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Fan Fiction

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MewTwo made his appearance before his master and wife spending time entertaining the babies by making them laugh as he made funny faces constantly. Sally asked how he came to serve Ace to which the Pokemon feline explained he was sort of like a genie who granted wishes for whoever was worthy and pure of heart. In reality he was the servant to Najarin the wizard sorcerer with whom he protected at all costs.

MEWTWO: I got to know Ace, Kimberly, Team Rocket, Flash, Don, Colin, Jesse Dart, Star Lord during their magic lessons with my master.

SALLY: That's amazing. And you too had the power to transform, awesome.

MEWTWO: Affirmative. When the war-games erupted on Earth between the Autobots and Decepticons my master ordered me to protect and serve Ace as my new boss.

ACE: That's true. Unfortunately he missed the flight to another galaxy when Najarin became sick-ill and he decided to stay behind and be with his master until he passed away.

SALLY: Oh no! <shocked then sad look> I'm sorry...<puts hand on MewTwo's own>

MEWTWO: Yes, Najarin passed away into the magic and I never saw him again. That's when I decided to fulfill my master's promise to protect Ace as the new boss.

SALLY: <smiles> And you can protect me as well because we are now a family. <MewTwo nods>

ACE: Looks like our babes are sleeping, better not disturb them.

We left the nursery bedroom retiring to the family room then Sally contacted Rosy who showed up in no time offering to watch over the babies once they awoke.

ROSY: Oh, never met you before. <notices MewTwo>

ACE: This is my bodyguard MewTwo who serves me. <the Pokemon nods>

ROSY: Oh my! <does double take> He wears the Autobot symbol too.

SALLY: <leers> I didn't know that myself until my husband pointed it out to me.

ACE: <shrugs> Well...nobody's perfect.

ROSY: <laughs> Of course. <then enters the nursery>

While she was keeping watch over the sleeping babes it was Sally and Ace enjoying their company making love as they always did before being married, after being wedded, blah-blah-blah. MewTwo vanished like a ghost deciding to check on his friends to see what they were up to. Star Lord was with Amy as usual having fun.

STAR LORD: I bet you would make a perfect Guardian yourself to join my team of Gamora, Mantis, Rocket, Drax and Groot.

AMY: <excited> You mean that? Wow! <kisses him> Now I know I love you, ah...yes. <happy sigh>

STAR LORD: If that was all right with your boss.

AMY: Oh, yeah. <grim look> Oh, well...we're still a great tag team, both of us. <leers>

STAR LORD: 10-4 good buddy. <CB trucker lingo>

They kissed and made love for awhile...then walked together hand-in-hand enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Jesse Dart was tinkering away with Rotor and Tails on inventions at the home of the inventor himself.

ROTOR: It's great having your skill and knowledge in technology.

JESSE DART: Aye-aye, as a cyborg I am programmed to know everything there is to be learned.

TAILS: And all this time I thought you were a terran person instead. <smirks>

JESSE DART: Right...<grins back>

ROTOR: <shakes his head> Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>

TAILS: <laughs> Good joke.

Afterwards Jesse took Tails for a spin around the block in Solstice form as the Blue Tornado pilot whooped it up in style while pretending to drive of course. All of a sudden Dart hit the brakes as Tails gasped in stun disbelief! Someone-somebody had appeared out of nowhere in the form of a lady fox clad in black tank top sleeveless T-shirt, finger-less gloves, belted pants and boots, Fiona Fox! The one-time recruit training to become a Freedom Fighter but was tempted-seduced by Anti-Sonic "Scourge" in the end and became a bad vixen instead, turned against her so-called friends including Tails with whom she broke his heart.

TAILS: Fiona?!! <recognizes her>

FIONA: Huuuuuh! <gasps like Doc Brown> Tails!

JESSE DART: <Solstice form> Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

FIONA: What? <scowls at unseen voice - looks around> Who said that, who's there?

TAILS: It's okay, Fiona. This is my friend Jesse Dart from another planet far away in outer space.

FIONA: Huh? <narrow eyed frown> Who?

Then the cyborg changed back to his normal self making Fiona cry out in shock and jump back in alarm then assume a martial arts stance.

FIONA: Hey! No one scares me like that. <glares> Get ready for a beating.

JESSE DART: Yo, chill out lady in black, whoever you are. <puts up his hands> I wish not to engage in combat with someone I do not know.

FIONA: Who are you...

TAILS: He is a cyborg person from a terran world called Earth. <starts to explain>

Jesse took over with narrative as Fiona listened still not knowing what to believe for the moment...until, that is when Dart finished the tale and she looked surprised.

FIONA: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> Is this true?

JESSE DART: Affirmative, what I showed you did indeed happen on my world far away and what's been happening here on Mobius.

FIONA: Wow! <eyes go wide> And you are magic to change into vehicles. <the cyborg nods> Cool...<now leers>

TAILS: So, what do you think?

FIONA: <shrugs> Really, I don't know what to think at first. But if what he showed me is true then I have no choice but to believe him.

