe I still, ugh, have some magic left, ah! <calls upon his powers>

By some miracle he conjured forth a shield-like dome to protect himself and comrades so the deadly beams now repelled-deflected harmlessly away.

HOPE & FIONA: Yes! <shout together>

AMY: Star Lord, please get up. <kneels at his side> Don't leave me, I love you. <tears in her eyes>

STAR LORD: Hey, I'm not leaving you my partner sidekick. <weak grin> It's not my time to retire yet.

AMY: <smiles through her tears> I know that. <kisses him>

FLASH: Now to take care of the Hunter Killers.

DON: Let's do this.

Both of them let loose a barrage of magic and firepower scattering the HKs into full retreat as Amy, Fiona and Hope cheered in triumph. Colin then disappeared the shield dome as he, Don, Flash and Star Lord climbed shakily to their boots again with help from their friends.

COLIN: No one's stealing my powers like that and gets away with it.

HOPE: Let's stop talking and save Ace and Sally. Transform and roll for their lives!

Nodding the terran warriors magically changed into Camaro, Unimog, TopKick and Corvette with Hope, Fiona and Amy jumping aboard and racing back to Galactic Federation headquarters to re-enter the space bridge for the journey back to Mobius again. At that moment the Grand Council Woman and MegaMind were finishing stockpiling the last of the Energon cubes to be used later, when...

MEGAMIND: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> They're back again?

COUNCIL WOMAN: Oh, no they don't...not this time, I'll teach them a lesson for insulting my honor! <glares>

But before she could attack the Autobots disappeared through the portal to cross the space bridge safely across the universe of space and time...back to Mobius in record time.

HOPE: We still have to get this to Autobot home base. How fast can you go Star Lord.

STAR LORD: <Camaro form> Hold onto your lunch box lady. <punches the gas>

AMY: YeeHaaw! <shouts the Dukes of Hazzard yell>

TO BE CONTINUED... Click here for the concluding part of Episode 3, Chapter 3!

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