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Fan Fiction

 SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS CHAPTER 2 - EPISODE 3. Missed the last part of Episode 3, Chapter 1? Click here to read it.

On another sunny day in New MoboTropolis of course the Robotnik-Acorn family of Ace, Sally, Angel and Omar decided to go for a jaunt in the countryside since they had nothing else to do for the moment.

SALLY: It'll be excellent health for all of us to get outdoors.

OMAR: Yeah, who knows what adventures await us.

ACE: That's the spirit.

ANGEL: Hopefully we don't run into you-know-who, that is.

ACE: I doubt the Decepticons will do anything foolish or stupid.

SALLY: Like what happened when they collapsed that Overlander windmill.

ANGEL: Can't believe they would do that.

OMAR: Those no-good bullies.

We all had a good laugh about that incident and in short order were on our way out of the capital city accompanied by the others so to speak. The lonely highway is quiet and deserted of automobile traffic as morning fog rolls in and covers its blacktop surface. Suddenly the roar of diesel engines shatters the calm. Out of nowhere like ghosts or phantoms, the cabs of two semis burst through the mist, a PeterBilt 379 and a Western Star 5700. Sally Acorn and Ace Robotnik the leaders of the Freedom Fighters and Autobots are leading their comrades on a cruise to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, an excuse of sorts to get away from city life at the moment so to speak. The convoy of cars and trucks are rolling along when "BOOM!" a loud sound like an explosion is heard high overhead.

Star Lord "Peter Quill" the space smuggler is the first to hear the noise as he hits his brakes in Chevy Camaro form.

STAR LORD: What was that?

AMY: <riding inside his vehicle form> I don't see anything. <leans out open driver's window>

JESSE DART: <Solstice form> Holy s***!

KIMBERLY: <Hummer form> Must've been something flying through the sky penetrating the sound barrier.

FLASH: <Unimog form> That always happens on our world.

DON: <Corvette form> Don't see any contrails in the sky indicating high-flying aircraft.

COLIN: <TopKick form> I agree with Dart, holy s*** indeed.

TAILS: Then what caused the boom?

SONIC: That's what I want to know too.

ACE: <Western Star semi> Let's not worry or dwell on that mystery, less it distracts us from having fun.

SALLY: <PeterBilt semi> Agreed, dear.

Flying overhead are MewTwo the pokemon bodyguard to Ace and Nicole the holographic Mobian warrior who also heard the sonic boom but also saw nothing that caused it.

MEWTWO: Strange, no aircraft detected in the vicinity.

NICOLE: <frowns> Must've been something else all-together. <glances down> Our friends look troubled.

MEWTWO: Yes, they appear confused as we are. <calls down> Master Ace!

ACE: I hear you, go ahead MewTwo.

MEWTWO: Want me to investigate the source or cause of the disturbance?

ACE: Go ahead, find out what you can then report back.

SALLY: Good luck Nicole and be careful.

NICOLE: As always my creator. <salutes her friend>

Then both were on their way...and in no time discover something disturbing indeed. Down below was what appeared to be a large dome structure forming a giant upside down cup or bowl gleaming in the sunshine but no sign of entrance or exit anywhere.

NICOLE: Now what do you think or suppose that is?

MEWTWO: Hmmm...doesn't look man-made as though built by Overlanders that is. I do not sense anything inside it.

NICOLE: Odd, and in the middle of nowhere? Sally and Ace must know about this at once.

MEWTWO: You lead, I follow. <they fly away>

Meanwhile...the Autobots and FF enter the outskirts of a small community town not knowing it is Pallet Town which is part of Station Square that is.

ACE: Better slow down or else we'll get ticketed.

SALLY: Right, do not want to endanger Overlanders too.

Everyone including the twins Angel and Omar in their disguises of 1958 Plymouth Fury "Christine" which is Angel's vehicle form and 1951 Hudson Hornet "Disney PIXAR Cars" which is Omar's vehicle form shift to low gears and cruise along Main Street passing by the shops-stores-restaurants-bars or lounges-post office-library-city hall-YMCA center-and so forth then exiting the shopping district single-file to pass through the neighborhood districts of single or double-story houses, apartment complexes along tree-lined streets, blah-blah-blah.

