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As we roared into the settlement which turned out to be the Feline Nation we were met by cat warriors running every which way mostly women and children of course while the men cat warriors attempted to beat back the hostile grays yet their primitive weapons were no match for the dark-side powers wielded by Borf, Gary, Scorch, Beerus, Amber, Crystal and they too were retreating in fear. Just then Sally in semi form spotted a familiar blue-skin black haired-beard-mustache person exiting a structure carrying steel beams in his arms.

SALLY: Ah-ha! <glares in semi form> Got you now.

ACE: Go get him honey. <urge her onward>

She accelerated towards Borf who started to turn towards the oncoming noises headed his way but before he could do anything the PeterBilt's front bumper-grill frame collided full tilt into him, the impact sending Borf flying backwards into the air yelling in shock and anger at being assaulted. Sally morphed back to her normal self.

SALLY: Now, Autobots, finish him off! <points at Borf>

We spread out to engage our rivals in combat. Bunny saw something in the dirt that looked familiar, it was the fusion cannon worn by Borf that he used to shoot at his enemy. She also saw Borf struggling onto his knees and palms briefly stunned from being knocked down by Acorn.

BUNNY: Just what I always wanted to try out.

Extending her robotic arm that telescoped outward her metal fingers closed around the cannon then yanked it back as Borf almost retrieved it. He stared in wide-eyed disbelief as the wife to Antoine DeCoolette leveled the gun at him!

BUNNY: Now let's see how Borf likes a taste of his own medicine. <activates firing controls>

Laser beams shot from the muzzle of the cannon impacting into Borf who went falling onto his backside yet the recoil knocked Bunny onto her ass, she gasped in surprise.

BUNNY: Now that was a kick.

ANTOINE: Holy smokes! <can't believe what his wife did>

Suddenly Laserbeak swooped down to snatch the cannon away from Bunny who gasped in shock as did her husband.

ANTOINE: Hey! Bring that back, you birdbrain! <angrily yells thrusting his sword into the air>

Laserbeak carried the weapon to Borf who reattached it to his left or right shoulder then glaring at Mr and Mrs DeCoolette snarled.

BORF: No one does that to me and gets away with it! <now he shoots at them>

Luckily both Antoine and Bunny got out of harm's way in the nick of time. Not far away it was Queen Hathor who was rescued by Star Lord in Camaro form and Amy Rose pretending to drive the muscle car.

HATHOR: Thank you, I owe you a life debt for saving me.

STAR LORD: <Camaro form> Hang on, ladies, we're not out of the woods yet.

It was Laserbeak screeching in anger as he chased the Camaro trying to score hits on his target.

HATHOR: Those evil beings, they stole the Onyx crystal.

STAR LORD: <Camaro form> The what?

AMY: No time to chit-chat, we got to lose that parrot attacking us.

That's when help came in the form of Flash Gordon who aimed at the macaw.

FLASH: Smile for the camera, turkey! <stuns the parrot> Bulls-eye, yes! <pumps fist>

AMY: Good shooting! <gives thumbs up>

FLASH: Anytime Rose! <salutes her>

Amy then asked Hathor about the Onyx crystal to which her majesty said she would take her to its hiding place. They were soon joined by Lupe and Sonic who offered to help too. While that was going on it was Borf contacting Gantu for assistance.

BORF: Gantu, I need your help in dealing with our enemy. Leave Tryax at the hiding place and come immediately.

TRYAX: <gets mad> How dare you! I am Tryax Kahn the all mighty!

GANTU: <laughs> See you later, Kahn. <then flies away>

MEGAMIND: Oh, great. <throws up his hands> He didn't ask me for assitance, ah nuts! <looks mad>

But unbeknown to them a familiar black-purple dragon touched down at the base of the temple gazing up to where she saw two Decepticons staring into the sky.

DRACO: Ah-ha! <sneers> It's my so-called friend, Tryax Kahn. Can't wait to get my claws on him again.

She began ascending the stone steps towards the roof.

DRACO: I must destroy that ultimate weapon.

MEGAMIND: Oh yeah? <takes aim at her> Even without the weapon I could easily take you down myself. Borf would love that, but that sneaky Tryax would take all the credit.

He gestured for her to go ahead while he covered her at gunpoint following close behind all the while monologue-style bragging.

MEGAMIND: On the other hand now that I think of it. <sneer expression on his face> If I let you wreck the super weapon then Borf would put the blame on Kahn, which would make me happy.

All of a sudden there was Tryax leveling his laser rifle straight at the super genius an angry look on his face.

TRYAX: Why you, no-good double crossing traitor! <opens fire>

MegaMind dodged the bolts but Draco was not fast enough to avoid the lasers headed her way and was stung! She roared in pain, reared or lurched backwards then lost her balance and fell back down the steps crashing to the ground onto her face and side knocked out in the process. Kahn sneered down at his so-called friend.

TRYAX: So much for the new Autobot recruit, ahem! <then turns his anger on MegaMind> And as for you, from now on you'll do exactly what this 2nd in Command tells you...or I'll report you to Borf and have him deal with you personally!

That scared or startled the super genius enough that he nodded quickly in reply. Meanwhile Gantu arrived on the spot adding his firepower to the mix as Borf ordered a retreat.

