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Fan Fiction

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Another spaceship penetrated Mobius's atmosphere and landed near the outskirts of RoboTropolis where two grays emerged, one a female being named Crystal, the other a creature resembling a reptoid being named Amber (Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders movie) exited their vessel and looked about in confusion for the moment.

AMBER: I wonder where we are? Don't know if I've ever seen this place before.

CRYSTAL: Me too, but the dark arts revealed this is where Borf and his minions have set up their base.

The sister to MegaMind reached out through the dark-side attempting to contact her sibling and in no time felt his presence.

CRYSTAL: MegaMind, are you there?

MEGAMIND: <voice answers back in her mind> Sis, is that you? What are you doing here.

CRYSTAL: Mom asked me and Amber to come help Borf and his horde.

MEGAMIND: Oh! <sounds surprised> I'll come find out, stay where you are.

AMBER: <nods to himself>

In short order the super genius appeared astride his SpeederBike (Star Wars) surprised to see his sister and pet guardian.

MEGAMIND: Cool, nice of you to join the party.

AMBER: Thanks, I guess. What is this place anyway? <gestures>

MEGAMIND: Welcome to RoboTropolis, a nightmare city like something out of the Twilight Zone.

CRYSTAL: No, I think he means the name of this planet. <Amber nods>

MEGAMIND: Ah, welcome to Mobius. A world populated by anthropomorphic people called Mobians. Our leader is working with a dictator named Eggman Robotnik.

In no time Amber and Crystal with MegaMind were reporting to Borf who said the boss was sending reinforcements to help fight against Ace and the Autobots.

BORF: We are in the process of stealing energy resources from this planet to rule the Sol system back home, Dr Robotnik is offering his services to the cause.

EGGMAN: Aye, that I am. <beams proudly>

CRYSTAL: We will be honored to serve the cause of the Decepticons.

AMBER: Yes sir! <salutes>

BORF: Excellent. Now if you'll excuse me I need to speak with Beerus alone.

He left with his bodyguard in tow while Amber and Crystal wandered about HQ as MegaMind updated his sister on the sequence of events that transpired recently. Inside Borf's chamber...

BORF: I need you to come up with a list of sites so I can decide on where to steal more resources.

BEERUS: I can do that my lord. I'll create a list for you in no time, in fact, I'll access SkyNet's data banks at Autobot HQ.

BORF: Good, make sure no one detects your presence and tries stopping you. <Beerus nodded> May the dark arts be with you.

Then he was gone flying away from home base as a MQ-9 Reaper unmanned drone en route to Autobot HQ. In no time he came into view of the base but at first appeared confused.

BEERUS: Huh? That can't be Autobot headquarters, is it? <circles and scans> Then again, maybe it is.

He landed then using the dark-side to gain entrance passed through the main door invisible that is...until reaching the Command Center. Summoning Ravage to his side the two got to work with Ravage inserting himself into the hard-drive system and bringing forth images of different sites around Mobius as Beerus downloaded the data.

BEERUS: This way the boss will have no trouble choosing his next target.

Once satisfied that he had enough locations he ordered Ravage to eject from the hard-drive then together they flew back to RoboTropolis. In the meantime the Anti-Freedom Fighters of Anti-Sally and Anti-Tails crossed over to MoboTropolis because they wanted to hangout with Team Rocket getting to know the twins a lot better that is. James and Jesse told stories about magic creatures called Pokemons that trainers like themselves and Ash Ketchum would capture using PokeBalls then teach them how to use their magic in combat duels against other trainers.

JESSE: Each time you won a tournament you would earn a badge of honor.

ANTI-TAILS: Wow, and you did that on your world? Cool.

JAMES: You got that right dude.

ANTI-SALLY: When did you start training in the magic arts?

JESSE: That's after we retired from Pokemon tournaments and began our magic lessons with Ace and company.

JAMES: Our teacher was a wizard sorcerer named Najarin who instructed us how to use the magic in combating evil.

ANTI-TAILS: Like the dark arts? <James nods>

JESSE: How not to give into emotions of confusion, fear, anger, hate, suffering that the dark-side fed upon.

