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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 2. Missed the penultimate part of Chapter 1 of Sonic and the Transformers Episode 2?

Trapped inside the cavern of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters the Autobots and Freedom Fighters attempted to find another way out as Ace had Colin, Flash, Team Rocket, Jesse, Kimberly, Don Davis and Star Lord scout about the other cave openings to see if they could escape in time to stop the Decepticons. Unfortunately all came back with negative results.

DON: Each cave leads to a dead end.

STAR LORD: Yeah, and side passageways also go around in circles.

FLASH: Sorry, boss.

ACE: You did well, no need to apologize.

TAILS: So what do we do now? <looks worried>

SONIC: <frowns> Hey, wait a minute. <thinks quickly> I remember there was one entrance-exit used by Lupe and her brothers when we were testing a laser cannon against the Doomsday Pod.

SALLY: Right! It should not be too hard to find again. That is, if we can find hidden buttons or levers to open it again. <also frowns>

KIMBERLY: <checks on Dart> Jesse, the space bridge, where did you actually see it?

The cyborg struggled to remember exactly where he witnessed the intergalactic transport system until it hit him like lightning out of the blue.

JESSE DART: Of course! The riverbed canyon in the Great Desert region, that's where it is!

COLIN: YeeHaaw! <shouts the Dukes of Hazzard yell> Now to blast our way out of here.

SALLY: Not so fast, allow me and Sonic to escort you safely out of here instead, ahem! <smirks>

SONIC: <leers> Yes, if you'll kindly follow us.

ACE: Lead the way fastest thing alive.

TEAM ROCKET: Yes sir! <say together>

AMY: We're out of here. <quotes Kidd Video>

In an instant the terran warriors and mobian warriors emerged into the open air at last all shouting and cheering for Sally and Sonic for finding the way out until I (Ace) quieted them down again.

ACE: Autobots, roll out. We have hostages to rescue, our children to be exact. <transform into Western Star semi>

SALLY: Yes! <transforms into PeterBilt semi> Let's roll! <shouts the battle cry of United Flight 93>

Moments later we were accelerating away top speed from Lupe's former hideout in the mountain valley en route to the Great Desert area where at that same moment Angel and Omar once again were strapped into their seats inside the rocket sled loaded down with Energon cubes in its miniature cargo hold as Borf instructed his so-called volunteers.

BORF: You will be riding on a laser beam of light. Concentrate on the beam or you'll fly off course, into the cold dark void of space, and cease to exist.

OMAR: You neighborhood bully! <yells defiantly at Borf> You won't get away with making us do your bidding.

ANGEL: Our parents will rescue us! <yells angrily>

BORF: Oh, really? <raises eyebrow like Mr Spock> That is if they can escape from a trap we caught them within, he-he-he...<evil chuckle and grin>

That made the twins gasp in shock with eyes wide...Borf contacted his boss.

BORF: Ready to send cubes Council Woman. <speaks into communicator>

COUNCIL WOMAN: Ready to receive, Borf. <replies>

BORF: Commence transport.

Gantu activated the control panel and the sled raced down the chute towards the dome at the other end when suddenly familiar looking cars and trucks appeared overhead on a ridge above the grays who glanced up in shock disbelief.

ACE: Autobots, transform! <I change into terran self>

SALLY: <also changes into mobian self> Let them have it, open fire! <glares as she points down>

BORF: No way, impossible! <shocked look on his face> Take cover immediately! <orders his minions to scatter>

That's when I, Kimmy, Don, Flash, Peter, Colin, Jesse Dart, James, Jesse blasted away with laser rifles and pistols forcing the grays to run for cover instead of firing back at us then we slid down into the bottom of the riverbed just in time to see...

COLIN: Flash! The Energon cubes! <points towards accelerating sled>

FLASH: No sweat, I'll make sure the Grand Council Woman does not get her special delivery. <takes aim>

SALLY: No! <blocks his way> My children are onboard that sled.

SONIC: I'll get them! <takes off running>

MEWTWO: <appears out of nowhere> I'll assist you Sonic. <takes to the sky>

ACE: Prepare to fire on our mark. <nod to my wife who nods back>

MewTwo and Sonic raced towards the sled actually catching up to it in seconds flat then the hedgehog and pokemon feline leaped onto the vehicle with MewTwo using his magic to make the canopy disappear like a desert mirage startling Angel and Omar who looked up in surprise.

ANGEL: MewTwo, what are you...<starts to say>

MEWTWO: No time, we must escape now! <lifts her out of her seat>

SONIC: You ready to get out of here? <helps Omar out of his seat>

OMAR: Yeah, let's blow this joint!

Then a speeding Solstice came racing in their direction calling out to them.

JESSE DART: <vehicle form> Omar, Angel, jump for it! I'll catch you both, hurry!

MEWTWO: Heave-ho! <sends Angel flying>

SONIC: Here's your first flying lesson dude. <sends Omar flying>

The twins did not panic whatsoever as they landed onto the hood of the sports car then Dart veered quickly away as MewTwo and Sonic sprang away from the driverless sled too. Now the vehicle, unmanned crashed into the side of the dome spilling its contents onto the ground as the Decepticons looked on in horror as Borf ran towards the disaster about to unfold.

BORF: I must get those cubes over the bridge before it closes!

He reached the open doorway, using the dark arts to levitate the cubes of power into the air and about to send them into the gateway when...

ACE: Open fire!

SALLY: Let him have it!

Amy, Tails, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine, Kimberly, Team Rocket, Don, Flash, Colin, Star Lord blasted away at the same time, the combined laser bolts struck Borf dead center in his torso knocking him head over heels backwards into the gateway, Energon cubes and all as the door slid shut behind him. Then the transport system kicked in as the laser beam streaked upwards into the Mobian sky with Borf, shouting and yelling in horror and anger, flailing wildly until disappearing from view. Gantu, Beerus, MegaMind, Gary, Scorch, Amber, Crystal gasped in horror except Tryax Kahn who sneered in triumph believing his destiny was fulfilled at last.

TRYAX: Return to base. Borf is dead, I'm the leader now. Follow me! <rises into the sky as the grays retreat with him>

A big cheer went up from the Autobots and Freedom Fighters alike as the twins were reunited with their parents who hugged and kissed them, laughing and crying at the same time. Jesse Dart changed back to his cyborg form again.

JESSE DART: This is the happiest moment of my life. Borf fell into his own space bridge, he's lost forever.

SONIC-TAILS-AMY-ROTOR-ANTOINE-BUNNY: YeeHaaw! <shout the Dukes of Hazzard yell>

ACE: I wish I could believe that. <I stare into the sky>

SALLY: Me too, dear. <grim look>

And at the same time...inside the Galactic Federation fortress on Earth the Grand Council Woman was shocked to see Borf materialize before her surrounded by Energon cubes scattered at his boots.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Borf! What happened?

BORF: <face contorted in rage> The Autobots robbed me of my victory, but they have not seen the last of Borf. I shall be avenged!

THE END OF CHAPTER 1 OF EPISODE 2. Ready for Episode 2 Chapter 2 Part 1? Click here.

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