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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 5: CHAPTER 1 PART 5. Missed the fourth part of Chapter 1? Click here.

That's when Borf opened up with the ultimate weapon letting loose a brief salvo that knocked us off our boots & sneakers so to speak.

ACE: Autobots, prepare for battle.

BORF: Ha, I'll give you a battle you won't forget!

Myself, Jesse Dart, Omar, Angel, Colin, Flash, Kimberly, Don, Star Lord, Team Rocket jumped back to our feet firing our laser rifles and pistols.

BORF: Such is the fate of all who dare oppose me.

ACE: That's what you think Borf old buddy!

BORF: Decepticons, destroy them!

His warriors return fire back at us and another laser-tag commences on the grounds of the temple. That's when Sally led her gang on a charge up the stairs to disable the cannon being used on the terran warriors when Borf turned the weapon on them.

BORF: Not so fast you rodents! <sneers> Smile for the camera. <blasts away>

Antoine barely managed to block the beam with his sword but was knocked off-balance into the arms of Bunny.

BUNNY: Whoa, that was a close shave the man said to the barber.

ANTOINE: You got that right honey. <struggles to regain his footing>

BUNNY: Don't I always get it right? <grins>

ANTOINE: Certainly my dear. <winks back>

TAILS: I got him! <flies into the air>

SONIC: Watch yourself, partner. <warns him>

All of a sudden there was Tryax Kahn sneering down from his position atop the roof leveling his laser guns.

TRYAX: Eat this, sucker! <blasts away>

TAILS: Aaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown as he gets zapped>

SALLY: Tails! <alarmed look on her face>

SONIC: NO! <also alarmed look>

FIONA: No one does that to my boyfriend! <leaps to the attack>

Suddenly the vixen in black attire slammed headlong into Tryax with a executed martial arts kick that knocked him into Borf who fell against the controls of the ultimate weapon so that it now shot beams harmlessly into the sky.

BORF: Watch it you idiot! <struggles to regain control>

FIONA: Look who's calling whom a idiot, huh! <glares fiercely>

BORF: What? <starts to spin around>

That's when Fiona launched into Bruce Lee style fighting throwing punches and kicks at the Decepticon leader briefly occupying him for the moment until Sally came flying into the brawl.

SALLY: I'll teach you to shoot Tails, Tryax Kahn!

TRYAX: Oh no...not you again. <scowls>

SALLY: Uh, yup. <narrowed eyes - bared teeth expression> We meet again as usual.

TRYAX: Fine, come and take me if you can, REDHEAD! <sneers back>

SALLY: Oooooooooh! <snarls angrily then attacks>

In an instant they too began fighting fiercely exchanging martial arts blows against each other. All of a sudden here comes Draco zooming down out of the sky as she roared angrily and spat out tongues of flames scattering Crystal, Amber, Gantu, MegaMind, Beerus, Gary, Scorch in all directions as the Autobots cheered her on. Sally took out Kahn easily then whirled to confront Borf only to stare in horror as he had Fiona in a force choke!

SALLY: Let her go, release her! <rushes him>

BORF: Back off...<knocks her back with force shove>

He then tossed Fiona unceremoniously into the air off the roof of the temple but she was rescued by Jesse Dart as he caught the vixen out of midair then flew back down to ground level and safety as Tails hurried to his girlfriend's aid. Borf then aimed the ultimate weapon at Ace and company sneering in triumph.

BORF: It's time to say bye-bye to your future, Autobots. <prepares to open fire>

Then without warning Draco swooped into view striking out with all four legs and tail as she broke apart the cannon exposing the Onyx crystal that rolled to one side like a displaced marble ball as a beam of energy shot straight into the sky, the shock-waves slamming Borf face-first to the temple roof but he lurched back onto knees and palms glaring into the air and shaking a fist.

BORF: You'll pay for that Draco!

That's when Sally leaped upon him slamming him again onto his face as I (Ace) also sprang upon my rival. Together we hoisted him over our heads.

ACE: Guess again, Borf. You lost another round to me.

SALLY: Yes, this one is for Tails!

We threw him off the roof as he yelled in terror & anger crashing to the ground at the base of the temple. Staggering to his boots he called out to his horde.

BORF: Decepticons, retreat!

Once again the forces of evil flew away into the sky disappearing from sight as everybody cheered in triumph. But now the biggest threat lay before us.

HATHOR: We must return the Onyx to its resting place so it can contain-regulate the flow of magic again.

LUPE: Aye, but how can we do it without risking our own lives?

The answer or solution came in the form of Don Davis and Draco working together as they prepared to install a simple device on the spot where the ultimate weapon once sat.

DON: Okay, let's cap this oil fire before it gets out of control.

DRACO: Right!

They clamped the device into place atop the energy flow that locked or engaged automatically as another cheer of applause came from everybody down below, the wolves howling and the cat warriors yowling as they waved their spears, shields, swords high! At the same time Colin, Flash, Jesse Dart, James, Jesse, Angel, Omar, Kimberly, Star Lord projected illusions of fireworks going off which made all of us cheer even more.

AMY: We did it!

TAILS: Yeah, we sure did.

ROTOR: I like it when one of my inventions actually works.

ANTOINE: So the Decepticons are defeated as always.

BUNNY: As always, honey.

FIONA: Wow, Borf almost killed me with that magic choke hold us used against me.

TAILS: But it was Jesse Dart who rescued you. <Fiona nods and they high-five slap>

SALLY: We all did excellent as a team. <leers>

SONIC: <thumbs up> Just the way I like it boss-lady.

Then both Hathor and Lupe insisted that the Autobots join them and their warriors for a victory celebration and soon after we were having fun enjoying good food, conversation, playing Oldies Rock & Roll, etc.

THE END OF CHAPTER 1 OF EPISODE 5. Ready to start episode 5's second chapter?

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