Staff - These are the people who have worked on, or created some of the content thats now hosted here; past and present.

  • Andrew Paulson - Original webmaster & founder,, a key part of the StH community in 2008; interviewed various prominent figures on StH projects, author of StH the movie section, appearances in other media articles.
  • Sly Cooper - Original webmaster & founder, and author of our entire SatAM section and Sonic Comics sections amongst other things.
  • Luke Hackett - Current webmaster & 'reconstructor'

We could sure use some help, if you'd like to join the staff please contact us

  • The Sega Corporation - for creating the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise which this site is dedicated to
  • Sonic Team - for ensuring the succesful running of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise since 1991.
  • Special thanks to Ipun for designing the new logo.