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The SatAM Sonic Cartoons
SatAM is perhaps best-known for airing on ABC in the United States of America, but it also aired on several other channels around the world after its initial run in the 1990s. This page will list the full history of all channels that have aired it at one point or another in the past.

The Full List

The full list is organized by country, with logos of original broadcasters to the side:

North America

In North America, SatAM first aired as an ABC network cartoon from September 18, 1993, until May of 1995. In Canada, it ran on the CTV network, typically alongside ABC. In areas where there were no CTV affiliates, the show ran on independent stations.
American Broadcasting Company Logo
United States:
  •     ABC (September 18, 1993-December 3, 1994, reruns until June 3, 1995)
  •     USA Network (1996-1997, edited reruns)
  •     CTV (September 18?, 1993-September 2, 1995)
  •     ATV (September 18?, 1993-September 2, 1995) (now CTV Atlantic)
  •     CTV Northern Ontario/MCTV (September 18?, 1993-September 2, 1995)
  •     CHMI-TV's MTN Kid's Club (Winnipeg, Manitoba)CTV logo


SatAM also aired initially on Channel 4 and The Children's Channel, before airing on POP and ITV2 in England. In Continental Europe, the show aired on various networks, becoming quite popular in the European countries.

United Kingdom:
  • The Children's Channel
  • POP (2004-2006)
  • ITV2
  • Channel 4 (October 16, 1994-June 30, 1996)
  • TV3 (Viasat) (1995-1998)
  • Telecinco (1993-1994)

Other Regions

SatAM also aired in South Korea, Japan, Asia, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Australia, becoming very popular in the land down under. While its popularity may have since faded from the Asia-Pacific region, SatAM is still on the air in Brazil on SBT to this day.
Network Ten logo 1991-1999
  • Network TEN (Season One only, 1995)
  • Disney Channel Asia (1998-2000)
  • Disney ChannelDisney Channel 2014
  • TV2 (1995-1997)
South Korea:TV2 Logo
  • SBS (1995)
New Zealand:
  • TV2
  • TV Tokyo (JOTX-(D)TV, 1993-1995)
Brazil:TV Tokyo logo 20110629

    SBT (2001-present)

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