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Fan Fiction


In the blink of an eye the heroes of Earth were on their way again to do battle with the enemy as always. It was Star Lord with his partner Amy Rose, Jesse Dart and Fiona, and of course Ace with his wife Sally disguised as Western Star 5700, PeterBilt 379, Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Solstice with Amy and Fiona riding shotgun aboard their vehicles of choice. The sun had begun to set and a full moon was rising into view when Ace brought his team to a halt. On a hill above, the tall stone tower and outstretched arms or vanes of the windmill were black against the night sky. I (Ace) reached out through the magic contacting my brother and in a instant Flash, Tails and Sonic joined us.

STAR LORD: Well I'll be damn. A windmill like those on Earth in the old days.

JESSE DART: Wow...controlled by wind power that turns the vanes to generate power.

AMY: I didn't know that. <confused frown>

JESSE DART: There's lots of things you don't know about our world ma'am. <she now scowls>

STAR LORD: Easy there, don't want her to bash you. <Amy nods>

JESSE DART: Yo! It's cool. <puts up his hands>

FIONA: I feel a breeze but don't see the arms turning. <scowls> What gives?

TAILS: There will be a brake mechanism to unlock the vanes so they can turn. And gears to adjust the sails to catch the wind, like flaps & slats on airliner wings.

FLASH: You are a genius, I mean it. <Tails blushes slightly>

SONIC: Right...<grins and thumbs up>

FIONA: Right on, Tails. <high-five slaps with him>

ACE: So Borf and two of his minions are out there looking for Laserbeak. Don't feel their presence just yet.

SALLY: Hard to see the dark-side is. <quotes Yoda in Episode I>

Pallet Town was now a blaze of lights as teenagers hurried towards the YMCA community center. The strains of Oldies-Pop music could be heard on the wind.

STAR LORD: Oh yeah, Rock and Roll. <starts doing dance moves> Elvis Presley, eat your heart out.

AMY: Yeah! <she too starts grooving>

Ace, Sally, Sonic, Tails, Flash, Jesse Dart and Fiona scowled with hands on hips or arms folded but said nothing as they watched Peter Quill and Rose having fun. Inside the YMCA a dance party was in full swing. Overlander teenagers danced to the music as the lights flashed and glowed colorfully to the beat-tune. The DJ reached out to the box of cassettes as the one in the device was finishing the last song. Without looking he slotted it into the player and pressed the switch and nothing happened at first. He turned up the volume and a string of electronic noises came from the speakers followed by a piercing screech or squawk!

Without warning the system exploded and Laserbeak materialized as his macaw form again. Overlanders screamed, ducked for cover and ran every which way as Laserbeak swooped over their heads looking for a way out then crashed through a skylight dome on the roof into the night sky. Once outisde he began searching for his master then sensing his presence nearby flew off in that direction. Suddenly gunshots rang out as Overlander teenagers, some armed with rifles and shotguns began firing at the macaw trying to shoot him down but Laserbeak skillfully avoided the attacks and flew away being chased by his attackers. At last he came into sight of Beerus, Tryax, Borf and Eggman who spotted the parrot.

EGGMAN: Look, there he is! <points into the sky>

BEERUS: My pet, you're alive. <Laserbeak perches on his shoulder> Good to see you again.

EGGMAN: Thank goodness for that. <then hears voices> Uh-oh...someone's coming.

TRYAX: <angry look on his face> They dare threaten us?!! Blast them out of existence!

BORF: No! Do not harm them. They're out of range, probably do not know we are here.

EGGMAN: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Threepio in Star Wars>

Simultaneously upon hearing the sound of gunshots and angry shouts on the air, Ace ordered everybody to take up positions on the hill by the windmill. The moon was bright, but it was impossible to make out what was taking place at the moment. That's when Tails and Fiona went into action.

TAILS: Come on, we can get a better view upstairs.

