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Sonic and Knuckles (Genesis version)
Sonic & Knuckles
Features unique Lock-On Technology when it was released on the Genesis/Mega Drive.

Also Playable In:

Sonic & Knuckles Collection for PC (1997)
Sonic Jam for Sega Saturn (1997)
Sonic & Garfield Pack for PC (1999)
Sonic Action Pack for PC (2000)
Sonic Action 4 Pack for PC (2001)
Twin Pack: Sonic CD and Sonic & Knuckles Collection (2002)
Sonic Mega Collection for Nintendo GameCube (2002)
Sega PC Mega Pack for the PC (2003)
Sonic Mega Collection Plus for Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox (2004)
Sonic Mega Collection Plus & Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for the Microsoft Xbox (2005)
Blaze Dual Game Controller Player for the Blaze Plug and play console (2008)
Sega Fun Pack: Sonic Mega Collection Plus & Shadow the Hedgehog for the Sony PlayStation 2 (2009)
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (2009)
Blaze Sega Mega Drive for the Blaze Plug and play console (2009)
Sonic & Knuckles (Microsoft Live Arcade) for the Microsoft Live Arcade (2009)
Sonic PC Collection for the PC (2009)
Sonic Classic Collection for the Nintendo DS (likely 2010)
Virtual Console on Nintendo Wii(2010)

Story Summary:

Save Floating Island!

The last time Sonic and Robotnik went head-to-head, Sonic blasted Robotnik's Death Egg to smithereens. The explosion heaved Sonic deep into Floating Island's Mushroom Hills!

Sonic knows that many Emeralds, including the Master Emerald, are hidden somewhere on Floating Island. He bets this Knuckles character knows where they are! Sonic can't let Robotnik get his hands on the Master Emerald. He'd have Death Egg fuel forever -- and Floating Island would be destroyed!

Now Sonic's got two problems. How to protect the Master Emerald? And how to keep Knuckles off his back? He'll have to deal with that wild echidna right away!

Knuckles has problems, too. As Guardian of Floating Island and all the Emeralds, Knuckles has a mission -- to wage war on all invaders. Whoever threw that bomb is in DEEP trouble. Knuckles is ready with tricks, traps and bare-fisted attacks to keep Floating Island safe.

Sonic's not taking any changes. Neither is Knuckles! But while they're going the rounds with each other, who's stopping Dr. Robotnik? Could this be the end of Floating Island?


Game Stats:
Release Date(s)
Mega Drive/Genesis:
» USA: October 18, 1994
» Europe: October 18, 1994
» Japan: November 1994
Virtual Console:
» Japan: October 27, 2009
» USA: February 15, 2010
» Europe: February 12, 2010
Xbox Live Arcade:
» NTSC: September 9, 2009
» Sega
» Sonic Team, Sega Technical Institute
Cart Size:
» 16 Megabits
» Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
» Virtual Console
» Xbox Live Arcade     Genre:
» 2D Platformer

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