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Fan Fiction


By the time every Decepticon warrior was revived back to life again Borf explained to his minions about the Council Woman's space bridge transport system that immediately got everyone's attentions, including that of MegaMind who revealed how it worked.

MEGAMIND: Although I never had the time to experiment or test out my invention during the war-games against the Autobots, now would be a excellent time to do so.

GANTU: Yes, so where did the boss say it would appear?

BORF: At these coordinates. <displays them> Within this riverbed canyon in the Great Desert region of the planet.

CRYSTAL: A perfect hiding place to avoid detection.

AMBER: Aye, not even the Autobots would find it.

TRYAX: So what are we waiting for? Let's get moving.

BORF: Always reckless, in a rush to get things done. <scowls> You never learn to be patient.

TRYAX: <glares> Hey! No one asked for your opinion.

GARY: Oh, dear. Fireworks are about to explode.

SCORCH: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Threepio in Star Wars>

BORF: Very well, let us proceed to the riverbed and test-run the space bridge. I'll contact the boss to let her know.

He did that seconds later then the forces of evil flew away in the direction of the intergalactic transport system. Their sudden appearance shocked Dr Robotnik who could not believe his eyes.

EGGMAN: What?!! Borf and his horde alive, no way. Unless, of course the dark-side restored them to life again.

ORBOT: Where are they going? <curious>

EGGMAN: Let's see...<follows their flight path> they're going to the Great Desert area, but what do they expect to find there?

ORBOT: Yeah, there's nothing for miles in all directions.

EGGMAN: <frowns> Hmmm...perhaps we should accompany them and see for ourselves.

In an instant the dictator was aboard his EggMobile hovercraft zooming through the sky to link up with his allies. Meanwhile Ace was communicating with his deceased parents Gerald Robotnik (Sonic-X cartoon), Jessica Rabbit (Disney Who Framed Roger Rabbit), and Maria Robotnik (Sonic-X cartoon) his twin sister through meditation sessions as the ghost spirits appeared before him.

GERALD: I'm happy to see you are a father of your own children, congratulations.

JESSICA: Yes, I'm so proud of you my son.

ACE: Thanks, mom, dad. Wish you could've been there when Sally gave birth.

MARIA: Yeah, that would've been fun to witness.

ACE: I have no idea as to why Eggman is helping my adversary attempt to conquer the universe.

GERALD: <frowns> Ah, of course. He is, or was my grandson a long time ago. You obviously did not know this.

ACE: No I did not know. <confused frown> Who were his parents?

My father told about Eggman whose real name was Ivo Robotnik was brought into the real world by Judy Franklin an Army Sergeant who suffered from cancer and passed away at child-birth leaving Harold Robotnik mad and angry at technology-science thinking it could not save his wife from death. How he insulted Gerald saying technology could not save his granddaughter from death which angered him.

GERALD: Thus I chose to distance myself from Harold forever.

MARIA: I never knew he hated technology.

ACE: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> So then what happened?

JESSICA: No one knows the fate of both Ivo and Harold. <shrugs>

Dad went onto explain while living onboard the Ark space station in Earth orbit he was secretly working on top secret weapons for the military government to be used against terrorism while at the same time searching for a cure to save Maria's life. How Colonial Marines came aboard the station ordering the facility shut down permanently since the President feared spies within the government would leak information to opposition forces and ordered Operation Shadow shut down for good. Maria was shot and killed while trying to protect MewTwo from being harmed by the Marines.

MARIA: Upon my death, mom and dad were mad, livid.

ACE: I know, I learned all that while in College and heard about my parent's deaths and my sister's death.

JESSICA: I committed suicide rather than live alone without my daughter and my husband locked away in prison.

ACE: What?!! <I am shocked>

GERALD: <nods> I was accused of threatening the President and military for taking away my daughter and shutting down my projects, so I was sent to prison but I continued plotting revenge until I killed myself.

I was stunned-shocked to learn about this so long ago when I was Dexter the teenager before becoming Ace the adult in the end.

JESSICA: I know how much this impacted on your life, son. You as the last Robotnik.

ACE: Yeah...<helpless shrug>

MARIA: Don't worry, we'll be watching over you all the time so you will not be lonely.

GERALD: Keep up the good work and protect the universe.

That is when I awoke from my trance before emotions of sadness overwhelmed me and I broke down crying. Sally entered to ask what was wrong, I told her everything.

SALLY: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> Why didn't you tell me this before?

ACE: I did not know if you would believe me.

SALLY: Honey, I would believe you no matter the outcome if you had told me. <hugs me> I'm sorry for your loss.

She held me in her gentle arms comforting my pain. Just then however Nicole appeared like a ghost with shocking news.

NICOLE: Ace, Sally. I felt the presence of the dark arts, it has risen again. <Sally and I stare in alarm>

SALLY: Oh no!

ACE: Jumping giggawatts! <quotes Doc Brown> Borf and his horde are alive and back in action again.

NICOLE: <nods> Shall I inform both your gangs? <we nod as she vanished>

And in short order we were assembled inside headquarters attempting to figure out what the Decepticons were up to or where they were hiding out.

KIMBERLY: Perhaps they're not in the act of stealing resources again.

JESSE: Hope not, it's wrong to steal.

BUNNY: Aye, that it is wrong.

COLIN: Anybody have ideas?

ANTOINE: <shrugs> I don't know...

ROTOR: How about someone spy on them and find out. <suggests>

JESSE DART: That's where I come in. <volunteers>

Then the kids asked if they could go with the cyborg to help spy on the enemy.

ANGEL: After all, this could be useful in our magic training.

OMAR: If that's okay with you first.

SALLY: As you wish, just stay close to Dart all the time so he can protect you.

JESSE DART: Yes ma'am.

ACE: May the light-side be with you son, daughter.

BOTH KIDS: Yes sir! <salute their father>

And moments later the Camaro muscle car with Angel & Omar aboard were racing through the countryside to see what the forces of evil were plotting.


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