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Fan Fiction

Missed the end of Sonic and the Transformers Chapter 2? Click here to read it.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Good job in adding more stolen resources to your collection.

BORF: Thank you boss. <kneels in her presence>

COUNCIL WOMAN: So you defeated both Ace and Sally Acorn at the same time, that's impressive.

BORF: They thought they could easily take me down, I proved them wrong. <sneers>

COUNCIL WOMAN: Of course...<nods> however do not underestimate the powers within your rivals.

BORF: <nods> As you wish...otherwise it would be my undoing. <his boss nods>

They continued chatting then the Grand Council Woman faded away like a ghost once the transmission ended. Borf wondered what Ace was doing at the moment, that is if he survived the death plunge.

BORF: I doubt he will dare interfere again in my quest...on the other hand, I think I'll spy on him and see what he's up to.

He did just that reaching out through the dark arts until seeing a vision before his eyes. He saw Ace and Sally dancing or waltzing to music from a jukebox inside a diner establishment holding each other close with heads resting on their shoulders while rocking side to side.

BORF: Ah, isn't that cute...<grins to himself> they love each other, THEY WHAT?!! <reacts in shock surprise>

He continued staring at the vision in his mind trying to comprehend what he was seeing at the moment. Then he recalled the redhead female threatening him about attacking her so-called husband and lashing out with magic powers of her own. Could it be? Was she too a magic user in the light-side?

BORF: No...impossible. How did she learn the magic arts that easily, huh? Did Ace teach her how to master the power, instruct her how to use a light-saber too?!!

He snapped back to reality shaking his head - blinking his eyes to clear his mind that is...all the while bewildered of what he witnessed. Then decided not to dwell on the matter any longer otherwise it would interfere with his quest of conquering the universe. Instead he went to make another inspection of his spaceship noticing it was completely refurbished so to speak with repairs done to both the outer and inner fuselage with the ComBots, ShadowBots, SwatBots standing at attention and Dr Robotnik beaming proudly.

EGGMAN: Sir! <salutes him> Your vessel is fully functional once again. All repairs have been completed as you ordered.

BORF: Excellent. <nods> You've done well Robotnik. <Eggman nods> My boss will reward you.

EGGMAN: Thank you my lord. I inspected the Energon cubes and you got lots of them glowing and humming merrily away.

BORF: I know, just waiting to help me rule the Sol system. <sneers>

In the meantime...Ace and Sally were walking home together when my wife exclaimed with eyes wide and startled expression on her face.

SALLY: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> Good grief...<quotes Charlie Brown>

ACE: Honey, what's wrong? <worried look>

SALLY: I think, I believe I'm pregnant. <gives me a happy look>

ACE: What, you are?!! <I am shocked as she nods> YeeHaaw! <shout the Dukes of Hazzard yell>

SALLY: Yes! <pumps her fists> I'm going to have babies. <happy tears in her eyes>

ACE: And I'm going to be a father.

We hug each other and laugh with tears running down our faces. Immediately we went to Castle Acorn and gave the good news to Max and Alicia who were also surprised and happy.

ALICIA: That's wonderful, I can't wait to see them when they arrive.

MAX: Indeed, like when you were born to me and my wife so long ago.

SALLY: I remember that moment too as if it were today or yesterday.

ACE: Now it's a waiting game until the first signs of labor childbirth commences. <the king and queen nod>

MAX: Let us know when your wife starts having contractions and we'll rush her immediately to the hospital. <I nod>

ALICIA: Good luck my dear. <hands on her daughter's shoulders>

SALLY: Thank you mom. <tears in her eyes - she hugs her>

Afterwards we left the palace returning to Acorn's residence in the neighborhood district where we settled down to normal routines deciding not to inform our teammates about the arrival of our children until it was time to do so. Instead however we took it easy step-by-step, day-by-day of course. Sally rested comfortably on the bed in her bedroom as I lay beside her gently stroking her stomach torso feeling the embryo life-forms within her being.

SALLY: It's going to be difficult or hard being a mother of my newborn as well as fighting the Decepticons at the same time to defend Mobius.

ACE: I know...the same thing for myself of becoming a father and leading the Autobots into battle.

SALLY: But we can do it, the light-side will guide us to victory against the dark-side of magic.

