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Fan Fiction


ACE: I wonder what's taking our kids so long to figure out Borf's plans.

SALLY: Yes, I feel something disturbing in the magic. <frowns>

All of a sudden Jesse Dart came out of nowhere skidding to a halt then changing back to cyborg self a worried look on his face.

JESSE DART: Houston, we have a problem. <quotes Jim Lovell of Apollo 13>

SALLY: I knew it! <now glares> The dark-side has something to do with it.

ACE: Jesse, where are our children?

JESSE DART: They were captured by the Decepticons. <husband and wife gasp in shock> Borf's going to send them to our home world over some kind of space bridge.

ACE: A space bridge? <I look confused at first>

SALLY: No! <shouts in anger> No one, not even Borf is sending our kids anywhere.

JESSE DART: Whoa! <backs off> Chill out, hold the phone. <puts up his hands>

The rest of my teammates look confused as well since none of them ever heard of a space bridge before.

FLASH: Jesse, what is the location of this bridge?

STAR LORD: Yes, do you know where it is so we can save the twins?

At first the cyborg paused, hesitated as though waiting for instructions from unseen forces then spoke.

JESSE DART: The bridge is located inside a cave within the former hideout of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters.

That made the Autobots look surprised including Sally who could not believe what she heard Jesse tell her.

SALLY: No way, it's located in Lupe's former hideaway where Sonic and I first met her and her pack?

SONIC: You got to be kidding. <scowls>

JESSE DART: <shakes his head> Negative, it's there all right. <Sonic shrugs helplessly>

ACE: And our children?

Again Jesse paused as if receiving instructions then spoke.

JESSE DART: Omar and Angel are safe and unharmed for the moment.

DON: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Indiana Jones>

COLIN: But we have no choice but to rescue our leader's children.

SALLY: Yes! <glares again> I will not let the Decepticons force our kids to do their bidding, be seduced by the dark arts.

KIMBERLY: Then there's no time to waste. We must go to the former Wolf Pack's hideout and destroy this space bridge immediately.

ACE: Roll out! <I give the magic command>

One by one we transform into car and truck disguises including Sally morphing into her PeterBilt 379 form then together with Sonic, Tails, Amy, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor the Autobots raced off to rescue the twins before it was too late. Unfortunately what no one realized was that Laserbeak the macaw parrot had witnessed everything taking place then flew back to inform his boss the opposition was on the way. Borf listened to Kimberly's recorded voice and grinned evilly.

KIMBERLY: Then there's no time to waste. We must go to the former Wolf Pack's hideout and destroy this space bridge immediately.

BORF: That's what she thinks, the redhead. <sneers> We'll have a big surprise waiting for them when they arrive.

EGGMAN: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! Then the fun begins as always.

At the same time the terran warriors and mobian warriors stood before the honey-comb openings facing them within the canyon.

JAMES: Huh? So many caves to choose from.

JESSE: How do we know which one is the real entrance and the others are fake?

MEWTWO: Perhaps I can go inside and search for the missing twins sir, ma'am.

SALLY: No, we'll do this together. <semi form> Strange, I do not detect any presence of grays or robot soldiers of Robotnik anywhere.

ACE: <semi form> Dart, are you certain this is the right location?

JESSE DART: <Solstice form> Affirmative, the bridge is inside one of these cave openings.

STAR LORD: <Camaro form> I doubt he's ever wrong at all, boss.

AMY: I don't know...<scowls to herself>

ACE: Autobots, transform and move in. <we change back to normal selves>

SALLY: <changes back to her normal self> Freedom Fighters, stay close.

BUNNY: Aye-aye, Sally-girl. <salutes her>

ANTOINE: En guard! <draws his sword> Taste my blade.

ROTOR: And just think, he was always scared or afraid of something bad going to happen to himself...

TAILS: Let's rescue the twins! <rises into the air on his spinning tails>

SONIC: <leers> You and me, partner.