JESSE DART: It'll take time getting used to being around the Autobots of Earth.

Next it was Fiona telling her story of betraying Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, forced to serve Scourge Hedgehog instead on both Destructix terrorist gang and the Suppression Squad Anti-Freedom Fighters gang all the way to the ending.

FIONA: And that's where my story ends for now.

JESSE DART: Anti-Sally did mention about the lady in black bossing her and teammates around, even worse than Scourge Hedgehog when he was making her obey his will.

FIONA: Oh, really? <frowns with hands on hips>

TAILS: Uh-oh...<nervous look> uh, time out. <steps in between them>

In the end Fiona offered to join the Autobot cause since she no longer worked with Scourge because he dumped her so to speak. Tails offered to take her back at his girlfriend even forgiving her for breaking his heart so long ago which made her cry in happiness and she hugged him, he hugged her back. Afterwards the vixen in black met Star Lord, Team Rocket, Don Davis, Flash Gordon, Kimberly, MewTwo and got to witness their skills in transformation for the first time then was introduced to Ace and Sally who welcomed her into the Autobot gang as a new recruit with Sally going so far as to accept her apologies for the wrong she did to her, Sonic and friends then welcomed her back into her gang too.

FIONA: I promise I will forever do my duties and follow your orders to the letter.

ACE: That's the spirit. How would you like to learn the magic arts? <Fiona looks excited>

SALLY: <leers> It will take time, patience and lots of practice to master the power within yourself.

FIONA: I can do it, I know I can! I am ready to study and learn.

ACE: So be it. Your lessons will begin whenever you wish to start.

And so...the vixen in black began her training under the teachings of Kimberly who showed her everything needed to know about the power of light-magic. How to let it flow through her and be protected by its force against the dark arts of evil magic, not to give into temptations or seductions, in other words feelings of anger or hate because the dark-side would trap her within its grasp. Fiona promised to not give into those feelings and the lessons continued each passing day. Finally, at last she was ready to demonstrate her skills in transformation.

KIMBERLY: Remember to focus upon your vehicle disguise as the magic will help you take on that form.

FIONA: Yes teacher, I am ready.

ACE: Good. Proceed then with transformation.

With everyone looking on the vixen in black concentrated, allowing the magic to guide her in the act of changing into vehicle form and in the blink of an eye she magically transformed into a gleming black Dodge Charger with engine block protruding from cut-out on the hood.

SONIC: No way...she did it.

AMY: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>

BUNNY: My goodness...she did it.

ANTOINE: Sacrableu!

ROTOR: She transformed into a muscle car.

SALLY: Amazing! <eyes wide>

TAILS: Way to go Fiona! <pumps fist>

FIONA: <Charger form> I did it, I did it, yes!

We all applauded for her then she transformed back to normal self and posed for another round of applause. Fiona felt proud of herself that she wanted to do the right thing in fighting evil rather than working with evil forces like Scourge. She was given her light-saber which when ignited a purple blade hummed to life since red was the color used by the Decepticons and besides the vixen liked purple anyway. Fiona was presented her Autobot symbol that was emblazoned onto her shirt.

ACE: You are now a full fledge member of the Autobots, congratulations. <I salute her>

FIONA: Thank you sir. <returns salute - tears in her eyes> I promise not to let you down or fail you.

KIMBERLY: No need to worry, you will perform your duties above and beyond the call to duty.

FIONA: Yes ma'am! <leers>

Everyone cheered-whooped it up pumping their fists. Afterwards I returned with my wife to check on our twins as Rosy informed us she fed them and they were sleeping again. She left and we gazed happily at our sleeping children then retired to the family room to make love again just for the fun of it. Max and Alicia stopped by but were shocked at our naked appearances, we quickly apologized for embarrassing them but the king and queen said no harm was done, they went into the nursery to see the babies then took their leave returning to the palace.

Meanwhile the Decepticons escaped once again, surviving a close shave of sorts by using the dark arts to break out of the collapsed mines taking with them Energon cubes filled with the Chaos crystal powers making it safely back to home base. Borf was hopping mad in a matter of speaking since he had no clue as to who dared threaten him and his horde multiple occasions.

BORF: First a tunnel collapsed on us when a unmanned runaway train crashed into the space-drive test rig ruining my chance of testing the ion-drive, and abandoned slave mine caves in too!

EGGMAN: Really, I have no clue myself. <shrugs> But you did survive both times.

BORF: Aye, that I did. <frowns> Beerus, how many cubes do we have in our possession?

BEERUS: My lord, from last count we have 1,000 cubes in storage. <Eggman and Borf gasp>

EGGMAN: Holy cow! <eyes wide behind dark glasses>

BORF: Whoa! <his own eyes wide too>

BEERUS: Enough to be stored in the cargo hold of our starship.

EGGMAN: Now all we need is rocket fuel to power the main engines. I'll have CuBot and OrBot start looking for certain sites to plunder. <walks off>

BORF: Soon, very victory will be within my grasp.

BEERUS: As you wish sir. <inclines his head>

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Chapter 4 Part 3?

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