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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 2, Chapter 2: Part 1. Missed the last part of EP2 CH1? click here.

LUPE: Goodness! You fought the Decepticons inside our former cave hideout?

The grand chief was listening to Ace and Sally tell her and family the laser-tag rumble against the Decepticons inside the main cavern of the former Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters home.

LOBO: Wow! Hope you didn't damage or destroy anything.

ACE: Don't know if we damaged anything from all the shooting taking place.

SALLY: Yet Borf and his horde blasted a section of wall to escape then caused an avalanche to trap us inside.

DRAGO: <gasps> Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

REYNARD: How did you escape?

SALLY: <leers> Sonic and myself used one of hidden passageways to get ourselves out as well as our terran friends.

CANUS: Oh, the back door tunnel? <she nods>

LUPE: Of course! <leers> That's the one I used when we brought out that laser cannon to test-fire it against the Doomsday Pod.

SALLY: The one and only.

ACE: Either my wife or Sonic found a hidden button to open the door.

LOBO: Well good for him or your wife.

ACE: <shrugs> Oh far out. <that makes everybody laugh>

ANGEL: I've never visited this new settlement of yours before, I like it.

OMAR: Me too. Guess you prefer being outdoors instead of hiding inside caves all the time.

LUPE: <leers> Something like that young man. <the twins laugh - she laughs too>

Sally and I look at each other, shrug then break out laughing too. Afterwards Lupe and her husband or in reality her father who was kidnapped by Ivo Robotnik during the attack on the Wolf Pack's original settlement (this is from the Sonic SatAM Season 2 Episode #23 "Cry of the Wolf") and robotization of many Pack members...escorted the twins around the grounds of their homeland explaining how they live off the land and it provided them with everything necessary to survive. Next they took them to meet Queen Hathor and her feline people who told about first waging war with the wolves after they so-called intruded onto their territory but finally in the end agreed to work together thanks in part to Sally's negotiations of helping each other in times of need and be ready to defend themselves against hostile forces.

HATHOR: And that is how Lupe and myself continue working as friends and neighbors.

OMAR: That's awesome. <the queen nods> Bet you never heard of the Autobots and Decepticons.

HATHOR: No, can't say that I have. <then to me> Who are you and where do you come from?

Ace told the entire story through hologram visions for her majesty and cat warriors to watch about magic terran and grays waging war against each other on another planet far away in outer space, their magic skills of transforming into vehicle and aircraft forms, blah-blah-blah. When I finished...

HATHOR: I say, that is some story. And you succeeded in defeating Borf not once but twice in a row so far? <I nod> Congratulations! <her warriors chant>

ACE: Thanks, I think. <blush slightly>

HATHOR: Sorry I was not present when both of you were married, I didn't know anything about that ceremony.

SALLY: That's all right, I'm sure Lupe told you everything. <the grand chief nods>

HATHOR: <shakes Sally's hand> Good luck in caring for your children, and you too Ace. <shakes my hand> From now on, you are welcome to visit me anytime you desire. <half bows to me>

ACE: I accept your offer my lady. <I half bow in return as does Sally>

After that we returned to Lupe's home to hang about for a spell then returned to New MoboTropolis where we checked in with King and Queen Acorn to update them on the sequence of events.

MAX: Congratulations to both of you for defeating Borf once again, making him fall into the space bridge and get lost.

ALICIA: Yes, well done.

ACE: Yes sir, ma'am. I doubt he'll be back anytime soon enough to get revenge on me.

MAX: I hope not. Who knows what evil intentions he has in store.

SALLY: Not to worry, father. We'll be ready for him.

ALICIA: Good for you my dear.

Then we had our kids go spend time with Rosy Woodchuck so we could be alone and enjoy our company as Sally's parents also offered to entertain the twins and we agreed then took our leave of Castle Acorn. Once outside again it was my wife daring me to race her in a matter of speaking for the fun of it.

SALLY: Let's see which big rig can outrun the other, yes? <smirks>

ACE: You're on. <grin back>

SALLY: Let's do it to it. <her favorite quote>

We transformed into PeterBilt 379 and Western Star 5700 semis then blasting notes on the air horns accelerated away side-by-side momentarily then I let Sally take the lead while I followed in her wake before she let me pass her and she followed in my wake as we cruised around the entire city and neighborhood districts while being careful not to draw too much attention to ourselves or harm Mobian citizens too. We continued racing each other whooping it up all the while...

SALLY: <PeterBilt form> I'm really having so much fun with you. I'm happy we got married.

