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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS EPISODE 2 PART 1 - Missed the conclusion of Episode 1? Click here to read it.

It all began with Sally Acorn the wife of Ace Robotnik showing her husband and their kids Angel & Omar (Rock & Rule) around the former location of Knothole Village within the Great Forest accompanied by MewTwo as usual the Pokemon feline bodyguard to master Robotnik of course.

SALLY: That is where my home used to reside beneath that tree. <points to spot> Sort of like a miniature palace.

ANGEL: Wow, and you were still a princess back then?

SALLY: Yes I was, dear. <pats her head> Although I didn't feel royalty for the moment after what happened in MoboTropolis.

OMAR: When Julian Kintobor turned against his majesty and turned the golden city into RoboTropolis. <Sally nods>

ACE: And that's what started the rebellion against his so-called machine empire.

ANGEL: I can't believe Ivo transformed all helpless Mobian people into robotic slaves.

OMAR: Yeah, using a invention built by Charles Hedgehog in the first place.

SALLY: Uh-huh, that's what he did all right. <frowns> Transformed everybody into slave drones to obey his will.

ACE: <looks around former village> Who else resided here anyway?

Sally pointed out the former locations where the homes of Sonic, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine, Tails resided and told of fun times that occurred and not-so fun times also.

SALLY: Each time we defeated Robotnik and his SwatBots or destroyed-blew something up of course, the fastest thing alive always saved my life.

MEWTWO: Incredible, so how come you moved out of Knothole Village? Got tired or bored of hiding out all the time?

SALLY: Negative, it was Eggman Robotnik who destroyed the village along with his robot armies, forcing all of us to flee in terror.

I (Ace), the twins, and MewTwo gasped with eyes wide when she said that. Nodding she went onto explain how Nicole the hologram Mobian protector created New MoboTropolis then brought her friends safely to the site of the recreated golden city.

SALLY: And that has been our home for all eternity.

MEWTWO: Ah, I see. Anyway it's fun to remember the good old days and what it was like so long ago.

ACE: Okay, time to head back and check in with the king and queen. <Sally nods>

SALLY: I'll race ya back, let's see which semi can outrun the other, he? <smirks at me>

BOTH KIDS: Yeah! <say together>

MEWTWO: <shakes his head - rolls his eyes>

Together we transformed into PeterBilt and Western Star big rigs minus the trailers with Angel inside the cab of Sally's disguise form and Omar inside the cab of my disguise form then hitting our air horns simultaneously accelerated out of the Great Forest side-by-side with MewTwo flying overhead providing cover as always. Sometimes I took the lead or my wife took the lead, we cruised along the countryside having fun. In no time the walled city came into sight as the main doors slid open admitting both semis then closed behind them. We slowed down to gradual normal speeds so as not to draw attention to ourselves or harm innocent Mobian people going about their routines either.

Soon we pulled up and stopped before Castle Acorn as Angel and Omar climbed out of the cabs then watched their parents transform back to normal selves again. MewTwo landed next to us.

MEWTWO: Well that was fun. I'll be leaving now but return if or when you need my assistance. <half bows then vanishes>

BOTH KIDS: Bye! <wave farewell>

SALLY: Shall we? <gestures for me to go first>

ACE: Isn't it supposed to be ladies first? <Mr Spock raised eyebrow expression>

SALLY: Not this time, honey. Go ahead, I'll watch your back. <leers at me and winks>

ANGEL: <laughs>

OMAR: <chuckles>

ACE: Oh far out. <then go into the main doors>

We walked along the corridors of the palace until coming upon Charles Hedgehog who greeted us warmly.

CHUCK: Ah, back already? Bet it was fun seeing where you used to live.

SALLY: Indeed it was fun, the twins got to see where our original homes used to be. <they nod>

CHUCK: Good for you. I'll let your parents know you're here to see them. <enters throne room door>

We waited patiently for him to return and he did saying Max and Alicia were ready to see us then stood aside, holding the door open for the royal family as we proceeded into the chamber. There sat King Max and Queen Alicia on their thrones smiling as we approached then stopped and bowed or kneeled in their presence as they nodded.

ALICIA: So how was the field trip? Did you kids have fun seeing where your mother lived?

ANGEL: Yes it was. I never knew she was a Freedom Fighter leader in the first place.

MAX: That was Sally all right, leading her troops into battle against Robotnik's empire.

SALLY: And I never get tired of doing that.

ALICIA: Good for you dear. <smiles> So what's next?

SALLY: Well...<looks puzzled> beats me. <shrugs>

OMAR: Hey, what's that strange sound? <curious frown>

ACE: I hear it too. Sounds like something's approaching the city.

Then it was Chuck entering the throne room with a excited look on his face.

CHUCK: My lord! A spaceship is on its way.

Max and Alicia gave surprised looks as Chuck nodded, stared at each other briefly then back at me.

MAX: Could it possibly be your terran friends returning from your home world?

ACE: <close my eyes - reach out through the magic> is Kimberly and the Autobots returning to Mobius.

SALLY: <excited> I don't believe it, they're back!

