SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 4, CHAPTER 1, PART 2. Missed the first part? Click here to read it.

Deep inside a ice cavern-like cave the Decepticons and Eggman were gathered around the lifeless dragon wondering who he-she was as life support monitors displayed readouts.

GANTU: Whoever he-she is, I bet he-she would make an excellent team member.

SCORCH: How can we tell what gender this dragon is?

TRYAX: Never mind that, we must restore her back to life again. Beerus, use the power of the Matrix.

BEERUS: As you command. <performs the task>

BORF: <puzzled> Why are you so concerned about this dragon?

TRYAX: Because I knew her, a long time ago when she worked with me.

Just then the readouts showed signs of life as the black dragon with purple underbelly began to stir awake.

EGGMAN: You knew her? <curious look>

TRYAX: Aye, her name is Draco.

Kahn then went onto explain how he and Draco were explorers in the Sol system who wanted to find out if there was other forms of alien life beyond the stars so to speak.

TRYAX: Draco and I were exploring what was an uncharted planet in another galaxy, this one...Mobius. We detected no signs of life on the surface but planned to take a closer look.

He revealed how G-forces suddenly dragged Draco down into the atmosphere despite Tryax's attempt to save her life and was lost forever.

TRYAX: I circled the planet searching for her, in case she managed to make it back into space...but she was gone. <looks sad>

BORF: And now you found her again. <Kahn nods>

MEGAMIND: Uh-oh, she's waking up. <looks worried>

GARY: This is not good. <nervous look>

CRYSTAL: Hope she doesn't try to attack us.

AMBER: Me too...

The dragon opened its yellow eyes, blinked several times as she gasped-struggled to breathe normally then fully opened her eyes again to look around in confusion.

DRACO: What happened, where am I?

Then she noticed a familiar face looking down at her.

DRACO: Tryax, it's you. You rescued me, but where am I?

TRYAX: This is the planet Mobius where you were lost long ago while we were searching for intelligent life.

Then it hit her, came back in a rush so to speak! Drago nearly had a panic anxiety attack but Kahn calmed her down using the dark arts to help her regain control of her emotions again. Now it was Borf who addressed the dragon.

BORF: I am Borf, supreme leader of the Decepticons. This is my assistant Dr Eggman Robotnik. <he nods and waves>

DRAGO: How do you do.

EGGMAN: I'm fine, thank you ma'am.

BORF: We are on this planet to collect energy resoures we need to rule the universe. The Autobots who dare oppose us are our enemy.

DRACO: Autobots...<tries remembering or recalling that name>

Not far away the Autobots and FF were approaching their destination of course.

SALLY: <PeterBilt form> Wow, the Northern Lights display. Isn't it beautiful, dear?

ACE: <Western star form> Yes, similar to the same light show on my world. Forward Autobots.

And back inside the hidden caverns of snow & ice...

BORF: With this symbol, you Draco are now a full fledge member to the Decepticon cause. Hail the Galactic Federation! <gives the salute>

DRACO: Hail the Galactic Federation. <repeats gesture>

BORF: Death and destruction to all Autobots.

DRACO: D-death? <shocked look on her face>

EGGMAN: Oh dear, she appears confused for the moment.

BORF: <to Tryax> Have her begin patrol shifts around the perimeter. <Kahn nods as Borf walks away>

DRACO: Are you proud of being a warrior rather than a explorer?

TRYAX: Yes, it is more exciting. And one day I, not Borf will lead us. And then you will be my 2nd in Command.

DRACO: <inclines her head> I am grateful for you rescuing me from my frozen sleep. I shall try to repay the debt in my honor.

Moments later the dragon was wandering about the snowy landscape when she spotted movement directly ahead of her and stopped, yellow eyes narrowing in suspicion.

DRAGO: Something's approaching. <uses the dark-side to identify incoming objects> Strange looking vehicles. It seems the time has come to make the change from discovery to war.

Unbeknown to the Autobots they were about to confront their worst nightmare in a matter of speaking.

ACE: We are nearing the location of the energy drain.

