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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS EPISODE 2 Part 2 - Missed Episode 2 Part 1?

FIONA: Looks like I win again. <leers and salutes with her light-saber>

JESSE: Aye, that you did. <returns salute>

JAMES: Too good for me anyway. <also salutes>

FIONA: <shuts off her saber> Oh well, nobody's perfect.

TEAM ROCKET: Right! <say together>

The three had finished their saber dance routine and now relaxed via meditation sessions to allow the light-side magic to pass through their bodies and minds. Once that was done they had dinner by candlelight then the vixen made love with the twins over and over again nonstop enjoying every moment of sharing true love with James and Jesse. Finally they collapsed into slumber dreaming happy thoughts. Amy and Peter were doing the same ritual at Rose's house.

PETER: Wow, what a rush.

AMY: Sure was, it felt like I was flying free.

PETER: Like you were fighting with me, Rocket, Groot, Gamora, Drax and Mantis.

AMY: Yeah! <leers> Take that Thanos!

PETER: <laughs> You said it partner. <fist bumps her>

Soon they too were sleeping happily in their loving arms. Everywhere else in the kingdom the Autobots were sleeping with their Mobian friends through the night. The next day everybody was gathered in Julyala Park for a special occasion as King Max and Queen Alicia stood on a platform stage with their loyal subjects seated before them, the Autobots seated behind the king and queen. To one side of the stage stood a covered object in a tarp.

MAX: Loyal citizens, today we honor the Autobots for all they did for us in saving our kingdom from the evil Decepticons and protecting the planet from the dark arts too. Therefore it gives my wife and I great pleasure to reveal for you a statue that my best carpenters & sculptors worked to create for all of you to witness. But first, Ace would like to say something for all of you.

That was my cue as I rose from my chair and took my place in front of the microphone stand with his majesty at my side. Max nodded and I spoke.

ACE: THANK YOU! <voice sounds loud and high pitch feedback over speakers> Oops, not good. <quote Jack Sparrow>

Everyone winced-flinched slightly from the loud noises as I apologized yet again. Max scowled briefly at Chuck who shrugged then he and Rotor readjusted the volume setting then gave thumbs up signals for me to continue and I spoke again.

ACE: Sorry for almost deafening you all, ladies and gentlemen. Ahem, on behalf of his and her majesty I humbly accept this reward in my honor. <gesture to covered statue>

Everyone clapped momentarily then stopped as I turned to face the covered statue then made a magic gesture with my wife performing the same ritual. Suddenly the tarp seemed or appeared to vanish into nothingness and there stood in all its glory a carved monument depicting Ace, Flash, Don, Jesse Dart, Kimberly, Star Lord, Team Rocket in battle poses standing triumphantly over sprawled figures of Borf, Tryax Kahn, MegaMind, Gary, Scorch, Gantu, Beerus, Crystal and Amber.

KIMBERLY: Look at that, I like it.

DON: Cool, I like the way I'm posing.

COLIN: Me too...

FLASH: At least that's not Ming I'm standing over.

STAR LORD: Hope my Guardian friends are seeing this right now...

JESSE DART: Take that Tryax Kahn.

JAMES: Awesome, man.

JESSE: It's beautiful...

ACE: Incredible work of Mobian art.

MAX: Thank you Ace, my best sculptors worked hard on creating it for you.

ACE: I like it sir.

ALICIA: It is beautiful indeed.

Even the Freedom Fighters were impressed as well.

SONIC: Awesome! <thumbs up>

TAILS: Yeah...


SALLY: <sighs> It is a work of art.

ROTOR & CHUCK: You're welcome. <say together>

Everyone applauded then spent time gazing upon the monument in wonder and awe then the festivities commenced with food stands set up as vendors handed out food and drinks, a band played music nearby within a covered pavilion, etc. When it was time for the Autobots to entertain the masses so to speak we did just that playing Oldies-Pop songs from our home planet even having Sonic and gang sing along on occasion. Afterwards everyone dispersed and went their separate ways of course until the park was cleared again.

TAILS: I'm glad the Decepticons aren't here to see this ultimate insult. <leers>

FIONA: Or they would have a fit. <also leers>

SONIC: You said it. I'm glad they're down and out for the 10-count.

