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Fan Fiction


Safely inside Autobot headquarters for the moment the terran warriors and mobian warriors were recovering normally once Dr Kimberly performed medical tests on everybody and gave the green light assuring all were healthy and not feeling side-effects from the explosion of anti-matter. Hope on the other hand felt upset-embarrassed.

HOPE: This is all my fault. Borf would never got his hands on the formula if I had not memorized it.

AGNES: There's no way you could've resisted him or that of his dark magic.

FLASH: Anyway, I have some need of your assistance. <both women look at him> There's a project I'm working on with help from Tails and Rotor.

ROTOR: Yeah, I think you can help us out.

TAILS: Right!

AGNES: Oh, what kind of project?

OAKS: This sounds interesting.

WILY: Yeah, Charles and I'd be happy to assist too.

FLASH: Excellent, let's get started.

While that was going on...the forces of evil were preparing to launch their strike.

BORF: This time, the Autobots shall not withstand against me, total victory shall be mine!

EGGMAN: Here-here! Let the darkness grow.

They took off top speed towards Autobot HQ but were immediately detected by Nicole and SkyNet.

SKYNET: Warning! Decepticons on the move, heading this way.

NICOLE: Prepare to defend yourselves.

SONIC: Right, as always against those grays. <frowns>

FIONA: <also frowns> They never give up in trying to defeat us.

JAMES: Well, that's how Borf keeps trying to outsmart-outwit Ace all the time.

JESSE: But as always, evil cannot stand up against goodness-kindness.

FIONA: <leers> Right! Let the light shine.

AMY: I'm ready to start bashing them again.

STAR LORD: You and me partner. <gives thumbs up>

ACE: I don't have to tell you what's ahead of us, they got to be stopped no matter the odds.

SALLY: And we can do it as a team with the power of magic guiding us.

That's when the twins Omar and Angel chose to engage the enemy in combat and we (Sally and I) agreed to let our kids confront the opposition.

ANGEL: Okay, let's take them.

OMAR: Right with you sis.

Both flew into the air heading straight at the oncoming Decepticons with Angel attacking Beerus as the AH-64 Apache Longbow, Omar attacking MegaMind as the MIG-29 Fulcrum.

OMAR: Okay, let's see how tough you are!

MEGAMIND: Get off me, you idiot! <tries shaking him off>

ANGEL: Hey, check out this move. YeeHaaw! <shouts Dukes of Hazzard yell as she dangles beneath Beerus>

BEERUS: Very funny, foolish girl.

TRYAX: You fools are forgetting...ME!

Suddenly the F-22 Raptor zoomed from the blind-side ramming into Angel dislodging her from Beerus causing her to fall but using the light-side levitated herself gently to safety then heard Omar remark who had been shaken off MegaMind.

OMAR: I guess our martial arts needs more lesson training.

ANGEL: You got that right bro.

Touching down they came under fire from the grays but returned fire as their parents joined them.

ACE: Not bad for a beginner, son. You had MegaMind under control.

OMAR: Yeah, well...I underestimated the dark arts.

ACE: You did well my boy.

SALLY: Good work my dear, although Tryax caught you from behind.

ANGEL: Uh-huh...

Scorch, Gary, Gantu, Beerus, MegaMind, Crystal, Amber shot it out against Flash, Don, Star Lord, Jesse Dart, Team Rocket, Kimberly, MewTwo until Eggman and his robot soldiers SwatBots, ComBots, ShadowBots joined in the fray but were countered by Sonic, Tails, Fiona, Rotor, Bunny, Antoine, Amy. Suddenly Borf called a halt to the laser tag as he held aloft a Energon cube filled with anti-matter.

BORF: Beware Autobots, I am about to transform the most powerful weapon in the universe.

Then he pulled out the Infanto Ray gun the same weapon used against Ace a long time ago...and as the startled FF and Autobots looked on poured the contents of the deadly formula into the Infanto Ray that pulsed and glowed briefly then faded out. Tryax Kahn took the weapon as Borf handed it over to his 2nd in Command nodding for him to do the honors.

TRYAX: I am about to zap the Autobots into helpless babies! <evil laugh and squeezes trigger grips>

Deadly beams of blue-white lasers flashed from the weapon striking down Don Davis, Jesse Dart, Colin, Kimberly, Star Lord, James, Jesse who instantly turned into crying babies before the shocked eyes of Sonic and gang who gasped in horror. Kahn laughed evilly at his handy work.

TRYAX: I am invincible. No one dares defy me, no one! <laughs again>

AMY: Oh no! <alarmed look> Peter!