ALICIA: Wonderful! <also excited>

MAX: Come, let us welcome them again to our world. <steps down off his throne - his wife follows him>

BOTH KIDS: Cool, the Autobots are back.

Moments later we were standing outside the main gates of Castle Acorn together with Sonic and his parents Chuck, Jules, Bertha, Sonia...Amy Rose, Tails and his parents, Rotor, Bunny & Antoine, Fiona, etc.

FIONA: Here they come! <points at approaching spaceship>

AMY: Yes! <excited look on her face> Star Lord has come back to me.

TAILS: All right!

ROTOR: Whoa-ho! <whoops it up>

BUNNY: This is going to be fun seeing them again.

ANTOINE: Yes it will, honey. Get to relive all the adventures so long ago.

SONIC: Now you'll get to meet Ace's friends and witness their magic. <to his family>

SONIA: I look forward to it. <thumbs up>

BERTHA: Me too...

JULES: This is going to be fun.

CHUCK: You said it brother.

In no time the vessel touched down onto its landing gear and engines shut offline. A hatch slid open and out emerged Star Lord the space smuggler 2nd in Command followed by Kimberly the medical officer, Flash Gordon the twin brother of Ace, Jesse Dart the cyborg warrior, Don Davis the swords expert, Colin Kintobor the military strategist, and of course Team Rocket the twins.

STAR LORD: Hey, Lucy I'm home! <quotes Ricky Ricardo>

AMY: Star Lord! <shouts in joy and runs to him>

STAR LORD: Amy! <takes her into his arms>

AMY: Oooooooh, thank you, thank you for coming back. <happy tears in her eyes>

STAR LORD: I kept my promise to you that I would return. <they kiss each other>

KIMBERLY: Did anybody miss us while we were away?

ACE: Not much, always thinking of you. <high-five slap with her>

KIMBERLY: That's good to know.

SALLY: Welcome back Kimmy, how are things on your world?

KIMBERLY: Same as always, now that the Decepticons are no longer a threat.

FIONA: Hey, yo! <fist bumps Flash> Long time, no see, he?

FLASH: It's cool. <hugs her - she hugs him back>

COLIN: It's good to be back again on Mobius.

JESSE DART: Yeah, like being on vacation of course.

DON: How's my favorite swords expert?

ANTOINE: <half bows> Wi, monsieur. It's good to see you again. <they shake hands>

DON: And the same to you.

BUNNY: Hey there, cyborg. <sweet smile> Care to hangout with me? <winks>

JESSE DART: Awesome! <then> If that's okay with your husband.

ANTOINE: But, of course sir. I trust you to protect my wife under your magic powers of light and kindness.

JESSE DART: Aye-aye! <salutes - Bunny giggles>

Then it was the king and queen welcoming back the Autobots as we all returned to the castle where stories were shared once again then over dinner in the dining room-ballroom it was Fiona and Team Rocket retelling the events of bringing down Borf's spaceship just like that.

JAMES: Unfortunately we got blasted by Tryax's dark arts and briefly lost consciousness.

JESSE: Then next thing we knew was flying away from the out of control spaceship while watching it plummet towards crash landing.

FIONA: <leers> Yeah, stopped those bullies dead in their tracks.

Laughter erupted around the table.

ACE: Wait until you see the Great Forest and the former hideout of Knothole Village.

KIMBERLY: Oh? <curious look>

SALLY: <nods> It's where I, Sonic and fellow Freedom Fighters hid out from Ivo Robotnik's machines.

FLASH: Really, <Sally nods again> that sounds like fun.

MAX: I've been there myself. It's where the trees tower so high above you it's impossible to see anything overhead.



ALICIA: <giggles>

SALLY: <nods> Yeah, you got that right mom.

After dinner the terran warriors entertained the royal family via Karaoke sing along which Max, Alicia, Sally, Angel, Omar enjoyed recording their voices onto CDs singing the lyrics of Oldies-Pop songs of the 50s-70s decades on Earth. Then it was Amy leaving with Star Lord to hangout again with Peter Quill, Jesse Dart leaving with Bunny to have fun as Antoine wished them good luck then proceeded home accompanied by Don, Colin going with Tails to see his parents again with Kimberly tagging along, as for Team Rocket they chose to be with the vixen in black as Fiona invited them to spend time with her.

STAR LORD: I still remember how we battled the grays constantly.

AMY: Yeah, me whacking them with my hammer. <leers> And you shooting your blasters.

STAR LORD: Reach for the lead varmints. <Amy laughs>

AMY: I still love you Peter Quill. <kisses him again>

In moments they were again performing the love ritual as Rose experienced the magic flowing through her. Don was practicing light-saber techniques with Antoine who was getting the hang of it.

ANTOINE: Wow! I do feel powerful in the magic, the saber feels natural in my hands.

DON: Indeed, the light-side guides your every move in combat.

ANTOINE: Wi, monsieur. Care to rumble?

DON: Figured you were going to say that, shall we dance? <ignites and salutes with his light-saber>

In seconds they were trading mock-death blows back and forth. Meanwhile the cyborg friends were practicing martial arts, blah-blah-blah.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Episode 2 Part 2? Click here.

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