ANTI-SALLY: Uh-oh...<worried look>

JAMES: If you were tempted or seduced by the dark-side you would become a helpless slave to its magic, unable to resist or escape.

JESSE: How come you made war upon the good Freedom Fighters?

Anti-Sally explained how her so-called boyfriend Anti-Sonic wanted to get back at his good counterpart and thus the AFF battled the FF on numerous occasions only to be defeated time and time again by Sonic, Tails, Amy, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine and Sally of course. How Anti-Sonic disappeared mysteriously leaving Anti-Sally in charge of things so to speak momentarily.

ANTI-SALLY: I first tried offering Anti-Geoffrey St Croix to be my 2nd in Command but it didn't turn out the way I planned, so I dumped him instead.

JESSE: I see, go on.

ANTI-TAILS: Then Anti-Sonic returned unexpectedly but had changed into a green-colored hedgehog and changed his name to Scourge.

JAMES: Huh, Scourge Hedgehog? <Anti-Tails nods>

ANTI-SALLY: He brought with him his new girlfriend Fiona Fox who betrayed Sonic and his gang when Scourge tempted her to join him instead. Thus she became his so-called Queen while he proclaimed himself as King Scourge. <glowers> I still remember that moment.

JESSE: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

Alicia and Miles went on with the tale...using the stolen Star Globe transporter to cross over to Mobius Prime and attack the Freedom Fighters inside their headquarters base, engage in a brief rumble which forced Sally and gang to evacuate their base briefly. Then of Anti-Tail's plot to get rid of King Scourge because he hated being bossed around constantly and asked Sally and her gang to help which she reluctantly agreed.

ANTI-TAILS: Unfortunately Scourge began beating all of us down despite our attempts to defeat him until Sonic KO'd him then I tossed both of them through the portal.

TEAM ROCKET: You what?!!

ANTI-SALLY: I figured that if Sonic could defeat Scourge on our world then by the time we showed up...<pauses> well, we were in for a big surprise of sorts.

Thus she explained how she, Anti-Rotor, Anti-Antoine, Anti-Tails, Sally, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine, Tails came upon Super Scourge morphed by the powers of the dark chaos crystals and sprawled around him were Amy, Sonic, Silver, Rosy, Shadow, etc. Then he started beating up the rest of both gangs for the fun of it. Until at last, Sonic got him to deplete his magic restoring him back to his normal self in the end.

ANTI-SALLY: After he got locked away in the Zone Prison we were ordered by Dr Kintobor to return the stolen Star Globe transporter back to his clinic which we agreed to do so, then with nothing else to do for the moment the good Robotnik offered us a job to work with him.

ANTI-TAILS: Since then we've been helping Kintobor all the time.

JAMES: That's good to know. So you don't know what became of the vixen in black. <Anti-Sally shook her head>

JESSE: Who knows what happened to her.

ANTI-SALLY: Who cares...<shrugs> I want nothing more to do with her anyway.

Then Kintobor contacted Alicia and Miles insisting they return because he needed their help again so they said goodbye to Team Rocket before teleporting away back to their own world. That left the twins on their own for awhile before wandering about New MoboTropolis to see what their friends were up to. Meanwhile inside Decepticon headquarters Beerus was showing his boss the 3D illusions of target sites.

BORF: Good work Beerus, these will suffice for now.

BEERUS: As you wish my lord.

BORF: This dam and power plant station will do nicely in creating Energon cubes. From what it says here, the power capacity is one million megawatts.

BEERUS: Precisely what we need.

TRYAX: <protests> But that's not enough electrical power to even make the cubes.

BORF: Your knowledge is only overshadowed by your stupidity Kahn. We are going to create a tidal wave, one that will send enough power surging through that dam to make all the Energon cubes we need! We attack the dam when I say we are ready to move out.

EGGMAN: Let the darkness grow!

TRYAX: Yes sir...<reluctantly agrees>

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready to move on to Sonic and the Transformers Chapter 2 Part 4? Click here

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