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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 3/CHAPTER 1/PART 1. Missed the last part of Episode 2? Click here

It all began on a clear sunny day in Julyala Park of New MoboTropolis as the Robotnik family of Ace, Sally, Angel and Omar were enjoying a picnic in the park ritual while listening to Mobian concert performers playing music inside the pavilion bandstand with other Mobian citizens also having fun. Also with Ace and family were Lupe, Lobo, and their lupine children Marcus, Maria, and Overlander sisters Aerial and Athena.

AERIAL: This is fun, hanging out with the Autobot leader himself.

ACE: You got it lady.

ATHENA: Yeah, now that Sally has magic like you do and our parents have the power too.

LUPE: Of course, dear. Your father and I are full fledge members of the Autobots.

LOBO: Here-here. <agrees with his wife>

MARCUS: Cool, wish sis and I could change ourselves into disguises.

SALLY: <laughs> Well, that would take lots of patience and practice to master the arts of magic.

MARIA: Hey, we can do it.

ACE: I believe you could perform magical feats like myself and Sally.

ANGEL: That would be something to witness.

OMAR: Yeah, you said it sis.

We continued listening to music and enjoying good food-drink and conversation too. While far away within the robotic city RoboTropolis...the presence of the dark-side arts was boiling over so to speak. Borf, the leader of the Decepticons wanted power throughout the universe. He wanted control over Mobius so he could return to his own galaxy in the end and reign supreme. But each and every time power seemed within his grasp, he was foiled by Ace and the Autobots.

BORF: It is unthinkable, that I, the great and mighty Borf, should be foiled time and time again by those terran idiots the Autobots!

EGGMAN: Everyone has a weakness my friend. Find that weak spot and you have them in the palm of your hand.

BORF: Yes, have a point there, Robotnik. <Eggman nods>

EGGMAN: As always my lord. <salutes him>

BORF: And I think I know what it is. The Mobian and Overlander people who befriended Ace and gang ever since they crashed onto Sonic's home world long ago.

EGGMAN: Ah, yes. <evil grin> Sonic and the Freedom Fighters mean a lot to Ace. We must find out all we can about them.

TRYAX: <objects or protests> Bah! I say exterminate them all. This boring planet would be all the better for being rid of those anthropomorphic people.

BORF: What you say is unthinkable, Tryax Kahn! <reprimands him> Beerus, dispatch Laserbeak.

Beerus the god of destruction and bodyguard protector to Borf summoned forth his pet servant who arrived on the spot.

BEERUS: Laserbeak, go forth to observe and report.

The macaw parrot took flight disappearing in seconds from Decepticon headquarters as Borf called after it.

BORF: Seek out either Mobian or Overlander citizens and study their habits, so I can use that knowledge against Ace.

TRYAX: <laughs> Study Mobian or Overlander habits! What, do you want to become like them, Lord Borf? <laughs again> I believe I should be in charge, calling the shots around here.

EGGMAN: Great, here we go again. <rolls his eyes behind dark glasses>

BORF: I am old because I am hard. An impatient idiot like you, Tryax, will be lucky or fortunate to survive to half my age.

TRYAX: <sneers> Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

EGGMAN: Huh? <scowling frown>

BEERUS: <shakes his head> still have much to learn my friend until you fulfill your destiny to become Decepticon leader.

TRYAX: Oh really...<glowers at him> hmmph! <arms folded>

Meanwhile the concert had ended as the musicians were packing up their instruments and equipment while Mobian citizens wandered about Julyala Park including that of Ace, his family and Lupe with her family who strolled around the paths enjoying the sights and sounds.

LUPE: I'm having so much fun being with you and your magic friends.

ACE: I'm happy for you. <she nods>

LOBO: Ever since that moment when the Decepticons attacked us and our settlement to steal resources then you came to our rescue.

SALLY: I remember that shocking incident too and how it made me angry when those grays tried harming you.

LUPE: <nods again> Now they're up to no good working with Eggman's forces.

ACE: At least they're not stealing anymore resources for now.

LOBO: I've noticed that too, I wonder what evil plans they're cooking up.

SALLY: Guess we'll never know. <shrugs>

Just ahead of the parents it was the kids having their own discussion of sorts.

ANGEL: Once you've mastered everything about magic and how to let it fight for you...

OMAR: Then the dark-side arts will not be able to tempt or seduce you.

AERIAL: Oh wow, the evil side of magic.

ATHENA: Sounds scary to me.

OMAR: It is scary or frightening to use the powers for evil purposes, such as ruling the universe.

ANGEL: Forcing innocent people to be your slaves.

MARCUS: Holy cow!

MARIA: Oh my...

