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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 5: CHAPTER 1 - PART 2. Missed the first part? Click here.

ACE: That's puzzling, why or what would Borf want to do with stolen steel beams?

SONIC: That's what I'm puzzled about too. <scowls>

SALLY:'s a mystery in itself that needs to be solved. <frowns>

ACE: Right you are dear. <she nods> SkyNet, time to do some Sherlock Holmes sleuthing.

SALLY: Nicole, you know what to do.

BOTH COMPUTERS: Roger, affirmative!

KIMBERLY: Time again as usual to spy on the enemy and see what they're cooking up.

TAILS: Yeah. Get back at Tryax for dropping a warehouse on our heads too. <sneers>

FIONA: Oh, wait till I get my hands on him. <also sneers> No one insults my honor like that.

AMY: <leers> Good luck on that score.

In minutes video footage appeared on the big screen as SkyNet and Nicole began cruising at high altitudes.

BUNNY: So if the Decepticons are cooking up something evil, we'll zero in on it soon enough.

FLASH: <agrees> Too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the broth.

ANTOINE: Where did you hear that quote, sir?

FLASH: <shrugs> Probably something I made up on my own. <Antoine nods - Bunny giggles>

ROTOR: Good grief...<quotes Charlie Brown - rolls his eyes>

COLIN: <shakes his head - said nothing>

DON & JESSE DART: <look at each other - shrug helplessly>

Elsewhere on the planet at that same moment the forces of evil were exploring the Mystic Ruins of the one-time former homestead of the echidna people. What they were doing there in the first place was a mystery in itself. Borf, his security officer Gantu, the super genius MegaMind were standing before a temple structure listening to Dr Eggman Robotnik explain to them.

EGGMAN: Inside this temple resides the Master Emerald crystal. It contains all the magic forces of the universe than the Chaos Emerald crystals put together.

BORF: Then if what you say is true, I shall become its new master & guardian. <sneers>

EGGMAN: Yes sir, lord Borf. <salutes him>

GANTU: Time to check it out and see for ourselves.

MEGAMIND: I got rear guard duties.

Knocking down the main doors of the temple with the aid of his fusion cannon the Decepticon leader descended a flight of stone stairs accompanied by the dictator as always then Gantu and MegaMind bringing up rear guard. They now stood inside a large chamber where atop an alter pedestal rested a enormous green-colored gemstone.

GANTU: I don't believe it. <his eyes go wide>

MEGAMIND: Holy smokes...

BORF: Unbelieveable...<almost hypnotized by the sight>

EGGMAN: Thought you would say that sir.

That's when Borf set about constructing his ultimate weapon so to speak. Standing on the roof of the Master Emerald temple he, Crystal, Amber, MegaMind, Gantu, Eggman, CuBot and OrBot watched Tryax and Beerus bring forth a tube resembling a barrel to be attached to the main body of the weapon.

BORF: I trust you and Beerus had no trouble creating the barrel frame from the stolen steel beams.

TRYAX: I guarantee it will serve its purposes.

Kahn began to connect the barrel to the frame when a power surge from the Master Emerald hurled him off his boots and he sprawled onto his backside as his friends gasped in shock.

BORF: In that case you did an excellent job. <helps him stand again> For now the power of the Master Emerald will serve the Decepticons.

EGGMAN: Hail the Galactic Federation! <gives the salute>

But at that same moment...a SkyNet probe had detected energy readings and began to zoom in on its source which was viewed by the FF and Autobots.

ROTOR: Looks like SkyNet has reached its destination, huh? <confused frown>

TAILS: It's picking up readings from those ruins. <scowls>

JAMES: Now who or what do you suppose...<starts to say>

JESSE: I sense a disturbance in the magic. <looks uneasy>

At the same time...Laserbeak patrolling nearby spotted the probe too close for comfort and alerted his boss.

BORF: Thank you Laserbeak. <frowns> It seems we have a unexpected visitor...but not for long. <sneers>

Without warning he activated the controls of the ultimate weapon! A burst of green-yellow energy shot straight into the sky scoring a direct hit on the so-called intruder exploding the probe in a instant! The bright flash from the explosion lit up the big screen inside headquarters making everybody shield or squint their eyes.

SONIC: Aaaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown> What was that!

AMY: What just blew up?!! <shocked look on her face>

KIMBERLY: SkyNet, report!