ANGEL: Dad, what's that? <sees something up ahead>

ACE: What-the? <I react in shock>

SALLY: Huuuuuuh! <gasps like Doc Brown>

OMAR: Holy smokes!

Suddenly we found ourselves face-to-face with a black dragon with purple underbelly as it loomed in front of us, growling-snarling a challenge with piercing yellow eyes.

DRACO: Halt, identify yourselves!

SALLY: Autobots, transform! <orders everyone to morph>

One by one we changed to terran and mobian selves startling Draco at first but quickly recovered as she realized who was confronting her.

DRACO: You must be destroyed! Death to all Autobots!

Roaring she breathed forth green-yellow flames from her open mouth that exploded all around Don, Flash, Jesse Dart, Colin, Kimberly, Star Lord, Ace, Team Rocket, MewTwo, Sonic, Tails, Bunny, Antoine, Rotor, Fiona, Amy, Sally who scattered, ran for cover. Angel and Omar hurrying to find cover themselves slipped on the icy surface and fell into a nearby lake, gasping in shock from the cold waters and yelling for help. It was MewTwo who responded to their cries.

MEWTWO: Don't panic, I'll save you!

He grabbed ahold of their outstretched arms and pulled them onto solid ground again then instructed them to use the magic in warming themselves up which they did in no time. Suddenly another blast of flames struck a portion of the ground they were standing on which separated cleanly into a floating glacier.

ANGEL: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>

OMAR: We're doomed. We can't possibly jump back to land, it's too long.

MEWTWO: Unless your parents or the Autobots save us, we're doomed.

BOTH KIDS: Mom, Dad! <shout for us> Help us! <start waving frantically>

Sally and I heard the shouts, turned to stare in wide-eyed alarm.

SALLY: Kids! <eyes wide in fright>

ACE: Omar, Angel, stay calm, do not panic! <shout back to them> We'll save you!

TAILS: Oh, no. Angel and Omar are in danger, we got to help them.

SONIC: Are you nuts? We can't move while that fire-breathing lizard has us pinned down.

AMY: We got to do something! <panics>

That is when Draco heard the cries and turned to stare in surprise at the helpless victims.

DRACO: They're in danger, I must save them.

She rose into the sky on her powerful wings touching down on the glacier in front of the twins and MewTwo who instantly shielded Omar and Angel preparing to fight.

MEWTWO: I will not let you harm them, stay back! <prepares to conjure forth his magic>

OMAR: Yes, taste our magic. <calls upon his powers>

ANGEL: Let the light shine!

But the dragon raised a fore-claw like a hand palm up then spoke in a gentle soothing tone.

DRACO: Do not be afraid, I will not harm you.

She leaned down to stare friendly-like at the kids and pokemon feline who stood their ground trying not to show fear.

ANGEL: Why do you wear that symbol? <points it out>

DRACO: Oh, this one? <points at her chest> I am a full fledge member of the Decepticon cause, the Autobots fear me.

OMAR: Not true! <mad look> The Autobots defend and protect the universe from the Decepticons.

MEWTWO: Yes, it is Borf and his horde who are evil since they use the dark arts of magic.

Draco looked surprised then confused before speaking again.

DRACO: I do not understand why you tell me this. I shall prove we are not evil, I will take you to my leader in person. No harm will befall you, I swear.

Then smiling again she scooped Omar and Angel in a fore-claw then placed them onto her back behind her neck then spreading her wings launched into the air flying away as the shocked-startled Autobots looked on.

COLIN: Holy smokes! She kidnapped them.

JESSE DART: No way...

FLASH: We got to rescue them!

ACE: Yes, we will save them brother.

DON: I can't believe she did that, took them hostage and we could not stop her.

STAR LORD: I hate it when that happens.

ACE: We must be calm, no need to get riled up over this incident.

KIMBERLY: Yes sir, let's follow that dragon and see where she leads us, hopefully she'll take us to Borf too.

TEAM ROCKET: Yeah! <shout together>

SALLY: <glares> Let's do it. I'm not going to let that dragon harm my children.

SONIC: Already on it boss. <scoops her into his arms - takes off running>

In no time all of us were on our way to rescue the twins before all was lost.

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