They continued chatting as both families enjoyed their stroll through the park then exited to wander up and down the sidewalks of Main Street before entering Chuck's Diner-Bistro to have shakes or sundaes treats while listening to Ace tell stories of Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Florida-Islands of Adventure, etc. Then it was time for the wolves to return home.

LOBO: We hope to do this get-together again.


SALLY: We look forward to that reunion ourselves.

LUPE: Me too Sally. <shake hands and embrace>

ACE: Have a safe journey home. <then says> How about a free ride in style, he?


SALLY: <leers and giggles>

Seconds later the grand chief, pack leader, and children were riding in style so to speak inside the cab of the Western Star 5700 semi form of Ace whooping it up all the way home while listening to Oldies-Pop music of the 50s-70s decades. After dropping them off at their settlement the Autobot leader made a brief stop at the Feline Nation settlement to say hello to Queen Hathor and her people.

HATHOR: I'm glad you're still defending our world from the Decepticons.

ACE: Yes ma'am. At least Borf's not stealing anymore resources.

HATHOR: Right...<frowns> he wouldn't dare attack my home, or then again...<scowls>

ACE: Never underestimate the dark arts for it will strike without warning.

HATHOR: Yes sir. <salutes me>

Then I took my leave returning to New MoboTropolis where my wife waited for me then we proceeded to her house to unwind-relax that is and make love too. Over and over again we playfully attacked each other forcing our will upon each other sharing the magic as one. At last we passed out into deep slumber dreaming happy thoughts. Meanwhile...Laserbeak was cruising, so to speak above a blacktop highway as he followed a vehicle traveling down the road. He contacted Borf.

LASERBEAK: Overlander vehicle on highway. Proceeding one-two-four degrees. Speed 72 kilometers per hour. Observation continues.

BORF: Good, make sure whoever's inside that vehicle does not see you.

EGGMAN: Wow, it's like riding that parrot macaw with a bird's eye view of everything.

BORF: Exactly. <sneers>

Once again Laserbeak contacted the boss...

LASERBEAK: Vehicle entering a town, do not know its name at the moment. Now it's entering a tree-lined community, turning into a driveway and into a garage structure beside a house, door sliding shut behind it. Cannot see any sign of occupants, must've gone inside the house by now.

Sure enough...the unknown family had entered their home so Laserbeak had no idea who they were. As it turned out the Overlander family in question was Delia Ketchum a single parent and her son Ash Ketchum a Pokemon grand master with his faithful pet Pikacu a mouse-like creature that produces lightning electricity. They lived next door to the Oaks family of Samuel, Albert Wily, Agnes Oaks and Hope. A short distance away was the community known as Pallet Town which was part of Station Square to be exact. On a nearby hill the macaw saw a tall tower-like structure with four outstretched arms. He flew towards it.

LASERBEAK: Investigating mysterious unidentified object...

All of a sudden he collided headlong into powerlines without warning. As the parrot hit the cables, there was a bright blue-white flash of electricity causing Laserbeak to screech or scream in pain and topple into the grass writhing about in agony, wings flapping wildly, body spasm-convulsing then going limp as he blacked out into unconsciousness but at the same time magically transformed into a audio cassette tape hidden in the foliage. The sudden flash brought Samuel running out of his house and Delia also running outside.

DELIA: What was that? Was that a power surge.

OAKS: I saw it too, a bright flash as if something hit the power lines then everything went off inside the house.

DELIA: I know, same thing in my house too.

WILY: <joins them> I don't see anything that caused the power to go offline.

Hope, Ash, Agnes joined them and after searching about for anything that caused the brief power surge but finding nothing went back into their homes again. Meanwhile, inside Decepticon HQ...

EGGMAN: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> What just happened, we lost audio & video footage.

CUBOT: Don't know, sir.

ORBUT: Aye, the macaw hit something that knocked everything off.

BEERUS: I can't seem to contact my pet, he's not responding.

MEGAMIND: Perhaps Laserbeak was attacked and chased away by Overlanders.

TRYAX: Nonsense! Such a thing is far beyond their skill.

BEERUS: I think I can use the magic to see what it was that struck down Laserbeak.

BORF: Carry on, Beerus. <he nods>

The god of destruction and bodyguard closed his eyes reaching out through the dark arts and seconds later said...

BEERUS: At the moment of cut-off Laserbeak reported an unknown structure. The dark-side confirms this mysterious object is mechanical but with zero magnetic response.

TRYAX: Impossible! Such a machine cannot exist!

BORF: Very interesting...we will investigate immediately.

EGGMAN: Want me to tag along? <Borf shook his head> Okay, if you require my help I'll be waiting. <he nods> Good luck.

CUBOT & ORBOT: Let the darkness grow!

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Part 2? Click here.

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