JAMES: <SUV form> These potholes are bruising my forearms and knees already. <complains>

JESSE: <Richard Petty STP> Well you're not the only one complaining, I'm getting banged around too.

As we clear the district the going seems to be smoother although the road looks bumps as ever.

ANGEL: <Fury form> Good grief, I'm floating! <starts to panic> Mom, Dad!

SALLY: <PeterBilt form> What is it, dear? <then notices> Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

OMAR: <Hornet form> Whoa! I'm flying.

ACE: <Western Star form> Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> We're all walking on air.

In minutes or seconds, the Autobots and Freedom Fighters find themselves hovering mere inches off the ground.

FLASH: Bro! What's going on here?

ACE: I sense a disturbance in the magic. Something evil is in the air.

SALLY: Yes, I feel it too. <frowns in semi form> It's unlike anything I've felt before.

DON: Uh-oh...I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Indiana Jones>

ANTOINE: <riding inside his vehicle form> What is it, monsieur?

DON: The Decepticons must be using a anti-gravity weapon to make us float in the air like this.

ANTOINE: Yegads! <panics>

BUNNY: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

DON: Uh, yup.

JESSE DART: Great, just what we need right now. <frowns in vehicle form>

FIONA: <riding inside his vehicle form> What anti-gravity weapon?

The cyborg explains that the Grand Council Woman with help from her son MegaMind constructed a powerful laser beam that would make anything float helplessly about.

JESSE DART: Unfortunately the weapon was so powerful that it self destructed causing destruction everywhere, like the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan to end WWII.

FIONA: Whoa! <scared look>

JESSE DART: Uh-huh, fortunately we were able to use the magic in restoring everything back to normal.

He then relayed the info to Ace who was shocked to hear about the ultimate weapon.

ACE: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> I can't believe the Council Woman would build another weapon.

SALLY: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

Both parents decided to get to the bottom of this mystery as Ace instructed his teammates to transform to terran selves and were now on the way to destroy the ultimate weapon. Even though the anti-gravity is targeted at Pallet Town, its effects on the Autobots and Freedom Fighters made them bounce with every step. Within seconds...Ace, Kimberly, Jesse Dart, Colin, Flash, Star Lord, Team Rocket, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor, Fiona, Sally, Angel, Omar hopped about like astronauts walking on the moon so to speak.

OMAR: That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. <quotes Neil Armstrong>

COLIN: YeeHaaw! <shouts the Dukes of Hazzard yell>

SONIC: Whoa-nelly! <cries in surprise>

The fastest thing alive shot straight up and collided into Nicole.

NICOLE: Watch it! <cries out in shock then anger>

SONIC: Sorry...can't help myself.

MEWTWO: Looks like all of you are having fun at the moment.

TAILS: Yeah! <flies about> Makes a lot easier when flying.

AMY: Wow, this is fun.

ANGEL: You said it lady.

JESSE DART: I feel like I'm strolling on the moon.

FIONA: Me too, totally cool.

As soon as everyone clears the town, however, gravity returns to normal so to speak. That is when a voice startles them.

ASH: Wow, holy smokes! It's the Autobots.


SALLY: What-the? <startled look on her face> Who said that. <then glowers>

ASH: It's only me, Ash Ketchum.

PIKACHU: Pica...

SALLY: Ash Ketchum? What are you doing here?

The grand master pokemon champion said he wanted to meet the magic terran visitors from planet Earth for the first time.

ASH: My neighbors Hope, Charles Oaks, and Albert Wily told me how they helped you stop Borf and the Decepticons from using the anti-matter formula.

PIKACHU: Pica! <nods>

ACE: Oh, that incident. So you never heard of us before, he?

I then introduced my teammates to Ash who showed off their skills of transforming into vehicles which surprised Ketchum and his pokemon pet.

ASH: Incredible! That is magic. <Pikachu nods>

ACE: You got it dude.

SALLY: So you want to help us, yes? <leers> Very well, stay close to us at all times so our magic will protect you.

ASH: Aye-aye! <salutes as does Pikachu>

Seconds later everybody was assembled in position with the domed structure described to them by Nicole and MewTwo ready to make their strike in a matter of speaking when all of a sudden a loud booming voice out of nowhere shocked them.


TO BE CONTINUED... Onward! To the next part

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