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Fan Fiction


But the moment we entered home base his majesty and Kimberly rushed up.

MAX: Ace! Your friends are near death, not responding.

ACE: Oh my god! <I quote Joey Stiles of ECW>

KIMBERLY: I tried everything possible but cannot seem to break the hold of this mysterious poison.

SALLY: Quick, take this! <hands over antidote bottle>

ALICIA: Can it save everyone? <worried look>

ACE: Affirmative, I believe it will restore everybody to full health.

KIMBERLY: Right, let's test it out.

MAX: Yes, we must save the Autobots and Freedom Fighters.

ALICIA: If we are not too late already. <worried look>

SALLY: Me too...<also worried look>

Dr Kimmy began injecting doses of the medicine into the forearm wrists of each Mobian and Terran warrior laying motionless as Max, Alicia, myself, my wife, Lupe, Lobo, Reynard, Amy, Tails, Fiona watched with nervous worried looks on our faces, hoping or praying for a miracle of sorts. Then all of a sudden, one by one...Flash, Don, Colin, Jesse Dart, James, Jesse, Sonic, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor began to stir awake, groan or moan, then open their eyes groggily at first then fully open and look around in confusion.

SONIC: What-the? Am I dead.

AMY: Sonic, you're alive! <happy look on her face>

TAILS: All right! <pumps fist into the air>

FIONA: Yes! <also happy look on her face>

BUNNY: Whoa, felt like I've been asleep for a long time.

ANTOINE: Me too, honey. <confused look>

ROTOR: I feel crummy all over.

SALLY: It's okay, you were given an antidote to combat the poison inside your bodies and it'll take time to fully regain your strength.

SONIC: Guess I owe you this time around. <Sally laughs and hugs-kisses him>

Don, Colin, Flash, Jesse Dart and Team Rocket seemed confused but I assured them vengeance would be swift and taken against our enemy. I then had Fiona tell the king and queen about Eggman and Tryax's plans to poison the water supply of both Mobian and Overlander populations, turning them into mindless slaves forever.

MAX: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown>

ALICIA: Oh no! We can't let them get away with that.

MAX: No, we must stop them. <glares> Borf will not get away with this madness.

SALLY: Aye, that he will not, daddy.

ACE: Okay, here's the game play.

I outlined the game play with his and her majesties including my wife too. One objective is return to the cave location where the poison labs reside to destroy-blow everything to kingdom come so to speak. The other objective is proceed to the reservoir system in case Tryax, Eggman and company are on their way with the mind control formulas.

ACE: I believe we can surprise the opposition at the cave before they leave for the reservoir.

MAX: Good idea, catch them red-handed in the act. <grins>

SALLY: Yes, I sense the Decepticons have not left their hideout.

ALICIA: I am surprised you can see things before they happen.

SALLY: Thanks to my boyfriend-teacher that is. <winks at me>

ACE: Right...

MAX: <laughs> In that case, let us proceed to the Poison Labs to blow them up. <grins again>

In short order everybody was on their way in a matter of speaking. Led by Ace and Sally in semi forms with Max and Alicia riding inside the cabs of both rigs, the remaining Autobots in their vehicle forms followed single file with Sonic, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor, Tails, Fiona, Amy riding aboard as usual and Lupe-Lobo-Reynard bringing up rear guard in monster truck forms. Finally we reached the site of the scorched polluted landscape.

ALICIA: Oh my! <shocked look> Look at this place.

MAX: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> It's ruined.

SALLY: <PeterBilt form> Aye, dad. Just like Ivo Robotnik attempted to do during his evil reign.

ACE: <Western Star form> And there's the cave where the Poison Labs reside.

ALICIA: My goodness.

MAX: So that's where your enemy concocted the mind control formula. <scowls>

Just then however...movement caught our attention as familiar figures began emerging into the sunlight so to speak. Tryax Kahn, Gary and Scorch Supernova, Crystal, Amber, MegaMind, Gantu, Beerus, OrBot, CuBot could be seen carrying or pushing black tank-like containers out of the cave.

MEWTWO: What are those tanks used for?

KIMBERLY: I bet they contain the poison formulas Eggman cooked up to put everyone into mindless trances.

JESSE DART: Holy s***!

DON: <glares> Not if I can stop them first. <reaches for his magic sword behind his back>

COLIN: What do you suggest we do, boss? <asks me>

ACE: Hmmm...I got it! <snap my finger> Team Rocket, MewTwo. <all three salute me> How about you conjure up some magic, say, put on a free show of some kind for our neighbors down there.

James, Jesse, MewTwo look confused at first but when it sinks in so to speak they grin devilishly and nod as one.

JESSE DART: I'll add some magic of my own too. <pulls out twin clubs> Astro-Bat! <attaches them to create long staff>

AMY: <conjures up her magic hammer> It's bashing time. <leers>

Then the brother and sister duo, pokemon bodyguard, cyborg warrior and Freedom Fighter go into action. The containers of poison sit upright while the grays and droids take a rest break with Dr Robotnik watching from the shadows unseen for the moment. First, Team Rocket deliver their infamous battle-cry getting the attention of the Decepticons.

JESSE: Get ready for trouble...

JAMES: Make it a double...

JESSE: To protect the world from devastation...

JAMES: To unite all people within all nations...

JESSE: To denounce all evil with truth and love...

JAMES: And extend our reach to the stars above...

JESSE: Jesse Rocket...

JAMES: James Rocket...

JESSE: Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light.

JAMES: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

TRYAX-GARY-SCORCH-AMBER-CRYSTAL-BEERUS-GANTU: Team Rocket?!! <startled looks on their faces>

ORBOT: Uh-oh...

ORBOT: Not good...

EGGMAN: Huuuuuh! <gasps like Doc Brown>

Then it was MewTwo's turn so to speak.

MEWTWO: Feast your eyes upon this magic illusion, butt-heads. <reaches out with both hands>

He closed his eyes calling upon the powers inside himself and suddenly the tanks began rising off the ground to hover like helium balloons. The Decepticons stared with mouths hanging open and eyes wide unable to say or do anything while the Autobots and friends watching burst out giggling-chuckling.

JESSE DART: You ready?

AMY: <nods and leers> Ready...let's do it.

JESSE DART: Force lightning! <shoots energy bolts from both ends of staff>

AMY: Bashing time! <throws her hammer like THOR>

The combined attacks of Dart and Rose struck the floating tanks causing them to explode apart, burst open like balloons popping releasing the deadly formulas into the air.

EGGMAN: Aaaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown> Let me out of here! <runs back into the cave>

Then he came flying into the air aboard his EggMobile with OrBot and CuBot not bothering to yell dire threats at his rivals but fly away to safety. MegaMind, Beerus, Gantu, Crystal, Amber, Gary, Scorch, Tryax also flew away or sped away as fighter jets and automobiles until gone from sight as a huge cheer erupted from the Autobots and friends.

ACE: Yes! Another victory for us and defeat for the forces of evil.

SALLY: Time to celebrate and await the next time the Decepticons dare strike out.

MAX & ALICIA: Here-here! <shout together>


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