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Fan Fiction

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After a successful birth of two healthy babies Sally and Ace returned to her home so Acorn could rest some more in order to regain her strength through the magic before she was ready to begin the task of motherhood that is. As for me, I was trying to decide whether to take care of my wife or leave that in charge of Rosy Woodchuck and Sally's parents or continue leading my Autobots to victory over the Decepticons. After discussion with Sally and Rosy who dropped by to visit the former princess with whom she took care of her so long ago as a princess...

SALLY: I think you should continue defending my world from Borf and his horde without me for awhile, Rosy will look after me.

ROSY: Of course, since I used to perform that task when she was a little girl living with her parents.

ACE: As you wish. Look forward to seeing you back in action soon enough. <kiss her on forehead>

SALLY: <sweet smile> As the Terminator says "I'll be back" <then winks at me>

ROSY: Good luck Ace, let the light shine. <gives me the salute - I return it>

Then I was gone in a matter of speaking...first checking in with Max and Alicia letting them know their daughter was doing fine and they promised to check in with her themselves then wished me good luck before I left the palace again heading to Autobot headquarters alias Freedom HQ. Once there I let my teammates know everything.

JESSE DART: So she's taking it easy until she's ready to fight again.

JAMES: Sounds like a good plan.

JESSE: Aye, we can handle things around here.

DON: Haven't heard a peep out of the Decepticons after the brawl at the dam.

FLASH: Just as well, they must be laying low for the moment.

COLIN: What about the AFF, when will they volunteer to help us?

ACE: We can get in touch and see if they want to assist us.

No sooner were those words spoken when the Star Post transporter system built by Tails and Rotor of course came online creating a shimmering portal vortex out of nowhere.

KIMBERLY: What-the? Where did that come from. <startled>

MEWTWO: Someone's coming through, look...<he points towards the portal>

STAR LORD: Can't make out...great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown>

Emerging into sight from the vortex appeared a familiar looking female chipmunk clad in blue jump-suit with white over-mantle with yellow trim & buttons, yellow utility belt, white gloves, gray boots. Behind her came a male fox clad in red jump-suit with gray over-mantle, red-gray boots, no gloves, gray wig.

ANTI-TAILS: Hey, Lucy I'm home. <quotes Ricky Ricardo>

STAR LORD: Well look who's here as always. <high-five slap with him>

ANTI-TAILS: Greetings Star Lord, #1 space smuggler.

STAR LORD: That's me. <beams>

ANTI-SALLY: Greetings Ace, congratulations on your wife giving birth. <shakes my hand - salutes me>

ACE: Thanks, counterpart double of Acorn.

ANTI-SALLY: <leers> You got that right. Oh, here comes the rest of my gang. <looks over shoulder>

KIMBERLY: Uh-oh...

Pretty soon more figures materialized out of the Globe Post transporter a male walrus with cybernetic implants covering one half of his head & face, both forearm & wrists so that he looked like the Terminator, a male coyote clad in blue-green tailored uniform, eye-patch covering left or right eye, black boots, a female rabbit clad in purple-black sleeveless top & black cowboy hat.

ANTI-SALLY: These are the rest of my gang, ahem! <introduces them> Patch DeCoolette, Boomer Walrus, Buns Rabbit. The only one missing is Rosy the Rascal.

JESSE DART: Who's she? <curious>

ANTI-ROTOR: Anti-Amy Rose of course with a magic hammer of her own.

ANTI-ANTOINE: Aye, you would not want to make her mad or she would go crazy.

TEAM ROCKET: Uh-oh...<say together>

ANTI-TAILS: He, who are you two? <confused frown> Never seen you before.

JAMES: We are Autobot warriors who joined Ace recently from planet Earth. <Miles gasps> That's right, we too are magic warriors.

ANTI-SALLY: You are?!! <shocked look on her face> Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>

JESSE: You can call us Team Rocket since that's what everyone refers to us on our world. I am Jesse and this is my twin brother James. <he nods>

The AFF stared in shock disbelief, looked at me, Kimmy, Star Lord, Don, Flash, Colin, Jesse Dart who all nodded. Then MewTwo introduced himself as the bodyguard to Ace who himself was also a Autobot warrior of magic powers.

MEWTWO: I serve him as my master since he was trained by Najarin the wizard sorcerer who was my first master that I worked for, then upon his death his last request was that I work for Ace and serve him from now on and that's what I do.

AFF: Oh...<say together with eyes wide>

ACE: Guess you didn't know that, he? <the AFF shake their heads> Now you do. <they nod>

After that we briefed Anti-Sally and teammates on what went down during the brawl at the dam & power plant station against the Decepticons to stop the grays from destroying Station Square and New MoboTropolis in the process thus saving many lives in the end.

