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The SatAM Sonic Cartoons
Welcome to the "SatAM Secret Vault"! This portion of the site contains all of the rarely-seen content from SatAM Sonic. Most of the content on this page is hard-to-find, and are things you'd never find by watching the show itself, and shows some behind the scenes making of SatAM! We still ask YOU DO NOT TAKE THESE PICTURES AND IMAGES for your own site, without permission. You can ask permission by shooting an email to admin AT with the subject "MobianLegends - Can I Borrow your Secret Vault Material?".

Model Sheets     The Void Outline     Backgrounds     The SatAM Bible     Master Cel

Model Sheets

The Haystack     Patrol Vehicle 1     Patrol Vehicle 2     Patrol Vehicle 3     Patrol Vehicle 4
Power Ring     Sonic's Backpack     Trashcan and Lid     Hedgehog Alert Light

Heads or Tails
Boomer's Backpack 1     Boomer's Backpack 2     Boomer's Bib     Boomer's Fish     Floating Eye Robot
Catapult 1     Catapult 2     Catapult 3     Halo Catapult     Catapult Broken Arm
Catapult Repaired Arm     Cluck's Eyeball     Uncle Chuck Photo     Sleek Hoover 1     Sleek Hoover 2
Sleek Hoover 3     Sleek Hoover 4

Hooked on Sonics
Robotnik's Hoover (Bad Quality)     Button on Chair     Laser Howitzer     Shredder Remote (Bad Quality)     Sonic Radar (So-So Quality)

Sonic Racer
Hoover Racer (Bad Quality)     Antenna Relay     Generator Computer

Others (will be seperated and organized soon)
Box With Screen (Secret Scrolls)     Freedom Stormer (Secret Scrolls)     Telescope (Warp Sonic)

I have no idea what these are...
Car Pipe     Sonic Watch (I want one)     Spitball Bullet

"The Void" Outline

Outline 1
Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5
Page 6     Page 7     Page 8     Page 9

Outline 2
Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5
Page 6     Page 7     Page 8     Page 9


badlands t blindspot t bunker t crawlspace t
Robotnik's badlands base
331.94 KB
The Freedom Fighters' blind spot
358.21 KB
An Underground bunker
341.36 KB
Crawl Space
324.11 KB
hanger t robotropolis t room t sands t
Large Hanger
319.97 KB
The Outside of Robotnik's base
517.50 KB
Inside of badlands base
101.39 KB
Swirling sands
117.51 KB

SatAM Bible

This is a copy of the SatAM Bible. It's not the first bible, and it's obviously not anywhere near the last. This bible contains the original name for Snively (Quizley), says Antoine's accent is British (not French, as we know it is), and talks about Nate Morgan. Yes, Nate Morgan of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics series was originally a SatAM character! However, perhaps it's for the best that they decided to change things the way they did, or else we would have had another AoStH. I mean, as much as I like AoStH, we don't need two series of it.

Interesting to note that on Page 10, whoever was marking on the sidelines (probably its author, Len Janson) mentions a game ("Will not appear in game. He [Tails] rolls up instead.") I didn't notice it at first, but I remember hearing rumors about a game called Sonic Mars that was to take place in the SatAM/Archie world; perhaps this was a reference to this game... OR the more likely answer, since it was revised before Sonic 2 came out, it's Sonic 2 that they're refering to. It's entirely possible that Len could have been referring to the Sonic-16 demo that was made (as it was based off SatAM, and would later evolve into Sonic Mars).

The last thing to note is on the last two pages there are story ideas. The Quest obviously later on became Sonic Boom, Heads or Tails became... well thats obvious, but the original concept is different. As for Bug Off, it either evolved into two seperate episodes, Harmonic Sonic, Sonic Past Cool (the spying on Knothole, and someone wanting to keep a pet), or the idea was scraped all together.

Do Not Take for your Own Site Without Permission!

Page 01     Page 02     Page 03     Page 04     Page 05
Page 06     Page 07     Page 08     Page 09     Page 10
Page 11     Page 12     Page 13     Page 14     Page 15
Page 16     Page 17     Page 18     Page 19     Page 20
Page 21     Page 22     Page 23     Page 24     Page 25

"Master Cel"

An "Animation Cel" was sent to us recently by user "Denn". His story is this:

    "The story I heard when I bought it back in 1999 was that this is a one-of-a-kind cel that was painted for the first producer of the show back in 1992 or 1993. The producer of the show was pretty ticked at Sega when the show was ended so abruptly that he wanted it out of his house. In 1994 or 1995, his neighbor (while visiting his garage) took a liking to it and asked how much he wanted for the cel. It was sold to this neighbor "DDD" for $USD 100. Later DDD sold it on eBay to me in 1999 for $200. I've had it ever since..."

This story seems to fit. The characters are in their "Season 1" appearance, and Cluck is present. Were this made during Season 2, we'd probably have Season 2 Rotor, Sally with a vest, and Irises in their eyes as opposed to being a solid color. I would say this probably hung in some important hallway in DiC with other such cels of thier shows, as offices as such sometimes have. Below are Low-Quality and High-Quality Versions of this cel.

Sonic - Master Cel
Low-Quality | High Quality

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