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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS FINALE - Missed the penultimate part of Sonic & The Transformers Episode 1? Click here to read it.

STAR LORD: I can't believe it, they're getting away!

AMY: Nuts! <glares>

BUNNY: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown>

DON: Yeah, I agree lady.

COLIN: So now what? <helpless shrug>

ANTOINE: <also shrugs> There's no way we can go into space and catch them.

TAILS: Uh, where's Fiona? <looks around>

KIMBERLY: Hey, where did Team Rocket go?

ACE: What?!! <shocked>

JESSE DART: They took off and didn't tell us?

ROTOR: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

SONIC: <smacks forehead> Good grief...<quotes Charlie Brown>

SALLY: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Threepio in Star Wars>

And onboard the Decepticon spaceship still climbing through Mobius's gravity field.

BORF: At last, total victory is within my grasp.

TRYAX: Not yours, Borf...mine! <levels laser gun on him>

BORF: <sneers> I see that you've learned nothing Kahn.

TRYAX: Wrong, I planned a great deal. I won't miss this time either.

BORF: Beware Tryax, if you assassinate me, there will always be someone waiting to take you out.

TRYAX: Let them try if they dare. My time as leadership is now!

All of a sudden shimmering auras materialized out of nowhere then formed into Team Rocket and Fiona.

GANTU: We have intruders onboard!

JESSE: Get ready for trouble...

JAMES: Make it a double...

JESSE: To protect the world from devastation...

JAMES: To unite all people within all nations...

JESSE: To denounce all evil with truth and love...

JAMES: And extend our reach to the stars above...

JESSE: Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light.

JAMES: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

FIONA: <leers and poses> And me!

Before the startled grays could react or respond the twins and vixen in black unleashed the power of the magic taking out the computer controls as alarms went off on the bridge. Angered at this distraction to his quest of leadership Tryax struck out with force lightning zapping brother and sister who screamed then collapsed to the deck floor muttering...

TEAM ROCKET: It looks like we're blasting off again...<then pass out>

FIONA: No! <shock then anger> I'll teach you to harm my friends. <conjures up her powers>

But then she too was zapped by the energy bolts thrown by Tryax although she shielded herself from the assault momentarily slumping to knees, drained or exhausted from focusing on the magic to save herself but snapped her head back up to see Kahn get shot by Borf from behind and topple face-first to the deck floor as he yelled at his 2nd in Command.

BORF: Death to all traitors! <then brief glance at Fiona> And as for you, my dear...<sneers>

FIONA: <angry frown> Go ahead, make my day, punk. <quotes Clint Eastwood>

Suddenly Gantu and MegaMind called out from their stations on the bridge.

MEGAMIND: Starship losing power!

GANTU: Control's unresponsive!

BORF: What?!! <jerks head around>

A violent shudder passed through the vessel as its main engines went offline the spacecraft went into a stall regime as the nose pitched over then down, rocking side to side as the negative G's made everyone float helplessly off the floor bouncing off the ceiling and walls constantly.

BORF: Do something, regain control. <fear on his face>

GANTU: Impossible, engines do not respond.

MEGAMIND: Prepare for impact.

BEERUS: We're doomed...<quotes Threepio in Star Wars>

The supernova brothers, Crystal and Amber were frozen in fear realizing fate was about to deal them a bad hand so to speak. Fiona struggled against the G's swimming-style towards the hatch, got it open then dragged Team Rocket now conscious again preparing to make their escape but not before turning back to insult the grays one last time.

JESSE: Don't worry, we'll be sure to say hello to Ace for you.

JAMES: Happy crash landings.

FIONA: Not! <flips bird sign>

BORF: Stop them! <face contorted in anger>

Too late as the trio dove out the hatch and free-fell towards safety with the light-magic guiding them all the way down. On the ground everyone saw what was about to happen.

LOBO: The ship's out of control, it's coming down fast.

LUPE: It's going to crash! <panics>

ACE: Hit the deck, get down!

SALLY: Now, cover up! <drops prone>

One by one the friends dropped flat with hands clasped behind their necks like taking shelter from a tornado if caught in the open with no shelter to hide within...the starship hurtled overhead before crashing into the ground with tremors before ceasing all-together. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Rotor, Antoine, Bunny, Sally, Ace, Flash, Kimberly, Colin, Don, Jesse Dart, Star Lord, the Pack looked up, saw the results then jumped to their feet cheering and shouting as they pumped their fists up and down in the air.

ACE: The Decepticons are gone for good, our path home is free and clear.

JESSE DART: I wonder what happened? <confused>

BUNNY: Yeah, a mechanical failure of sorts?

ROTOR: I don't think so...look! <he points into the sky>

FLASH: Holy smokes! Team Rocket and Fiona.

Sure enough the trio came floating towards them waving all the way.

JESSE: Hey, Lucy I'm home! <quotes Ricky Ricardo>

JAMES: Did anybody miss us?

FIONA: We're back!

TAILS: Fiona, you did it! <excited>

AMY: Yes, you stopped the Decepticons. <also excited>

Once again we all cheered in victory then calmed down as I addressed them.

ACE: Good job my warriors. <high-five slaps and fist bumps>

FIONA: Hey, it was nothing. <grins or smirks> At least I got to put my skills and magic to the ultimate test.

TEAM ROCKET: Borf and horde are down for the 10-count and not getting back up to answer the bell.

Laughter broke out among everybody present...soon it was time for the Autobots to prepare for their journey home to Earth. Days later the entire population of New MoboTropolis came to see the terran heroes on their way as Max, Alicia, Dr Kintobor and the AFF gang, the Freedom Fighters, Wolf Pack Nation said their farewells to Kimberly, Don, Flash, Colin, Star Lord, Jesse Dart, Team Rocket as they shook hands, goodbye hugs, fist bumps all around but it was Ace choosing to stay behind, remain on Mobius to continue helping his wife look after their children and MewTwo also chose to remain on Mobius to serve and obey his new master.

PETER: Well, guess we'll see you again if or when we make plans on returning to Mobius.

ACE: Right, as of now you are the new Autobot leader and my warriors will follow you. <Peter nods>

PETER: Yes sir. <salutes me>

Then he had a tearful farewell with Amy who did not want to see him leave her but he promised not to forget her and would return one day soon, they hugged and kissed for the last time before Peter broke free and entered the Autobot vessel as the hatch slid closed.

IVO: Have a safe journey home, farewell!

AFF: Goodbye Autobots, we won't forget you! <shout at the same time>

WOLF PACK: <howl a sad goodbye>

MAX: Bon voyage, magic warriors of Earth!

ALICIA: Goodbye...<tears in her eyes>

Then the main engines came online as the spaceship rocketed away into the blue skies of Mobius then disappeared from view. Reaching outer space the vessel moved away from Mobius's gravity field then achieved hyper-space penetration leaping forth into light-speed and on its way back to the Sol system.

THE END - Ready to start reading Episode 2?

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