FIONA: Right behind you lover-boy. <follows him>

They found an open door at the base of the windmill tower and rushed up a flight of stone steps, or rather it was Tails carrying Fiona in his strong arms using his spinning tails as rotor blades to reach the upper floor level in no time. Once there the vixen in black martial art kicked open a window shutter like Bruce Lee.

FIONA: Yah! <the shutters flew open> There, one open window. <gestures>

TAILS: Awesome! Right, now to take a look.

They peered out the open window and far below could see shadowy figures running through the darkness as they hunted for Laserbeak. Unfortunately they were heading straight for the woods where Borf, Beerus, Tryax and Eggman were hidden!

FIONA: Uh-oh...those Overlanders are doomed. <worried look> They don't know the Decepticons are in their way.

TAILS: <shouts down> Ace! <I look up> Stand by to create a diversion!

ACE: What diversion? <call back up to him>

TAILS: Overlanders are heading in your direction but they don't know Borf and his horde are in their path.

FIONA: Open fire!

SALLY: Right! <shouts back> Thanks for the heads-up. <Fiona and Tails salute or thumbs up>

Then it was Ace, Star Lord, Jesse Dart and Flash Gordon opening up with their laser rifles & pistols sending a barrage of bolts towards their hidden enemy. For the first time Borf saw his rival on the opposite hill by the windmill.

BORF: Autobots! They have taken possession of the structure reported by Laserbeak! They must know its worth, this is more important!

That's when he (Borf) led the charge through the trees on the opposite side to the approaching Overlanders firing their laser guns on the run.

STAR LORD: Hell-yeah! <activates facemask> I love a good rumble. <whips out his blasters>

AMY: Bashing time! <readies her magic hammer>

FLASH: Now this is Rock and Roll.

JESSE DART: Astro-Bat! <deploys his magic staff> Whoa-ho! Come and take your medicine Tryax Kahn.

TRYAX: You're doomed, Jesse Dart! <shouts angrily as he attacks his rival>

BEERUS: Prepare to be destroyed.

ACE: I don't think so.

SALLY: Come on! <glares> I'll show you the true power of magic.

BORF: In your dreams, redhead! <sneers>

EGGMAN: <aboard his EggMobile> Whoa-ho-ho-ho! I got a front-row seat to watch all the action.

In seconds a fierce brawl raged around the windmill...fists and feet flew so to speak as Tryax, Beerus, Borf, Ace, Flash, Star Lord, Sonic, Amy, Sally engaged in karate-kung fu fighting. During the brawl Dr Eggman acted like a sports commentator of sorts.

EGGMAN: Fantastic, sports fans. The brawl of the universe between good and evil, who's going to win?

From their vantage point in the tower room both Fiona and Tails watched the fighting.

TAILS: Sonic, up here! <calls down to his friend>

SONIC: Huh? <looks up briefly> I'm okay, no need to assist.

FIONA: Look out Tails! <shouts a warning>

TAILS: What?!! <startled look>

All of a sudden Laserbeak came screeching down firing laser beams from his eyes as Tails yelled in panic but Fiona pushed him down out of harm's way saving his life but in doing so, lost her balance like standing on ice so to speak.

FIONA: Whoa! <cries out in alarm>

TAILS: Fiona! <alarm look on his face>

The vixen in black attire staggered backwards, arms flailing wildly to keep from falling down and bumped against a long lever protruding from the floor.

FIONA: Ouch! <winces in pain>

Still off-balance she grabbed onto a loop of hanging chain from the ceiling to save herself from a nasty fall. The chain moved in her hands then stopped abruptly allowing her to regain her footing.

FIONA: Whew...<mops forehead>

TAILS: You okay? <calls to her - she nods>

Suddenly with a loud groaning and rumbling the ancient wooden machinery of the mill began to move. Borf was fist to notice the sails starting to move.

BORF: What-the?!! <eyes go wide>

ACE: <notices too> It's alive! <quotes Dr Frankenstein>

SALLY: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

EGGMAN: The Autobots have activated the device, holy cow!