After MewTwo scanned each opening with his powers until locating the real entrance the Freedom Fighters and Autobots proceeded cautiously into the darkness of the passageway ready for anything to happen. All of a sudden, one of the terran heroes accidentally bumped against a hidden button because there was a click, then the floor dropped out beneath everyone's shoes & boots! Yelling and shouting in shock and alarm the Autobots and FF went sliding down a so-called slide before tumbling into a below-ground cavern piling up into one another then struggling to regain their feet again.

STAR LORD: Hell-yeah! What a rush.

AMY: Wow, that was super cool.

COLIN: Just like the water-slide parks back home.

BUNNY: Where are we? <looks around>

FLASH: What is this place?

For a moment we all stared in confusion and bewilderment except Sally and Sonic who recognized the cavern for what it was so long ago.

SONIC: Whoa, the hideout of Lupe and her Pack. I remember sliding into this hidden place for the first time.

SALLY: That's right, and we met Lupe and her brothers.

ANTOINE: My goodness...I can't believe I would end up here again.

JAMES: Uh, where's the space bridge? <scowls> I don't see anything resembling a intergalactic transport system.

JESSE: Is this a joke? <frowns at Jesse Dart>

JESSE DART: Huh? <shocked-confused look> No space bridge, I don't understand.

MEWTWO: I think you were being used by the enemy to trick us into coming here. <scowls>

TAILS: <flies around the cavern> Hello, anybody here? <calls out>

BUNNY: Omar, Angel? <wanders about>

ROTOR: Who would want to put a space bridge in here anyway? <shrugs>

Suddenly there came a humming noise that grew in intensity and pitch followed by shimmering columns of light materializing out of nowhere and in an instant there stood the Decepticons en-mass their laser guns leveled at the Autobots.

BORF: Surprise! <evil grin> Nice of you to drop in.

ACE: I don't suppose you planned this so-called reunion of sorts?

BORF: But, of course. Long time no see.

SALLY: Where are my children, what have you done to them! <angrily threatens him>

EGGMAN: Destroy them, ha-ha-ha-ha! <orders his robots to engage the enemy>

That was the signal to attack as the SwatBots, ComBots and ShadowBots opened fire on the Autobots and FF who returned fire as the Decepticons also engaged the enemy in battle and soon everybody was shooting and running about like playing a dangerous game of laser tag. In the midst of the rumble the Grand Council Woman contacted her apprentice distracting Borf from taking out Ace which made him mad at first.

BORF: Not now, I'm busy here.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Borf, the space bridge is about to open!

This made Borf react in surprise as his boss repeated her warning to him.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Repeat, the bridge is about to open! Return immediately to the location so you can deliver the cargo. <then signs off>

BORF: We'll be there.

EGGMAN: Oh, that's my cue. <evil grin aboard his EggMobile> Asta-la-bye-bye! <mockingly waves goodbye>

SONIC: Not so fast! <attempts to stop him>

Unfortunately the son of Harold Robotnik and Judy Franklin Robotnik and grandson of Gerald Robotnik flew out of range as Sonic leaped at him and missed knocking him down. Laughing at his rival the dictator vanished into nothingness like a ghost.

SONIC: What-the?!! <eyes go wide> He disappeared, vanished?

TAILS: Whoa, how did he do that? <eyes also wide>

At the same time Borf ordered Tryax Kahn to blast his gang out of the cave but Tryax refused to retreat at first so when Borf threatened him to obey him, this time he followed orders using his firepower to knock down a section of cave wall making a large hole for the grays to escape through.

BORF: Decepticons, return to the riverbed. <they fly away>

TRYAX: What about them? <gestures at the Autobots> Surely they'll locate the bridge in no time.

BORF: They'll never leave alive. <sneers>

He then aimed the Infanto Ray gun and fired several blasts from his deadly weapon starting an avalanche of boulders to crash down sealing up the hole in seconds flat then marveled at his handy work.

BORF: That's the end of Ace and the Autobots.

TRYAX: And their friends too. <sneers> Too bad for them anyway.

BORF: Let's be going, the boss awaits the arrival of her cargo. <he and Kahn take to the sky>


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