SALLY: For the moment, yes. <agrees with him> But we must not underestimate the dark arts.

ACE: True, the dark-side may be dormant for now but it will rise again to challenge us.

KIMBERLY: And we will be ready to face it.

ALICIA: Let's not discuss about this matter anymore.

MAX: <agrees with his wife> Aye, instead let us celebrate our freedom over those evil grays.

PETER: Yes sir. <salutes the king>

FLASH: I feel like doing other things to keep myself occupied.

BUNNY: Such as...

FLASH: <shrugs> Beats me, I haven't a clue.

ANTOINE: <laughs> Good one sir.

ROTOR: <shakes his head>

CHUCK: <does the same>

Soon the terran heroes were exiting the park with the Mobians going their own ways in a matter of speaking. Ace and Sally headed home to check on their kids who chose not to come to the festival because it would be boring so Rosy kept them company instead.

ROSY: Ah, back already. How was it?

OMAR: I bet it was boring...<rolls his eyes>

ACE: Not so, son. <he looks confused> His majesty bestowed upon us a statue monument in our honor.

ANGEL: Really? <curious look>

SALLY: Uh-huh, it had the Autobots standing over the fallen Decepticons.

OMAR: Ah, nuts. <now looks mad>

ANGEL: Darn, we missed it.

ROSY: Oh dear...

SALLY: Don't worry, we'll take you to see it for yourselves.

OMAR: Yes, mom.

ANGEL: Okay, sounds cool.

ACE: Wait until you see what it looks like.

BOTH KIDS: Cool...

ROSY: <laughs> Okay, I'll be going now. See you kids later. <exits the house>

True to their word the parents took the kids back to the park where Omar and Angel looked upon the monument then began making fun of the grays as Ace and Sally nodded to each other. Afterwards the family had something to eat at Chuck's Diner on Main Street then returned home again. At the same time across the vast universe in the Sol system the Grand Council Woman was hopping mad so to speak as she had seen via hologram visions the ultimate insult to her apprentice and his horde.

COUNCIL WOMAN: How dare they! How dare they make fun of Borf like that. I will have vengeance upon those terran fools soon enough! But first, I must try communicating with Borf, that is if he's still alive.

She reached out through the dark-side in a attempt to contact Borf...until finally, she was able to feel his presence within the dark arts. Meanwhile inside the damaged Decepticon starship a familiar blue skin, bearded-mustache leader awoke when he heard a familiar voice calling his name.

BORF: Huh, what-the? <looks around> Boss, is that you?

COUNCIL WOMAN: It is I, my friend. <her voice inside his mind> What happened, how did you fail to leave Mobius?

Borf himself went into a trance through the dark-side to speak with his boss.

BORF: Team Rocket surprised me and my gang then attacked the ship's functions disabling all controls.

COUNCIL WOMAN: I see...but do not fear, I am not mad or angry that you failed me.

BORF: Thank you boss. I will try to find another way in getting the Energon cubes back to Earth one way or another.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Which is why I have a answer to that problem. <surprises him>

Before Borf could ask what his boss was talking about the Grand Council Woman revealed to him through the dark arts of a intergalactic transport system her son MegaMind and daughter Crystal had worked on in their spare time called a Space Bridge. She explained the bridge would be connected between two worlds across the vastness of space so that Borf could easily deliver the cargo to Decepticon headquarters in no time.

COUNCIL WOMAN: However, the bridge will only be operable for 60 minutes before shutting down briefly to reboot-restart its systems again.

BORF: We will be ready to test out this invention MegaMind and Crystal built.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Good, here are the coordinates where the bridge will materialize, then once you've arrived at that location, let me know when you plan on testing it so I will inform you when the cargo arrives.

BORF: Yes, boss.

Then he awoke from the trance grinning evilly to himself as he imagined the success of MegaMind's Space Bridge so to speak.

BORF: This way I'll be able to get back at Ace for insulting me, he-he-he-ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

TO BE CONTINUED...  Ready for Sonic & The Transformers Episode 2 Part 3?

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