SKYNET: Something either malfunctioned or a unseen force destroyed the probe, I cannot tell who or what it is.

KIMBERLY: Great, another mystery on our hands.

ACE: You said it redhead. <Sally glowers with arms folded> I meant her, not you. <Kimberly nods - Sally leers>

SALLY: I thought you were referring to me, yes?

SONIC: Who's a redhead? <frowns>

KIMBERLY: It's cool, fastest thing alive. <everyone laughs>

At that same moment within the settlements of the Feline and Wolf Pack nations it was Queen Hathor and Grand Chief Lupe who saw and heard the flash of green-yellow light and the explosion afterwards.

HATHOR: What in the universe was that? Where did it come from.

LUPE: I don't know. One second there is this streak of light racing into the sky, the next thing...BOOM!

HATHOR: You don't suppose...<grim look> you don't think it's...<hates or dreads to say it>

LUPE: <nods and glowers> Decepticons...I feel their evil presence in the magic.

HATHOR: If they have discovered the Onyx crystal, we have much to fear. <now looks worried>

LUPE: I'll contact the Autobots pronto! <does just that>

While atop the roof of the Master Emerald temple. Borf was gloating over the success of his ultimate weapon.

BORF: Perfect, this super cannon works to perfection and it's power source is all mine.

TRYAX: You mean ours, don't you Borf? <scowls>

BORF: <frowns> But of course. I have you to blame for this malfunctioning barrel frame. <gestures at half melted barrel>

TRYAX: Oh great, blame everything on me, will you? <glowers> Is everything that happens my fault?!!

BORF: Well...<appears to think for a second> NOT! <sneers and laughs - Tryax stares in stun disbelief>

He then instructed Kahn along with MegaMind to keep watch over the super cannon while Gantu did sentry duties of course. As for the rest of the gang...Borf, Crystal, Amber, Beerus, Gary and Scorch Supernova took off for a Overlander settlement not far from the ruins hoping to help himself to more steel beams in constructing a new-improved barrel frame.

BORF: Anybody who dares get in my way shall be demolished.

Far away in the Artic Circle on the planet in the meantime...Team Rocket and MewTwo were digging or tunneling through the snow-ice landscape in search of a special friend and ally.

MEWTWO: I sense his presence below our position, we're almost there.

JESSE: Oh, for sure. <cracks a joke> At least we're not freezing our asses out here.

JAMES: Wait, feel that slight tremor? <pauses to sense vibrations below his boots>

JESSE: Hell-yeah, it's getting stronger. As if something is coming up from beneath the ice shelf.

MEWTWO: Look out! <shouts a warning>

The twins jumped back in terror, yelling in alarm as something broke through, burst through the ice where they had been standing seconds ago. The object in question resembled itself as the infamous Enola Gay bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb onto Hiroshima Japan to end WWII.

MEWTWO: Bingo! <excited look>

TEAM ROCKET: Draco! <say together with eyes wide>

Then all three used the magic within to melt away the icy crust encasing the B-52 aircraft until it was freed at last.

JAMES: Draco, can you hear me?

DRACO: <starts to regain consciousness> Is that you, James Rocket? <voice sounds weak at first>

JAMES: Yes, it's me. How do you feel?

DRACO: I, I don't know...stiff and tingling all over at first.

JESSE: Can you use the magic within to transform?

DRACO: I, I hope so...

Seconds later the purple & black dragon appeared in his-her normal self at last. She stretched her wings fully out, flexing them to get strength back into them, moved about on her front and back legs, swung her tail about to get feeling back into it too. She then smiled at her friends.

DRACO: Thank you Team Rocket, MewTwo. I just about had it with the frozen sleep treatment.

MEWTWO: <bows> The honor is mine, my dear.

JAMES: YO! We better get to Autobot headquarters pronto. Ace needs us to save the day as usual.

JESSE: Are you up to the task or challenge?

DRACO: <evil smile on her face> Yes! <spews flames high into the sky> It's payback time, revenge against my so-called friends.

MEWTWO: I'll call ahead to inform master Ace of your arrival. <then vanishes like a genie>

Nodding the dragon changed back into the B-52 bomber as Team Rocket climbed aboard then roared into the sky en route to Autobot home base.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready to read on? Click here for Part 3.

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