ACE: <Western Star form> Me too, besides, it was your idea to begin with.

SALLY: Of course, although my parents had a hand in that too since I discussed it with them.

ACE: How could I not forget. <we both laugh in good humor>

Finally we stopped and changed back to normal selves. Now we walked about enjoying the sights and sounds all around us. Not far away were Star Lord and Amy again having fun as they always did.

STAR LORD: I'll never stop loving you nor will I leave you again, you and I will continue working together in saving the universe.

AMY: I will love you too and never let you go.

STAR LORD: That's the spirit. We'll show Borf and company who's boss around here.

AMY: Aye! <leers>

They had lunch at Chuck's Diner over burgers & fries swapping stories of course. Fiona Fox was spending time with Team Rocket while sharing her tales to the twins.

FIONA: Sally let me have it when she stopped me from asking Tails to help me do a favor.

JAMES: That's not good. I guess she didn't trust you toying with his mind.

FIONA: Uh, yup. After I hurt his feelings so long ago no thanks to Scourge Hedgehog.

JESSE: Anti-Sonic? <Fiona nods> Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>

FIONA: Scourge seduced me to work for him instead of those losers as he referred to Sonic and gang.

JAMES: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

JESSE: But he's no longer forcing you to obey his will, thanks in part to Sonic who defeated him.

FIONA: That's what he told me, Sonic that is. Now I'm a free agent working for Sally again.

They strolled about Julyala Park a public setting named after Sally's martial arts teacher where they met Ace and Sally sitting together in front of the Lake of the Power Rings.

JAMES: Wow, didn't expect seeing you here too.

ACE: Oh, nice of you to drop in.

FIONA: Hey there, Optimus Prime. <high-five slaps me>

SALLY: He? <curious frown> Who was Optimus Prime?

FIONA: Oops, did I say something wrong? <nervous look>

ACE: You didn't...<assures her>

Then I went onto explain who Optimus Prime was by telling the story of the TransFormers, a make believe adventure of alien machines living on a metallic planet Cybertron engaged in civil war conflict with the power hungry Decepticons led by Megatron the brother of Optimus threatening to rule the planet and the universe while the peace loving Autobots vowed to stop them at all cost as Optimus vowed to stop his brother's reign of evil to bring peace back to his home planet.

ACE: Unfortunately the war devastated Cybertron nearly draining all of its energy resources from the constant fighting.

FIONA: Oh no! <alarmed look>

SALLY: This sounds somewhat familiar or similar to what happened on your world.

ACE: So the Autobots left Cybertron in search of resources in another galaxy far away to save their dying planet before all was lost to them but the Decepticons learned of the quest and pursued their rivals to get their hands on the golden prize first.

JAMES: I can see it now. <makes invisible picture frame with his hands>

FIONA: You can see it? <curious frown>

JAMES: By using your imagination anything is possible. <Fiona nods>

SALLY: Uh-huh...<nods>

JESSE: Then both gangs ended up crashing onto planet Earth where their war resumed again on the terran home world with the Decepticons attempting to steal all resources then use it to rule Cybertron forever and the Autobots vowing to protect the planet at all cost.

SALLY: Wait a minute! <shocked look on her face> Are you saying these TransFormers crashed onto your Earth?!!

ACE: No-no...<wave my hand> it's all a make believe story since it did not really happen. <she looks at me confused>

JAMES: Guess she doesn't believe you boss. <shrugs>

SALLY: <glares at him> Hey! Who says I don't believe anything he says, huh?

TEAM ROCKET: Looks like we're blasting off! <jump to their boots and run away>

FIONA: What-the...hey! <jumps up too> Wait for me! <hurries after them>

Sally and I watched them disappear into the park then my wife said to me.

SALLY: What was that all about? Was it something I said that scared them? <now looks worried>

ACE: Maybe James thought you were going to hit him because he said something wrong that made you respond in anger.

SALLY: <gasps> Oh no! <puts both hands to sides of her face> What did I do wrong?

I comforted her assuring her she did nothing to make Team Rocket run away in panic and she calmed down soon after before we left the park heading back to her house. She asked me to continue telling the TransFormers story and I obliged in a matter of speaking describing the many battles-campaigns between Optimus and Megatron and their alien machine soldiers engaged in combat with the fate of the universe in the balance. By the time we returned to her house she was feeling a lot better as we spent the rest of the afternoon making love passionately in her living room on the sofa-couch while Angel and Omar slept in their bedroom oblivious to what their parents were doing at the moment anyway.


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