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Fan Fiction

Missed Chapter 4 Part 2? Click here to read it!

Without warning the Decepticons struck again, this time launching a surprise sneak attack like the Japanese forces did to Pearl Harbor in 1941 and like Al-Quidia did to New York City-Washington DC in 2001 when they hit a military base with lightning speed, taking out the defenders and military police then making off with stolen fuel stores back to RoboTropolis and with help from Eggman and his machine empire the Decepticon starship was refueled and Energon cubes stored inside the cargo hold.

EGGMAN: Well, looks like you're ready and set to depart for your own galaxy.

BORF: Indeed, thanks to all the help you gave me and my horde.

EGGMAN: It was a honor working with you sir. <salutes Borf>

BORF: <nods> When I get back to my own world, I'll be sure to have the Grand Council Woman bestow upon you whatever reward you desire.

EGGMAN: <evil grin> I already like the sound of that by now.

And inside Autobot headquarters at that same time...

ACE: SkyNet and Nicole have informed us the Decepticons are about to make their escape back to the Sol system.

SALLY: This is going to be a dangerous brawl, there may be injuries or worse.

ACE: If anybody wants to back out, don't hesitate to say so.

FIONA: No way! <glares> I'm not afraid of the dark arts. Where you go, I follow.

SONIC: Me too, all the way. <thumbs up>


KIMBERLY: That's the spirit.


TEAM ROCKET: We're ready too!

MEWTWO: <nods but said nothing>

ACE: to do the honors?

SALLY: <nods> Yes sir. <faces everyone then shouts> Autobots, transform!

Kimberly, James, Jesse, Jesse Dart, Flash Gordon, Colin Kintobor, Don Davis, Star Lord all transformed into cars & trucks then Sally and Ace morphed into the PeterBilt and Western Star semi trucks minus trailers, Fiona morphed into the Dodge Charger, blah-blah-blah...then we sped away to stop the enemy from escaping. We were soon joined by the Wolf Pack Nation as Lupe, Lobo, Canus, Reynard, Drago, Leeta, Lycos, Bergamo, Lavender, Basil in their monster truck forms of BigFoot, Gravedigger, USA-1, Taurus, Monster Patrol, Snakebite, Predator, blah-blah-blah...all of us rushing forth to intercept the forces of evil.

At the same time Borf was giving a brief speech to his minions with Robotnik, his robot soldiers, CuBot and OrBot watching.

BORF: Fellow Decepticons. The time has come for us to return to Earth and conquer the universe forever! <his warriors shout> Board the starship.

EGGMAN: Bon voyage! <waves farewell>

CUBOT & ORBOT: Have a safe journey home. <also wave goodbye>

Just then of course the Autobots appeared on the far horizon as we caught sight of our enemy making their departure.

ACE: <Western Star semi> Uh-oh, they're already boarding.

SALLY: <PeterBilt semi> Never! Not if we stop them...come on! <accelerates ahead of me>

ACE: Right with you honey! <follow my wife>

CUBOT: <hears noises - turns around> What-the?

ORBOT: Uh-oh...this is not good.

EGGMAN: Aaaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown> Not them again!

ACE & SALLY: Autobots, transform! <we both change back to normal selves at the same time>

The rest of our warriors readied themselves for battle once again as Borf and his minions gasped in shock at our presence.

BORF: Not now, not when I'm about to win the Big Game! <glares> Destroy them...<aims Infanto Ray gun>

ACE: Oh, no...not that again. <roll my eyes>

SALLY: <steps in front of me> You'll have to strike me down before you harm my husband. <glares>

BORF: No sweat, redhead. <sneers at her - she glares back>

TRYAX: No, she's mine. <glares> I have a score to settle with that wench.

SALLY: What?!! <eyes wide in anger> Oooooooh...<bared teeth snarl> Oh yeah, then come face me if you dare. <ignites her blue light-saber>

TRYAX: With pleasure. <sneers and ignites his red light-saber>

ACE: <ignites his green light-saber> It's just you and me Borf, as always.

BORF: Figured it would come down to this. <puts away Infanto Ray - ignites his red light-saber> You better get some help.

ACE: No way, that would make it too easy. <shrug> Only one of us is going back to save the universe.

BORF: It won't be you Ace. <rushes me>

TRYAX: Death to all Autobots! <attacks>

SALLY: No! <blocks his attacks> Death to all Decepticons, let the light shine!

Thus the rumble commenced once again as Autobots and Decepticons clashed in martial arts light-saber fighting exchanging blow for blow. Fiona displayed her magic skills for the first time engaging MegaMind in combat.

MEGAMIND: Whoever you are, you are no match for my powers.

FIONA: <sneers> Don't count on it. The light-side is strong within me.

MEGAMIND: Then prove it, show me what you got.

FIONA: this! <unleashes her attack>

Back and forth they brawled fiercely. The Pack held their own against the SwatBots, ComBots, ShadowBots with Sonic, Amy, Tails, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine. All the while Robotnik watching the whole show.

EGGMAN: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> Hope Borf can hold his own against Ace. <worried look>

Ace disarmed Borf then landed a Bruce Lee side kick knocking him onto his ass.

ACE: You're finished, Borf. Call it off...this is silly, ridiculous to be fighting like this.

BORF: Never, the dark arts will reign supreme forever. <then> Look out!

ACE: Huh? <I start to turn around>

All of a sudden Ravage jumped on my back, slamming me face-first into the ground growling menacingly and about to finish me off when he was sent flying away via force shove.

SALLY: No you don't! Get away from my husband, stupid feline!

It was Sally coming to my rescue having defeated Kahn who refused to submit to her will then vanished like a ghost chuckling evilly when Ravage attacked Ace forcing Sally to forget him for now. She helped me stand again asking if I was okay which I confirmed I was when Borf interrupted.

BORF: Oh, please...<rolls his eyes> I can't believe she married you in the first place. What gives?

ACE: What, jealous that we fell in love at first sight, that is was the king who decided his daughter was ready to tie the knots?

BORF: Huh?!! <eyes go wide>

SALLY: <leers> daddy arranged for me to marry Ace and now we have children to become magic users like us.

ACE: You have a problem with that, Borf old buddy?

BORF: <sneers> Not! <flips the bird sign>

Both of us gasped at this insult against us then he struck out with force lightning from his hands yet we shielded ourselves from the assault as he laughed evilly attempting to strike both birds with one stone so to speak when Sonic slammed into him as a spinning blue ball of fury!

SONIC: No one does that to my girlfriend & boss, not from you! <glares at him>

Beerus attacked to protect his leader from harm but Sonic dodged clear of the energy bolts thrown at him. Amy KO'd him briefly with her magic hammer as Star Lord cheered her on.

STAR LORD: It's out of here, a home run!

AMY: Yeah! <pumps her fist>

Just then Borf called a screeching halt to the brawling ordering his minions to escape onboard their spaceship and the Decepticons ran for it, the Autobots trying to stop them with light-magic and laser-fire. Once onboard their vessel the leader instructed the security officer to activate the main engines.

BORF: Blast off!

GANTU: Aye, sir! Engines online and full power.

With a roar of thrusters kicking in the Decepticon ship lifted off to the shock and horror of everyone looking on...I shouted in anger fist shaking into the sky.


END OF CHAPTER 4 - Stay tuned for Chapter 5!

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