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Fan Fiction

Missed Sonic and the Transformers Chapter 2 Part 4? Click here to read it.

BORF: Gather the Energon cubes, return to base. <instructs his minions to depart>

ACE: Stick it in neutral, Borf. You're not going anywhere.

BORF: Try and stop me Ace! <hurls force lightning at me>

I was able to deflect the bolts away from my person as my wife joined in attempting to protect me also from being hurt or worse.

SALLY: I'll teach you not to harm my husband! <throws light magic back at him> Take that!

Borf still shocked by hearing of Sally marrying to Ace was too slow to shield himself and stumbled off-balance momentarily sitting down hard on his ass that is. His minions were stunned for the moment then quickly retaliated opening fire with laser guns as Don, Colin, Star Lord, Kimberly, Jesse, Flash returned fire in kind. Soon a deadly game of laser tag commenced! Then of course the SwatBots, ShadowBots and ComBots joined in the fray attacking the Autobots but were met by Lupe and her family.

LOBO: You're not harming our terran friends, not without a fight!

DRAGO: Yeah, tin men...<sneers>

REYNARD: Eat this! <returns fire>

BERGAMO: And some of this too.

LAVENDER: <laughs>

BASIL: And here's some of mine too! <opens fire>

LUPE: That's it, boys. Show them who's boss.

LYCOS & LEETA: Yeah! <shout together>

The Pack ganged up on the robot soldiers using pro wrestling & hard-core wrestling moves taught to them by Colin, Flash, Star Lord, Jesse, Kimberly, Don, Ace and Team Rocket of course. MewTwo got in on the fun unleashing his magic with a fury.

MEWTWO: Death to the dark arts, let the light shine forever!

Back and forth the rumble raged on...when Borf took that opportunity to escape flying towards the ceiling where a catwalk spanning the length of the power plant led to a EXIT outside onto a causeway atop the dam itself. Unfortunately both Sally and Ace saw him getting away.

SALLY: Oh no he don't! <glares>

ACE: Right, let's take him.

We levitated towards the ceiling ourselves landing onto the catwalk as Borf spun to confront both of us. He slammed me with a force shove knocking Ace over the railing but I grabbed onto the bottom portion of the railing as Borf sneered down at me.

BORF: Any last words?

ACE: None you would want to hear Borf old buddy.

BORF: Nothing can stop me now, not even you!

SALLY: Wrong! I will stop you personally...<glares>

BORF: <sneers at her> Then go ahead, strike me down if you can, I won't even stop you.

ACE: Careful, do not give into his temptations. <caution my wife>

All of a sudden an explosion rocked the station throwing everyone off-balance momentarily! Tryax Kahn attempting to take out everyone with one shot, that is conjured a fireball orb then held it like a basketball.

TRYAX: So long Autobots, here's one spitball heading your way.

STAR LORD: Make my day, punk! <quotes Clint Eastwood>

Snarling, the 2nd in Command prepared to throw the orb at Peter Quill when Amy Rose intervened rushing at him, magic hammer cocked.

AMY: Bashing time!

TRYAX: What?!! <caught by surprise>

The impact of the weapon knocked the orb out of Kahn's gloved hands while at the same time sent him crashing face-first to the floor out cold. The projectile flew harmlessly through the air exploding against a nearby wall setting off blast-waves shaking the catwalk where Ace, Sally and Borf stood...I nearly got thrown off, almost lost my hold when a firm hand grasped my own and was Sally!

SALLY: I got you! <face contorted in effort> I won't let you fall.

ACE: Let the magic strengthen you, help you in saving my life. <she nods>

In seconds she pulled me up and over the railing back onto the catwalk again then embraced me in a tight hug a look of fear and relief on her face.

SALLY: I almost lost could've died.

ACE: You did well my former apprentice and wife.

At the same time Borf hearing the explosion looked down and seeing what happened yelled angrily at Kahn for being stupid.

BORF: You idiot, Tryax! Help save the Energon cubes, get them out of here!

That's when husband and wife charged him full tilt, cannon-balling into the Decepticon leader and knocking him out the EXIT onto the causeway outdoors where they faced off yet again.

ACE: You destroy everything you touch Borf.

BORF: Because everything I touch is food for my hunger, of power.

SALLY: No! We're going to end it once and for all.

Then like Jedi Master Obi-Wan and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker we ignited our green and blue light-sabers as Borf nodded, ignited his curved handled red light-saber then attacked as we blocked his thrusts again and again then thrust back forcing him on the defensive. Suddenly whooshing noises caught our attention making us look up briefly catching sight of MegaMind, Crystal, Amber, Gantu, Beerus, Tryax zooming away carrying the Energon cubes among them. Borf seeing us distracted lashed out quickly! First he wounded me then hit me with force lightning causing me to yell in pain before back-fisting me squarely in the kisser and I lost my balance, falling off the causeway down the side of the dam towards the lower riverbank. Sally cried in horror before she was assaulted with a force choke, lifted into the air in front of Borf who sneered.

BORF: Foolish wench, your skills are no match for the power of the dark arts. Have a nice swim!

Then he tossed her over the side of the dam laughing evilly before rising into the sky to join his teammates racing back to base. Sally and Ace struggled uselessly against the currents carrying them downstream away from the dam when rescue came in the form of Team Rocket and MewTwo! The twins lifted Sally out of the waters supporting her between them onto dry land as the pokemon feline carried me to safety.

JESSE: You okay? <worried look> What happened up there.

SALLY: Ace and I tried stopping Borf but he overwhelmed us with the dark arts. <glowers>

JAMES: Ah, nuts! <angry look> That bully deserves a good beating. <bangs fist into gloved palm>

MEWTWO: Master, are you okay?

ACE: Yes, for now I am. Thanks for saving my life.

MEWTWO: <half bows> Certainly, sir. I would not allow you to perish.

By that time the rest of our friends joined us all pissed off that the Decepticons gave them the slip again. But Sally and I assured everyone the important thing was no lives were lost.

SALLY: At least the dam did not fail, thanks to teamwork of Bunny and Jesse.

BUNNY: Asta-la-vista, baby. <quotes the T-800>

JESSE DART: I'll be back. <quotes the T-850>

ACE: So let's return to the city and inform the king and queen at once. Autobots, transform.

Once again we changed into cars and trucks making our way back to New MoboTropolis and made the report to his and her majesty who were happy to hear their city and Station Square were spared from certain disaster.

ALICIA: Well done all of you. I'm sure the people of Station Square thank you too.

MAX: Yes, good job.

SALLY: Of course mom, dad.

ACE: It was the least we could do sir, ma'am.

MAX: Why don't both of you take it easy for awhile, unwind and relax.

ACE: We'll do that sir.

SALLY: I think I have just the idea. <leers>

ALICIA: Have fun my dear.

So speaking...Sally and Ace went to Uncle Chuck's Diner-Bistro on Main Street where we enjoyed burgers-fries-shakes and swapped stories like the old times. Meanwhile Borf and horde returned to RoboTropolis stockpiling the Energon cubes in storage then taking it easy after another showdown with their rivals. Borf contacted his boss updating the Grand Council Woman of the status of the mission.

THE END OF CHAPTER 2. Onward, to Chapter 3! Click here

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