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Fan Fiction

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But unbeknown to Borf and his minions, as they made plans to strike out at the dam and power plant station that supplied electricity to New MoboTropolis and Station Square respectively it was the Wolf Pack Nation who sensed a tremor in the magic warning them of the dark arts about to make another attack.

BERGAMO: We better get in touch with the Autobots pronto! We can't let the Decepticons strike again.

REYNARD: Aye, Lupe and I'll do the honors, the rest of you see if you can sense where Borf and his horde will launch their attack.

LOBO: Wilco, good luck in warning Ace. <salutes his 2nd in Command and wife>

LUPE: Good luck to all of us. May the magic be with us. <returns salute>

Then it was she and Reynard disguised as the BigFoot monster truck (Lupe) and the Gravedigger monster truck (Reynard) speeding towards MoboTropolis while Bergamo, Basil, Lavender, Drago, the twin sisters Lycos and Leeta prepared to head off the enemy forces leaving Marcus, Maria, Aerial and Athena safely at home and under the protection of Canus the bodyguard and master chef. In no time Lupe and Reynard reached the Mobian capital but were informed the Autobots were at Freedom HQ as their new home base which surprised the grand chief and 2nd in command momentarily.

REYNARD: What, I didn't know Ace moved into Sally's former HQ.

NICOLE: Affirmative, she loaned the usage of her hideout to Ace as his HQ.

LUPE: Is he there now? <Nicole nods> Thanks, we on our way! <she and Lupe speed away again>

NICOLE: Good luck! <calls after them then disappears>

Soon the two wolves were inside the hideout quickly informing Ace of Borf's planned attack against the dam and power plant.

REYNARD: The others are on their way but agreed not to engage the enemy until you arrive first.

ACE: Right, even though all of you are now strong in the light-side this is going to be a challenge.

KIMBERLY: SkyNet, where's the fastest way to get to the dam?

SKYNET: I'm transmitting the coordinates now, ma'am. <brings up holograms> This should take you there in no time.

KIMBERLY: Thanks, time to save the universe.

MEWTWO: All right, now's my chance to engage the opposition in combat.

JAMES & JESSE: Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light! <Jesse> Surrender now or prepare to fight! <James>

LUPE: Aye! <leers> Let's roll.

REYNARD: This is going to be fun. <quotes Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 2>

In seconds a convoy of cars, trucks, a Western Star 5700 semi (Ace), a PeterBilt 379 semi (Sally), and two monster trucks accelerated top speed en route to link up with the other Pack members waiting for them. At the same time the Decepticons touched down beside the upper riverbank not far from the spillway flood gates.

BORF: Who's going to create the waves?

AMBER: Allow me, sir. <half bows> White caps coming up. <dives into the water>

CRYSTAL: Careful down there. <calls to her pet who nods>

The reptoid alien reached the muddy bottom then calling upon the dark-side to obey his command sent out tremor vibrations that formed into rapids rushing towards the flood gates.

BORF: It's working, excellent. <sneers> Decepticons, to the power plant. <leads his horde>

EGGMAN: <aboard his EggMobile> I got my front row seat to watch all the action.

They raced away...then moments later the Autobots, Sally and the Wolf Pack Nation arrived on-site changing back to normal selves.

ACE: Right, we got to work fast.

COLIN: You think the...<starts to ask me something>

All of a sudden a powerful blast rocked the ground making all of us jump! Looking around for the source of the explosion we lifted our heads upward when a familiar evil voice taunted us.

BORF: Hello, hello down there...ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

It was Borf all right, having fired a shot from his deadly Infanto Ray gun narrowly striking down Ace and shrinking him back into his boyhood self of Dexter again.

SALLY: How dare you shoot at my husband! <glares angrily with clenched fist> I'll get you for that.

BORF: Huh?!! <shocked look as Sally nods> You, you're married to him? <points at me as I nod>

ACE: Surprise! <leers> If it was my wife you shot at, I would not be too happy.

BORF: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

Eggman upon hearing the same shocking news gasped with eyes wide behind his dark glasses.

EGGMAN: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> I didn't know this. This is going to be a lot harder than I think. <grim look>

SALLY: <leers> There's no way we're going to let you destroy the dam and cause destruction to my city and that of Station Square.