ACE: <nod> The magic is strong within us and our newborn infants too. <we kiss each other> was Peter Quill and Amy Rose hanging out at Chuck's Diner enjoying food and conversations.

AMY: I really let Tryax Kahn have it so to speak. <leers> He didn't know what hit him.

PETER: You did excellent, partner. <fist bumps her> That hammer of yours does indeed KO the enemy.

AMY: Yup...sure does.

PETER: I'm having fun when I'm with you.

AMY: Me too, Star Lord. Together we make a terrific team against the forces of evil.

In another table & booth were Tails, Jesse, Kimberly, Don, Flash, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor, Team Rocket.

JAMES: This place reminds me of diners back in the 1950s decades on our world.

JESSE DART: Yeah, Rock & Roll so to speak.

TAILS: It does?

JESSE: Sure does dude.

ROTOR: So far you've stopped Borf and his horde from harming innocent lives in MoboTropolis and Station Square.

ANTOINE: Aye, and yet they keep getting away with stolen resources. <scowls>

DON: True, but we will continue protecting your world from the grays. <Antoine nods>

BUNNY: That was amazing how Team Rocket and MewTwo rescued both our leaders from drowning.

TAILS: Yeah, falling off the dam into the lower riverbank, that must've been frightening.

FLASH: Borf will pay dearly for trying to destroy our leaders like that. <glowers>

Everyone agreed that vengeance would be taken against the opposition but careful not to give into emotions of anger or hate that the dark arts fed upon. All of a sudden MewTwo appeared like a ghost along with Nicole with shocking news.

NICOLE: Sally has gone into labor, she's in the hospital, about to have babies.

Everyone stared with wide eyes and mouths agape!

MEWTWO: I was there when Sally started having contractions and informed her parents so they got her quickly to the hospital.

NICOLE: I can't believe she's going to be a mother, Sally that is. <beams proudly>

STAR LORD: Holy cow! She's going to have babies.

AMY: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown>

TAILS: Wow! <excited look on his face>

At that same time at MoboTropolis General Hospital Sally was in the delivery room undergoing the painful sessions of pushing against the muscles to help the newborns leave her womb occasionally breathing-panting rapidly to take her mind off the pain as instructed by the nurses and doctors working on her then pushing again. Ace was there coaching her on, holding her hand in his, wiping the sweat off her face and hair constantly, blah-blah-blah. At last the infants emerged crying as they were wiped clean then wrapped in warm blankets and briefly given to Sally who smiled with tears in her eyes holding them gently in her arms gazing down upon them with her husband also smiling happily.

ACE: We did it honey...

SALLY: Yes, we did. <weakly kisses him> Thank you...Autobot leader.

ACE: You're welcome, Freedom Fighter leader.

Then I was told to leave and wait for my wife in the recovery room which I complied. It didn't take long before she was wheeled into the bedroom and maneuvered onto the bed while nurses inserted I.V. needle and fluids were then flowing from the bag through tube into the needle then into her forearm wrist as she slowly recovered from the labor birth eyes closed and asleep. I instantly received hologram visions of my comrades congratulating me and Sally on a job well done in giving birth to our newborn children then Nicole and MewTwo made their presence known.

MEWTWO: Well done master, congratulations, you are now a father.

ACE: Yeah, I am.

NICOLE: <gazes upon her creator> I'm so happy for you, Sally. <tears in her eyes> Good job.

ACE: Duh? A Mobian program that experiences feelings-emotions?

NICOLE: Uh-huh, I do have those feelings all the time.

MEWTWO: I didn't know that...<raises eyebrow like Mr Spock> that's logical. <to me> So what now?

At the moment I (Ace) did not know what to do but decided to play it by ear so to speak...while at the same time inside Decepticon HQ it was Borf and his minions who witnessed the shocking events.

GANTU: Oh my god! She gave birth to babies?

MEGAMIND: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

TRYAX: This is bad...<grim look>

BEERUS: You said it.

GARY: What do we do about it?

BORF: We do nothing for now. That is not our concerns about Ace starting a family of sorts, we must not interfere.

SCORCH: Okay, you're the boss.

AMBER: <to his mistress> What do you think?

CRYSTAL: <shrugs> Beats me...

EGGMAN: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Threepio in Star Wars>

CUBOT & ORBOT: Uh-huh...<say together>

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Chapter 3 Part 2?

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