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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS CHAPTER 2 - Missed the end of Chapter 1? Click here to read it.

In outer space a spaceship traveling at the speed of light hurtled through the cosmos. This was the Liberty-6 (vessel used in the opening intro of Planet of the Apes television series) a 3-person spacecraft and onboard were Team Rocket, brother James and sister Jesse and MewTwo a telepathic anthropomorphic feline creature on their way to link up with Ace and the Autobots on planet Mobius. James's vehicle disguise form was a Dodge Charger similar to the muscle car in Fast and Furious franchise code-name WHEELJACK, Jesse's vehicle disguise form was a NASCAR Richard Petty STP #43 code-name SMOKESCREEN, MewTwo's vehicle disguise form was a Ford SUV in the colors of Jurassic World code-name BULKHEAD (Note: These AUTOBOT names are from the TRANSFORMERS Prime animated series)

JAMES: We should be arriving at our destination soon enough. Can't wait to see what planet we land on.

MEWTWO: Affirmative, then join up with Ace and teammates to help destroy Borf and his horde.

JESSE: Too bad we missed the flight or failed to catch the train in time.

MEWTWO: Ha-ha, hilarious. You terran people always have a sense of humor, I like that.

JESSE: You're not welcome.

JAMES: Never mind sis. Oh, the computer indicates we've reached our destination, disengage warp-drive now. <works his console>

In seconds the Liberty-6 re-emerged from hyper-space back to normal space once again as a blue-white planet came into view with brown masses here and there. At first MewTwo and Team Rocket appeared confused.

JAMES: Huh? What is this?

MEWTWO: What's going on here? Did we just make a wrong turn somewhere and end up back in the Sol system?

JESSE: I don't understand. <checks her console> The computers say this is where the Autobots crashed their spaceship although I do not know its origin.

JAMES: Wierd...let's try contacting the boss and see if we can find out where we are.

Moments later they established communication with me at Autobot Freedom Headquarters as I (Ace) was surprised to see Team Rocket and MewTwo not realizing they were on their way to join me and my gang.

ACE: I didn't know you were coming to help me. Guess you missed the earlier flight.

JESSE: You could say that. <holographic image> We did miss the plane to whatever planet you were traveling to.

ACE: Look forward to seeing you soon enough. Wait until you hear what went down.

JAMES: Awesome, uh, by the way...what is the name of this planet? It looks a lot like Earth.

ACE: It's called Mobius populated by anthropomorphic people known as Mobians. We are protecting this world from Borf and the Decepticons.

MEWTWO: Interesting, has Borf tried stealing resources already?

I briefed my friends of how the Decepticons attacked certain target sites and each time got away with Energon cubes. When I finished.

MEWTWO: See you when we touchdown, master Ace. <nods to me>

TEAM ROCKET: Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light <Jesse> Surrender now or prepare to fight <James>

ACE: You always like saying that before going into battle. Okay, see you soon. <transmission ends>

That was when Sally entered the CC wanting to know who I was talking with and I explained everything to her.

SALLY: Oh, I would like to meet Team Rocket and MewTwo myself when they touchdown. Are they also Autobot warriors? <Ace nods> Cool...<leers>

ACE: <receives incoming message from SkyNet> The Liberty-6 has landed outside the base.

Together we went outside to greet the newcomers as the twins emerged from the spacecraft along with the feline warrior and I introduced them to Acorn who in turn explained what transpired when she and her warriors first met the terran heroes from another world and how the Freedom Fighters became allies to the Autobots.

SALLY: Since then we've been battling valiantly against the Decepticons to defend our world.

JESSE: And now we'll be doing the same thing too.

JAMES: It's what we've been trained to do, combat the dark arts.

SALLY: <leers> You said it. <fist bumps them both>

MEWTWO: So this is Mobius, an interesting world if it looks like Earth.

ACE: That it does my apprentice. <this makes Sally look surprised> It'll take time getting used to being here.

MEWTWO: As you wish...<inclines his head to me>

SALLY: Is he your apprentice?!! <eyes wide> You never told me this before...