BORF: I have no intention of doing that, redhead. <she glares defiantly at him> I'm only here to steal resources, nothing more.

EGGMAN: Asta-la-bye-bye! <gives the bird sign then flies away laughing>

Borf too zoomed away laughing evilly until both he and the dictator were gone from sight.

ACE: There's your answer Colin.

COLIN: Oh, great...<scowls then rolls his eyes>

FLASH: Wait, the dam's under attack! <points to the structure>

We stared in shock horror at the sight of geysers or fountains of water spilling forth from the flood gates into the lower riverbank beneath the structure but the frightening sight was micro-cracks beginning to spread across the face of the dam itself, a dangerous sign of structural failure.

JESSE: I'm on it! <rises into the sky>

ACE: Autobots, to the air! <lead my gang>

SALLY: Right with you honey! <follows me>

One by one the heroes of Earth and Mobius took off in the direction of the power plant station located below the dam where Mobian workers were startled as the Decepticons broke down the door entering the facility with laser guns aimed at the workers and bosses.

BORF: Knock-knock. <sneers> I am Borf, leader of the Decepticons. Do not interfere and you will not be harmed.

EGGMAN: Yeah, if you know what's good for you. <sneers also> Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho!

While back at the upper riverbank it was Flash Gordon frowning at the rapids rushing past his boots. With him was Sonic and Tails who joined him.

FLASH: Is the river supposed to behave like that?

TAILS: Negative, not full of rapids. Always normal, peaceful flowing.

SONIC: Unless something evil is hiding beneath the surface.

FLASH: I'll check it out. <dives into the water>

TAILS: Be careful Flash! <calls after him - he nods>

SONIC: Good hunting!

The hero of Earth and planet Mongo swam down towards the muddy bottom and instantly caught sight of Amber stirring up trouble in a matter of speaking. The alien reptoid sensed his presence, spun to confront him and both began fighting underwater! At the same time it was Jesse Dart about to prevent the dam from failing, assisting him was Bunny DeCollette of course.

JESSE: Right, let's stop those cracks from spreading further. <readies his magic staff>

BUNNY: Ready to fire on your mark, say the word. <tips her hat like Indiana Jones>

JESSE: Now! <shouts>

Bunny transformed her right robotic forearm-wrist-hand into a cannon and shot forth beams of energy at the same time Jesse sent twin bursts of magic from both ends of his AstroBat. By working together they were able to seal up the cracks faster than they could spread across the face of the dam until the entire surface was covered completely.

BUNNY: Yes, we did it.

JESSE: Yeah, two cyborgs save cities from destruction. <both slap high-five>

BUNNY: Okay, let's go help the others.

JESSE: I got your 6:00 covered. <they zoom through the sky>

While back at the riverbank Tails and Sonic were startled when a reptoid creature burst out of the river in a giant spray of white mist causing both Freedom Fighters to fall onto their butts in shock then fly away ignoring their presence for the moment.

SONIC: What the heck?!! Who was that!

TAILS: <reacts in alarm> Flash! <sees him struggle to the surface - about to go under again> Hang on, I'm coming! <dives into the water>

SONIC: Oh no! <panics>

He watched as his sidekick partner grabbed onto Gordon then using the strength of his spinning tails carried the brother of Ace onto dry land. Once there he and Sonic performed CPR lessons taught to them by the Autobots of course to save lives and seconds later Flash coughed, spat out water, gasped to breathe then slowly resumed normal breathing before opening his eyes.

FLASH: Whoa, that was a close shave the man said to the barber.

TAILS: You okay? <worried look>

FLASH: I think so, for the moment. <slowly sits up> Don't know who that creature was I was fighting underwater, really beat me up good.

SONIC: I haven't a clue as to who he was either. <shrugs>

TAILS: He didn't hurt you too bad, did he?

FLASH: <checks himself over with his magic> Nope, nothing injured on the inside or outside of me. <gets to his boots>

SONIC: Hey, we better go help our comrades at the power plant in case they need us. <takes off running downhill> See you there!

FLASH: Roger! <rises into the sky followed by Tails> Ready? <he nods> Let's roll! <shouts the battle cry of United Flight 93>

And together they took off following the fastest thing alive to join up with their teammates to combat the forces of evil.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready to read Sonic and the Transformers Chapter 2 Part 5? Click here.

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