ANTI-ROTOR: Incredible, that's what I call teamwork.

ANTI-TAILS: Aye, but Borf and horde got away with more Energon cubes. <frowns>

DON: Yes they did escape with the stolen goods as always. <shrugs>

FLASH: So what brings you to Mobius Prime?

ANTI-SALLY: We wish to assist you Autobots anyway we can the next time the Decepticons make another attempt at stealing resources.

ANTI-ANTOINE: Yes sir! <salutes> Where you go, we follow.

COLIN: It's a deal, welcome to the club.

KIMBERLY: SkyNet, any idea as to when Borf strikes again?

SKYNET: Not yet but still keeping an eye on him just the same.

ANTI-BUNNY: Who was that? <confused look>

KIMBERLY: That's our super computer SkyNet who keeps watch on Borf and his horde then lets us know when they attack.

SKYNET: Affirmative, I am programmed to serve the Autobot cause.

AFF: Cool...<say together and leer at the same time>

ACE: Oh far out. <my favorite quote>

Everyone laughed in good humor before settling down and making plans on stopping the Decepticons if or when they struck out at another target. Meanwhile inside RoboTropolis...the forces of evil of Borf and Beerus were discussing about where to look for another source of energy to steal.

BEERUS: So far we've attacked Station Square, the Wolf Pack Nation homeland, blah-blah-blah...<waves his hands in the air>

BORF: <laughs> Good sense of humor, I like that. Yet I think we need one more source of energy before we are satisfied.

BEERUS: <nods> Hmmm...but where to look for it, that's the question.

Then suddenly as if he remembered something important, he snapped his fingers and brought forth the list he created for his boss.

BEERUS: Let me see. <scans through holograms>

BORF: How about this? <indicates one illusion> Looks promising.

EGGMAN: <comes over to see for himself> Ah, yes. An abandoned mine once worked by Mobian slaves under the reign of Ivo Robotnik.

BORF: Huh, you know about this? <curious frown>

EGGMAN: Indeed I do. If I'm not mistaken it contains magic crystals called Chaos that could be used as energy sources.

Borf and Beerus looked at each other and nodded together.

BORF: I can almost see those crystals now. <evil grin - rubs hands together>

Just then a strange noise caught his attention making him say "What was that?" then he, Beerus and Robotnik went to investigate its source coming upon Tryax Kahn testing a laser cannon on stand-up target dispays but the weapon was hooked onto two Energon cubes draining half their contents.

EGGMAN: Aaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown>

BORF: Tryax! What in the universe are you doing?

TRYAX: <sneers> Testing the power of the Energon cubes to see how they work.

BEERUS: I can see that. <scowls>

BORF: Did you think they would not work?

TRYAX: You never tested them, I proved it.

EGGMAN: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

BORF: That's not all you've done. At least you only used up two containers so we'll need another strike before we have enough energy to return to Earth.

TRYAX: What's the difference, there's plenty here for us.

BORF: The difference is time you fool, you set us back!

Angered, he struck out kicking the cannon and knocking it off its tripod mount where it crashed to the floor partly damaged. He was about to do the same to his 2nd in Command who defiantly stood his ground daring his boss to hit him when Beerus intervened.

BEERUS: Ahem, if I may say so, sir...I believe we also require rocket fuel for our spaceship engines.

Borf agreed but said that would come another time soon enough. Unfortunately for him and his horde the conversation was being monitored or listened into by SkyNet's sensors then played back for the Autobots and Anti-Freedom Fighters to hear what was being said between Borf, Eggman and Beerus.

ANTI-TAILS: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

ANTI-ANTOINE: Yeah, not good indeed.

KIMBERLY: They're going to steal Chaos crystals out of an abandoned mine?

JESSE DART: <shrugs> I don't know where to start looking.

ANTI-ROTOR: Huh? <frowns>

MEWTWO: Maybe I can find out. <goes deep within the magic>

Seconds later...

MEWTWO: The mines are within RoboTropolis itself, or rather beyond the city limits.

STAR LORD: Oh, great. <puts up his hands>

FLASH: You said it.

ANTI-BUNNY: Hey, let's stop those grays from stealing those magic crystals.

ANTI-SALLY: Right, they probably don't know how dangerous their magic is.

ACE: Yes ma'am. <salute her> MewTwo, the coordinates?

MEWTWO: <nods> Here is the quickest way to get there. <displays them>

SKYNET: Good hunting sir, may the light shine.

FLASH-DON-COLIN-TEAM ROCKET: Death to the Decepticon empire! <shout together>

Kimberly then contacted Tails, Rotor, Antoine, Bunny, Amy and Sonic and in short order the FF and their evil counterparts with the Autobots in vehicle forms raced away into the heart of RoboTropolis!


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