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Welcome to the Sonic Scene TV Commercials section. Sonic has been around for decades and pretty much every one of his games has had advertisement in the form of TV Ads and so on, so we've been hard at work collecting 'em all and putting them together in one big archive for your convenience. This section features some of our favourite Sonic the Hedgehog TV Commercials / Adverts from around the world. If you have a really cool Sonic TV Commercial that isn't featured here please let me know and I'll get it added.

Some of the ads are generic game ads, some are fan made and some are for special promotions, toys, games. In Japan inparticular they have some really crazy ones. Check out some of our favourites below:-

Lets start Retro, and Japanese with this Sonic the Hedgehog TV Commercial for the Master System version of the game.

A TV Commercial for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood on the Nintendo DS. Ten friends? Each with unique powers? All with one goal? Sounds pretty cool to me... but what wouldn't with that voiceover?

The right hedgehog was hard to find in the TV Commercial for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the GameCube.

This is a fan dub of the Burger King Halloween Whopper commercial by SonicKyle Archer who uses his Werehog Sonic voice throughout.

Sonic the Hedgehog and his unlikely appearance in an advert for Progressive Insurance. Whats he looking for? I think he's looking for savings

A USA TV Commercial for Sonic Lost World

Plenty more where these came from and adding new ones all the time. We have USA, European, Aus/NZ as well as Japanese Pokemon TV Ads and commercials. You can sub our channel below, if you like!