ACE: <shrugs> Well, you wouldn't believe me if I did. <now she scowls with arms folded>

Soon after Sally introduced Team Rocket and MewTwo to her friends...Sonic, Nicole, Tails, Amy, Rotor, Antoine and Bunny who were amazed when the twins and pokemon feline transformed into vehicle disguises then back to normal selves.

TEAM ROCKET: At-tah! <pose together>

MEWTWO: Neat, he?

SONIC: Well I'll be damn...they are Autobots too.

AMY: Yeah, they're wearing the same symbols on their uniforms.

TAILS: Cool...

ROTOR: This is going to be fun having them work with us.

BUNNY: Awesome!

ANTOINE: Sacrableu, you said it honey.

Afterwards the newcomers were given a tour of New MoboTropolis by Nicole of course who showed them around the city then James, MewTwo and Jesse stood before King Max and Queen Alicia putting on a magic show of their talents.

MAX & ALICIA: Bravo! <applaude>

JAMES: Thank you sir. <half bows>

JESSE: We will defend and protect this planet from our enemy.

MEWTWO: Let the light shine...

ALICIA: Excellent, good luck in keeping us safe.

MAX: Yes, our kingdom is in your magic hands.


MEWTWO: Me too!

Unfortunately the arrival of Team Rocket and MewTwo did not go unnoticed however by the Grand Council Woman who having found out the twins and pokemon feline blasted off into space to join forces with Ace's gang contacted her apprentice immediately.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Lord Borf, Ace has received new recruits from his home world.

BORF: He what?!! <shocked look>

Borf and the Decepticons had survived the explosion and collapse of the tunnel and made it safely back to home base but Borf was furious-livid with anger at having his space-drive test rig destroyed and unable to test the ion-drive system. Now he was shocked to hear this bad news from his boss.

COUNCIL WOMAN: I'll see to it you receive reinforcements at once. You need all the help necessary to fulfill your destiny.

BORF: As you wish master. <nods> I'll shall accept them into my horde when they arrive. <his boss nods then fades away>

EGGMAN: Oh dear, this is bad news. <looks grim>

BORF: For now. But revenge and victory will be mine. <sneers>

EGGMAN: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! Let the darkness grow, ha-ha-ha!

That said and done the dictator and Decepticon leader awaited the arrival of their recruits so to speak. Meanwhile it was Sally alone as usual with Ace but the two were practicing the fighting arts of light-sabers and martial arts skills to polish up Acorn's moves that is. First off, Sally practiced with remote units that spat out energy bolts yet she blocked-parried them easily with lightning fast moves with eyes closed to allow the magic to guide her hands, tell her where the attack was coming from. Now she faced off against Ace as they saluted each other with blue and green light-sabers then prepared for battle.

ACE: Now let's see how well you can take me on.

SALLY: You got it, maybe I'll defeat you or then again you'll disarm me instead.

They lunged at each other exchanging blows like samurai masters or ninja assassins of ancient Japan. Back and forth we dueled fiercely matching each other's moves skillfully occasionally until it was Acorn who knocked my saber out of my hands.

ACE: Looks like you win.

SALLY: But of course. <smirks>

She then recounted her brief confrontation against Tryax Kahn and was surprised she actually beat him.

SALLY: I was even more shocked than he was when I disarmed him.

ACE: I know, the magic helped you survive the duel.

SALLY: Who knows what will happen if he challenges me again...

ACE: Do not worry about that for that leads to confusion, then to fear, anger and hate. <Sally nods>

We settled down to meditation sessions before performing the love ritual of sharing the magic between us. At last we rested comfortably until needed much later to save the day. Star Lord was of course going steady with Amy Rose doing the same ritual with his girlfriend who enjoyed his constant playing with her.

AMY: I enjoy these happy moments when we are together.

PETER: So do I, I'll never get tired or bored playing this game.

AMY: Nor will I...<sweet smile> my true love. <kisses him>

Then they too took a brief nap in their loving arms...while the other Autobots were having their own fun with Tails, Sonic, Chuck, Rotor, Bunny, Antoine, Team Rocket and MewTwo.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Chapter 2 Part 2? Click here.

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