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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 4, CH1, P3. Missed Part 2? Click here!

BORF: Well done, Draco. These hostages may be useful to our cause.

Borf gloated over the successful capture of the twins believing this would be easy enough to defeat his rival adversary once and for all.

OMAR: Dad will kick your a** good!

ANGEL: Yeah, you butt-head!

BORF: <shakes his head - waggles finger> Now-now, that's no way to speak to adults in that tone of voice. Deal with them Tryax.

Kahn nodded and unceremoniously tossed Angel and Omar into a holding cell carved out of the ice walls then chuckling evilly conjured forth ice bars to keep them trapped.

ANGEL: Mom will make you sorry for treating us like this!

OMAR: You won't get away with it!

Draco watching all this appeared confused-puzzled as to why the kids were being abused in this manner.

DRACO: I promised no harm would befall them, what you are doing is wrong. <glowers>

TRYAX: Who are you to offer sanctuary to our enemy?

DRACO: Enemy, they are my friends. <now glares> I will not let you harm them.

TRYAX: Do not interfere! <strikes out with dark magic>

Energy bolts of force lightning shot from Tryax's gloved hands stinging the dragon who roared in pain recoiling back in shock and disbelief.

DRACO: I don't understand...

EGGMAN: Heck, I don't have a clue myself. <shrugs>

BORF: These hostages will remain in protective captivity until they are no longer useful to my cause.

TRYAX: Then they will be terminated! <sneers>

The twins gasped in alarm clutching each other in fear.

EGGMAN: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

DRACO: I must not harm or destroy innocent life, I must find a way to release them from captivity, but how...

At that same time the Autobots and Freedom Fighters prepared to rescue Angel and Omar from Borf's clutches. Ace and Sally broke everyone into groups.

ACE: Move in quickly and secure your positions until ready to save our children.

SALLY: And good luck, the magic be with us. Roll out!

One group consisting of Bunny, Antoine, Don, Colin and Flash headed into a glacier tunnel while the other group of Sonic, Amy, Tails, Fiona, Star Lord, Kimberly, Jesse Dart, Team Rocket, Sally and Ace proceeded in another direction in the hopes of tracking down Omar and Angel's whereabouts. Halfway through the tunnel the vehicles of Don, Colin and Flash stopped.

ANTOINE: Sacrableu, why did you stop monsieur?

DON <Corvette form>: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Indiana Jones> Like we might be falling into a trap.

Suddenly the ice gave way beneath their tires so to speak as the TopKick, Unimog and Corvette plunged down to crash into another passageway below-ground.

BUNNY: And I suppose that answers your prediction, he?

COLIN <TopKick form>: Ack! Having trouble getting traction here. <spins his wheels> It's like driving on black ice back home.

FLASH <Unimog form>: The magic tells me that dragon took the twins this way, come on guys! <takes off - the others follow>

While in another tunnel passageway at that same time.

STAR LORD: <Camaro form> No sign of Colin, you think he got lost?

ACE: <Western Star semi form> It's possible, there are many passageways down here to get lost or disoriented.

All of a sudden cries of "HELP!" echoed from somewhere up ahead in the tunnel.

KIMBERLY: <Hummer form> It's the kids! <accelerates top speed>

SALLY: <PeterBilt semi form> Right behind you. <follows her>

ACE: Kimmy, Sally, be careful. <warn both of them>

Both Kimberly and Sally shot down the tunnel then burst into a cavern screeching to a stop when they saw the twins imprisoned within a ice cell.

ANGEL: Aunt Kimberly! <excited>

OMAR: Mom! <excited> Are we glad to see you.

KIMBERLY: <transforms> Hang on, I'll set you free.

SALLY: <also transforms> Better duck your heads or turn away.

Omar and Angel did as instructed and both Kimmy and Acorn used the light arts to melt away the ice bars in seconds flat. The twins ran to hug Sally as she embraced them laughing in relief.

SALLY: Thank goodness you're okay, I was so worried for your safety.

ANGEL: Me too, Borf was going to terminate us once he believed we were no longer worthy to him.

KIMBERLY: Oh, that no-good neighborhood bully. <glowers>

OMAR: Thanks for saving us, Kimmy.

KIMBERLY: No sweat. <high-five slaps him>

Then the others arrived on-site with Ace also welcoming back his kids who were glad to see him too.

ACE: At least Borf did not seduce you into giving into the dark-side.

OMAR: Never, I would not give into emotions of anger or hate.

ANGEL: I believe only in the power of light and kindness.