Laserbeak saw it too, but just too late to avoid contact. As he pressed in for another assault upon the mill, he failed to notice one of the heavy sails sweeping towards him. Without warning the heavy timber sail struck the macaw causing him to screech in pain and surprise then fly off in another direction. Unfortunately, he unleashed a burst of laser bolts into the ground between Borf and Tryax sending them sprawling onto their faces.

EGGMAN: My lord! <shouts down to Borf> You all right?

BORF: Stop that thing! <orders Kahn to attack>

Nodding Tryax sent a burst of force lightning into the mill that crackled-sparked-arced across the entire structure but the machinery rumbled on as though unscathed.

TRYAX: Impossible! There is nothing that can withstand the dark-side.

From the opposite hill, the Overlanders watched the battle. Although they could not see anything, the flashes of laser bolts criss-crossing here and there were clear enough.

OVERLANDERS: WHAT'S GOING ON?!! <shout at the same time>

Once again Tryax unleashed another burst of force lightning with the same negative results.

TRYAX: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>

BORF: This thing is proof against our most magical technology! The Autobots have learned its secrets before we did. They seek to use that knowledge against us! It must be stopped or captured.

EGGMAN: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! Go get them, yes! <cheers his friends on>

Ace and company were being hard-pressed, forced to retreat halfway down the hill and their rivals were close to the windmill by now.

TAILS: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

FIONA: Oh, no. <worried look> They're retreating, leaving us behind.

SONIC: Hey! <appears behind them> Care to join me in escaping while we can?

TAILS: Right! <leers> On my way. <spins his tails and flies out open window>

SONIC: Like to go for a free ride?

FIONA: <leers> Thought you would never ask, of course. <jumps into his arms>

SONIC: Here we go! <spins his sneakers and zooms down the stairs>

At that same moment it was Eggman who tried helping his friends in capturing the windmill in a matter of speaking.

EGGMAN: This one's for you grandpa, Gerald Robotnik. <salutes his deceased grandfather>

He then opened fire with laser turrets on his EggMobile blasting the tower itself as Borf yelled.

BORF: Idiot! I said capture it, not destroy it!

But too late. The mill began to sway as cracks ran up the length of the tower itself.

EGGMAN: Uh-oh...mommy! <calls for his deceased mother Judy Frank>

In the next instant Borf, Beerus, Tryax Kahn disappeared under the wreck of the huge sails and the entire windmill collapsed upon them, Laserbeak circling high overhead tried to peer through the flying dust. That's when Ace and Sally taunted the macaw.

ACE: Tell Borf I'd be happy to stay and help him escape, but...

SALLY: We're rather busy at the moment...NOT! <flips the bird sign>

Then both parents, Flash, Star Lord, Jesse Dart transformed into vehicles and sped away with their friends in tow. Moments later inside Castle Acorn it was Ace reporting to King Max and Queen Alicia.

ACE: I'm sorry about the Overlander's windmill. One of your so-called rules is that the property of Mobian and Overlander people must not be damaged or destroyed.

ALICIA: Don't worry about that Ace, it was a accident, no fault of yours.

MAX: Yes, you should not feel guilty.

ACE: friends and I nearly drew attention to ourselves when Overlanders almost showed up during our rumble with Borf and company.

Both the king and queen looked at each other, grinned then laughed as I (Ace) wondered what was so funny then his majesty addressed me by saying.

MAX: No one saw anything, it was too dark to make out what was going on. Besides, the president of Pallet Town sent me this telegram, ahem! <reads it> There are reports from Pallet Town of a freak electrical storm which destroyed a windmill which had been a local landmark for many years.

ALICIA: <reads last parts of telegram> Even stranger is the report of a dance party which was interrupted by the presence of a macaw parrot that shoots lasers from his eyes.

ACE: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown then laughs>

MAX: It's a pity in a way, that we'll never know the true story.

ALICIA: Of course dear.

ACE: Yes ma'am, sir. <then we laugh again>

END OF CHAPTER 1 OF EPISODE 3. Ready to start reading Chapter 2? Click here.

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