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Fan Fiction

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Later in the day I (Ace) and Sally took Team Rocket and MewTwo to pay a friendly visit to the Wolf Pack Nation where the twins and pokemon feline met Grand Chief Lupe and her family, got to hear all the exciting tales told by Lupe herself, blah-blah-blah. Then the former pack leader described how she, Sonic and Don Davis blew up Borf's ion-drive system.

LUPE: So we fired up this abandoned train and headed towards the tunnel where the space-drive test rig was situated, then at the last possible second jumped clear from the cab sending it hurtling headlong into the ultimate weapon blowing everything up.

MEWTWO: Whoa! That must've been a big bang all right.

JAMES: Yeah, talk about bringing the house down.

LUPE: <grins> Something like that sir. I doubt the Decepticons will construct another device to test out their ion-drive.

JESSIE: Guess you made him hopping mad, Borf I mean.

LOBO: My wife sure did make him hopping mad all right. <he and his wife laugh>

MEWTWO: <laughs too> I can almost see it right now.

LOBO: So when will you get to use your powers against the dark arts?

JESSIE: Soon enough, that is when Borf makes another move against this planet.

JAMES: Team Rocket and MewTwo will be ready 24/7. That is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LUPE: Of course. I know that too.

ACE: Oh far out. <roll my eyes>

SALLY: <leers> For sure, future husband of mine.

Then we returned to New MoboTropolis and checked in with our comrades who were doing fine for the moment. Meanwhile Sally and Ace went before the king and queen to discuss plans of marriage since Sally believed she was ready to be wedded to Ace and start a happy family very soon. Her parents liked the idea and agreed to make arrangements immediately then his majesty would make a formal announcement to his citizens of the royal wedding so to speak.

MAX: This will be the exciting moment in recorded Mobian history when our daughter weds the magic terran hero from another galaxy far away.

ALICIA: May both of you be happy and look forward to seeing your newborn babies when they come.

SALLY: Thank you mom, dad. <tears in her eyes> I will make both of you proud of me. <hugs them both>

ACE: That goes for me too sir, ma'am. <shake the king's hand>

Then he made me kneel in his presence as I did so dropping to one knee with head lowered in respect as he drew his sword from its sheath and stood before me with his wife and daughter watching as he knighted me so to speak tapping my shoulders with the flat part of the blade.

MAX: From this day forth, you, Ace shall forever be my son-in-law and permanent member of the Royal Family of Acorn. Rise my son. <I did so> Congratulations. <shakes my hand again>

ACE: I am honored to be part of your family, dad.

ALICIA: Congratulations. <hugs me>

SALLY: Yes! <happy tears in her eyes>

Hours or minutes later within the amphitheater coliseum before crowds of Mobian citizens including Dr Kintobor and the Anti-Freedom Fighters...the wedding ceremony commenced with I (Ace) wearing my father's tailored suit (Gerald Robotnik that is - "Sonic-X") as I stood before the alter waiting the arrival of my bride who was getting ready backstage that is as her mother made last minute touch-ups to her wedding gown.

ALICIA: There, that should do it. <looks into the mirror> How lovely you look in that dress, the same one I wore on my wedding day long ago.

SALLY: It's beautiful, I like it. <wipes at her eyes> I'm ready to be escorted down the aisle.

MAX: Ah, you ready dear? <stands in open doorway>

SALLY: Ready as I'll ever be. <approaches him>

ALICIA: I'll see you at the alter, honey. <blows her a kiss as door closes>

MAX: Shall we? <offers his arm>

SALLY: Let's do it. <takes it>

Then with Rosy Woodchuck playing the wedding march on the organ and all rising as one in honor, all eyes fixed on the center stage up front...King Acorn appeared with Sally at his side carrying the bouquet in her hands as they approached me waiting for them. Max stopped next to me, disengaged his arm from Sally and said.

MAX: Good luck to both of you, make me proud.

ACE: Wilco, dad. <salute the king - he returns it>

SALLY: Bye...<waves to her father>

Then it was Ari Ram (Sonic SatAM Season 2 Game Guy & The Void) acting as minister presiding over the ritual.

ARI: Fellow Mobians. We are gathered here on this special occasion to witness the marriage of Sally Acorn and Ace Robotnik as they prepare to meet their destiny whatever it may be. If there is anybody-anyone who believes these lovers should not be married let them speak now or hold their tongue. <no one objects>

Charles Hedgehog then came forth carrying a small box handed it to Ari who took it, opened the box to reveal two golden wedding rings that he took and showed them to Sally and myself then facing me, said.

ARI: With this ring, I thee wed...

ACE: <take the ring - face my bride> With this ring, I thee wed. <place it on her index finger>

ARI: With this ring, I thee wed...

SALLY: <takes the ring - face her groom> With this ring, I thee wed. <place it on my index finger>

We then faced Ari who addressed both of us, first me...

ARI: Do you Ace, son of Robotnik, take this woman Sally Acorn to be your wedded wife to love, cherish, honor for as long as you shall live?

ACE: I do...

ARI: Do you Sally, daughter of Acorn, take this man Ace Robotnik to be your wedded husband to love, cherish, honor for as long as you shall live?

SALLY: I will...<tears again in her eyes>

ARI: Then I humbly pronounce you husband and wife. Ace, you may kiss the bride.

I faced Sally as she smiled at me, lifted the veil from her face then leaned in close, our lips touched and we kissed as a big "OH-AH" went up from all witnesses. We turned to face the assembly as Ari Ram said.

ARI: Congratulations to both of you, Mr and Mrs, uh...<pauses then asks us> what last name should I refer to you as, Acorn or Robotnik?

We looked at each other in confusion and shrugged. Finally it was Sally who said.

SALLY: I choose Robotnik to be our last names, of course if that's all right with my parents. <looks to her parents for approval - they both nod>

ARI: Congratulations Mr and Mrs Robotnik!

Everyone cheered and applauded as we raised our clasped hands high in the air. Afterwards a grand feast was held at the palace with the Wolf Pack Nation, Ivo and the AFF, the Autobots, and Freedom Fighters as guests of honor listening to stories told by myself about Disney and Universal theme parks from USA, France, Japan, China, etc. Then Sally and I had our first waltz with an orchestra playing music for us then Max danced with his daughter and Alicia waltzed with me. Finally when everyone left for their homes...the happy couple retired to Sally's house where we relived the wedding.

SALLY: We did it, at last we are husband and wife, yes!

ACE: Our destiny has been fulfilled. Now to wait for the arrival of our newborn babies.

SALLY: Then we will teach them the magic arts and how to be strong within its power.

ACE: That we will honey.

We drifted off to sleep visioning of our children being trained as magic users, how to use light-sabers in combat, how to transform into disguises, etc.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Chapter 2 Part 3? Click here.

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