BUNNY: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>

ANTOINE: Sacrableu!

TAILS: Yegads! They're all babies.

SONIC: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

ROTOR: This is a nightmare.

ACE: <anger on my face> That's it! I'll teach you to shrink my comrades into babies, Kahn.

SALLY: <anger on her face> Yeah! You'll pay for this.

Tryax only sneered in reply beckoning us forward as if daring us to stop him...while at that same time, Flash Gordon put the finishing touches on his secret weapon oblivious to what just happened to his friends.

FLASH: Okay, it's now or never.

HOPE: Let's do it.

WILY: Aye, teach those grays a lesson for destroying our labs.

OAKS: Let the light shine!

AGNES: <glowers> Let's roll! <shouts the battle cry of United Flight 93>

Ace and Sally morphed into semi forms then charged full tilt at Tryax who leveled the Infanto Ray at the oncoming rigs.

TRYAX: Finally, the ultimate death of Ace. <gets ready to fire the weapon>

LOBO & LUPE: Right...heave-ho! <combine their magic powers>

The grand chief and pack leader levitated both semis into the air colliding full tilt into Tryax who cried out in terror as he went toppling onto his ass dropping the Infanto Ray.

TRYAX: Somebody get the anti-matter gun!

EGGMAN: I got it! <swoops down aboard his EggMobile>

The dictator scooped up the weapon yet paused-hesitated about using it for the first time with a nervous look on his face as Borf yelled at him.

BORF: What are you waiting for? Shoot them! <orders Robotnik to fire>

EGGMAN: Yes sir, lord Borf! <salutes him> Whoa-ho-ho-ho! <evil grin> This is going to be fun.

That is when Hope and her mother appeared out of nowhere behind the evil scientist attaching a patch device onto the EggMobile that came online causing Eggman to exclaim "He, huh?" and spin around to confront the Overlanders.

EGGMAN: For that I'll shrink you instead. <aims the deadly weapon>

AGNES: No you don't! <defies him> I won't let you harm me or my daughter.

HOPE: Yeah, big bully! Flash's secret invention will stop you.

EGGMAN: Who?!! <confused look on his face>

And at the same time...SkyNet and Nicole assumed control.

SKYNET: Override initiated...

NICOLE: New targets selected...

FLASH: Yes, we did it!

All of a sudden Robotnik began spinning crazily aboard his EggMobile firing off the Infanto Ray in all directions as he fought to regain control.

EGGMAN: What's going on?!! I'm not in control of my vehicle!

Then the deadly weapon was pulled-yanked from his gloved hands via the dark arts as Borf reclaimed his gun.

BORF: Idiot! Someone malfunctioned your EggMobile causing you to lose control. <then face turns to horror> Oh no, the anti-matter is becoming unstable. I must get rid of it before it destroys me.

He hurled his own weapon into the air using a force shove when suddenly the anti-matter exploded! Shock-waves of heat and light slammed into everybody sending them crashing to the ground momentarily stunned for a second or two. By the time things returned to normal the Decepticons decided to make their getaway.

BORF: We've been cheated out of our victory. Decepticons...RETREAT! <flies away with his gang>

EGGMAN: Wait for me! <finally regains control of his EggMobile>

Everyone cheered and shouted in victory as Don, Kimberly, Team Rocket, Jesse Dart, Colin, Star Lord regained their adult forms thanks in part to the magic within them then Sonic and gang welcomed their terran friends back with high-five slaps, fist bumps and hugs all around. Ace and Sally along with Angel and Omar nodded knowing they scored another victory against the forces of evil. Flash, Hope, Agnes, Oaks and Wily joined us.

DON: Congratulations, you saved the day ladies.

KIMBERLY: You're heroes.

HOPE: We did? <surprised look>

AGNES: My goodness.

FLASH: That you did ladies, well done.

LUPE: Yes, you proved that when you came to my aid in battling the Decepticons, for that, I salute you. <performs the gesture>

HOPE: Yes ma'am. <returns salute>

LOBO: Well, that was some workout of sorts.

TEAM ROCKET: You got that right. <say together>

ACE: We are honored to have the Oaks family as members of the Autobot cause.

COLIN: Welcome to the club.

STAR LORD: I second that.

OAKS & WILY: Yes! <shout together>

Once again we all cheered and whooped it up. Meanwhile...

BORF: An Overlander family came between me and mastery of the universe. But soon revenge and victory will be mine. <glares>

THE END OF EPISODE 2. Ready to start reading Episode 3? Click here.

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