ACE: That's my daughter. <high-five slap her>

STAR LORD: Whoa-ho! All right, now let's find the others.

AMY: Yeah, who knows what fate awaits them.

FIONA: If we're not already too late.

Elsewhere within the ice tunnels...the group of Mr and Mrs DeCoolette, Don, Colin and Flash came upon a shocking sight before their eyes.

COLIN: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

ANTOINE: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> It's just like SkyNet predicted.

FLASH: They're draining the heat right out of the planet's core.

BUNNY: Look at all those Energon cubes. <points them out>

DON: We better find Ace before Borf senses our presence.

BORF: Soon we will have all the Energon cubes in our possession.

TRYAX: Then we can return to our own galaxy and reign supreme.

BORF: Unless we are foolish enough to be...<suddenly he senses a disturbance> spies! <reacts in anger> Seize the Autobots!

Immediately Don, Flash, Colin, Bunny and Antoine found themselves surrounded by SwatBots-ComBots-ShadowBots with laser guns pointed at them. They had no choice but raise their hands in surrender.

EGGMAN: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> Didn't know you detected their presence that easily.

BORF: <evil grin> The dark arts told me we were being watched. <to Kahn> Dispose of them.

TRYAX: By your command. <evil grin then leaves>

EGGMAN: That could only mean one thing, the Autobots are about to ruin our plans again.

BORF: Beerus, check for more enemy in our vicinity.

BEERUS: <summons his pet> Ravage, seek and destroy.

The feline predator took off in search of the opposition forces. Meanwhile...

JESSE DART: We've been searching everywhere and no sign of Colin or company.

SONIC: Maybe we should split up.

TAILS: Double back...

ACE: We maintain search pattern, we do not want to wander in circles.

JAMES: That's too long for me, I got to move.

Without warning the purple haired man was knocked onto his back as Ravage pounced upon him growling menacingly.

JAMES: Aaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown>

JESSE: Brother! <panics>

AMY: Ravage! <glowers> Let me at him. <raises her magic hammer>

ACE: This will stun him. <aim and fire my laser pistol>

Bolts flashed from the gun stinging Ravage who yelped in pain and leaped back allowing James Rocket to regain his boots again.

JAMES: What the heck? Ravage attacked me.

JESSE: Let's teach him a lesson. <glowers> No one does that to Team Rocket and gets away with it.

Together the twins let loose a barrage of magic trying to frighten off Ravage who snarled as he dodged the attacks thrown his way which allowed the others to make good their escape. He took off after them in pursuit but Star Lord and Amy were ready and let him have it.

AMY: Bashing time! <throws her magic weapon>

The hammer made a "PLINKO!" sound when it struck the feline predator stunning Ravage briefly, almost staggering him off-balance then Peter Quill aimed and fired his blasters at the ceiling above bringing down snow and ice preventing him from chasing them.

STAR LORD: And that's what I call stopping him cold, yes! <blows on barrels of twin blasters>

JESSE DART: All right, now to link up with the others dude.

AMY: YeeHaaw! <shouts the Dukes of Hazzard yell>

They hurried to catch up with their friends already ahead of them by now. Outside in the snowy landscape Draco stood with Tryax facing Don, Flash, Colin, Bunny and Antoine as the 2nd in Command gave orders to his dragon servant.

TRYAX: So here is how we test your loyalty Draco. But because of our friendship, I shall be generous. You may have the honor of terminating the enemy. <gestures at hostages>

DRACO: But, I am not allowed or forbidden to harm innocent life.

TRYAX: I am your boss! <glares> I order you to kill them.

DRACO: <glares back> No, they are not guilty of any crimes committed against them.

TRYAX: But you have, TRAITOR!

Suddenly he let go with force lightning incapacitating the dragon who roared in pain, convulsed in agony before her eyes rolled back and she crashed onto her side and chest to the ground as the Autobots, Mr and Mrs DeCoolette gasped in terror at what they witnessed then Kahn leveled his laser rifle and sneered.

TRYAX: I shall enjoy this...<laughs evilly and opens fire>

Continuous blasts of laser bolts struck Colin, Don, Flash, Bunny and Antoine who yelled in pain then fell unconscious into the snow. Kahn laughed in triumph.

TRYAX: Farewell, foolish mortals! <then glares at his so-called friend> And as for you, Draco. Consider yourself lucky you did not end up like your new friends. <walks away>

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready to read on? Click here for Part 4!

Note: Draco the Dragon is the Malificent Dragon of the Disney animated film Sleeping Beauty...

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