BORF: We have what we came to steal, onward to victory! <he and his horde rise into the air>

Then he paused momentarily as though thinking of something to leave behind as a calling card but changed his mind and took off accompanied by his comrades until gone from sight. While that was taking place not far away it was Hathor and Lupe showing Amy and Peter Quill a secret entrance into the temple of the Master Emerald but now was the sanctuary of the Onyx crystal.

HATHOR: This secret tunnel will take us into the main chamber where the Onyx stone resides.

STAR LORD: Sounds like a good plan, I got your 6:00 covered. <Hathor nods and begins leading the way>

AMY: Right behind you partner. <follows him>

SONIC: I got your back covered Rose.

LUPE: And I'm watching your 6:00 too. <brings up the rear>

But unbeknown to any of was Beerus who witnessed them going into the temple and sent his pet servant Ravage to dispose of the enemy then catch up with him soon the feline predator was shadowing his prey without them knowing he was stalking them. At the same time Borf looked on as Tryax, Gantu, MegaMind, Crystal, Amber, Beerus, Gary and Scorch Supernova laid the unconscious dragon onto her side beside the alter where the Onyx crystal used to reside but was now missing.

BORF: Perhaps we'll be able to convince or persuade Draco to reconsider her actions against us and maybe, just maybe...she will return to serve our cause.

He then proceeded upstairs to the roof followed by his minions leaving the dragon alone and helpless, until that is when Sonic, Amy, Lupe, Hathor and Star Lord entered the chamber and saw her.

SONIC: Oh no! <panicked look>

AMY: It's Draco, the dragon who betrayed the Decepticons.

HATHOR: Really, I did not know this. <curious frown> What is she doing here?

LUPE: She looks to be hurt or injured as if being shot down.

STAR LORD: Great Scott! <quotes Emmett Brown>

Peter Quill used the light arts to scan the dragon for signs of injuries on her person and discovering she had been wounded asked if Amy and Sonic could attempt in reviving her to life to which both hedgehogs said they would do their best even though they were not magic sensitive like Star Lord but he promised to assist just the same. Then his attention was directed towards the alter where a beam of energy appeared to be shooting straight up towards the vaulted ceiling overhead.

STAR LORD: Well I'll be damn...what's causing that energy source?

HATHOR: The Onyx stone is the source of that power although I don't know how or where it came from.

LUPE: Me too, since we share its magic between our clans and keep watch over it too. <Hathor nods>

AMY: Uh-oh, you hear something? <worried look>

SONIC: <looks over shoulder and gasps> Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> It's Ravage! <recognizes the feline poised as if to spring>

STAR LORD: I'll handle him. <draws his twin blasters drops his visor mask> It's show time.

Suddenly Ravage leapt at him as Star Lord let go with ice rays from both blasters yet the feline moved too fast and slammed into Peter Quill knocking him onto his back as Amy cried out in alarm.

AMY: Peter!

LUPE: Star Lord! <panics>

HATHOR: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

SONIC: Holy smokes! <freezes briefly before deciding whether to help or not>

That's when something else happened. Ravage then turned his attention towards Amy who cringed in fear unable to summon forth her Pliko Hammer and leapt forward to attack at the same time that Sonic yelled "AMY!" and rushed towards her to shield Rose from being mauled when without warning something shot out over the fastest thing alive's head, a fore-leg with extended claws that caught the feline in midair then clutched it in a vice grip as a angry voice challenged.

DRACO: Oh, no you don't. You're not going to harm Mrs Rose.

Sonic looked up in disbelief as did Amy along with Lupe and Hathor as a dragon's head and angry glaring face confronted Ravage almost nose-to-nose so to speak with bared teeth expression and narrowed yellow eyes.

LUPE: I don't believe it, she's alive!

HATHOR: All right!

AMY & SONIC: Draco! <shout together> You're okay!

DRACO: <grins and winks> Never felt any better than that.

Then she hurled Ravage across the chamber as though to knock him unconscious against the wall but Ravage twisted in the air like a cat does to land skillfully onto his feet then sprang away back the way he came into the chamber until gone from sight. Now the dragon climbed to all fours again spreading her wings to full extension, lifting her head up and back then lowering to get the kinks out of her neck so to speak, rose up briefly then came down on her fore-legs shaking the chamber momentarily then apologized for scaring her friends including Lupe and Hathor who nodded with weak smiles on their faces.

DRACO: Oh, yes. <sneers> It feels good to be alive and well again.

STAR LORD: <visor mask disappears> Hey, there's a brawl going on outside.

DRACO: Then let's get involved, he?

SONIC: Yeah, see you outdoors! <takes off running with Amy in his arms>

STAR LORD: <deploys his rocket pack> Care to go for a free ride ladies?

LUPE & HATHOR: Yes sir! <say together>

Then Peter was zooming up and out of the temple carrying the Feline Nation queen and Wolf Pack Nation grand chief in his strong arms followed by Draco who took to the sky immediately and began searching for her Autobot friends who immediately spotted her.

COLIN: Draco, all right!

ANGEL: Yes, she's alive again!

OMAR: Awesome!

JESSE DART: Yeah! <raises his AstroBat>

FLASH: It's time to destroy the ultimate weapon.

KIMBERLY: I'm all game for that.

TEAM ROCKET: Us too! <shout together>

MEWTWO: And don't forget me of course.

ACE: Right, let's go but be ready for anything that comes our way.

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