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The SatAM Sonic Cartoons
SatAM Sonic Episode List
This page contains the full list of all 26 episodes of SatAM Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as brief synopses of each episode. Eventually, the episodes will act as links to reviews of each episode. Season One was made in 1992-1993, and aired in 1993, while Season Two was made in 1994-1995 and aired on ABC in the United States and CTV in Canada during those years. The entire series composes of two seasons, each 13 episodes in length, for a total of 26 episodes. A third season was planned, but never made it to the storyboard, let alone completed, due to the show being cancelled upon the Walt Disney Company buying DiC and the American Broadcasting Company's ABC television network in 1996. While the head of childrens' programming was a strong fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, the network executives weren't as big of fans, and when DiC and Capital Cities/ABC were purchased in 1996, ABC's head of childrens' programming retired, and was replaced by the head of Disney's childrens' programming.

Season One

Season One is vastly different from Season Two, as it largely has no continuity between episodes, and they can be viewed in any real order without an impact in the storyline, or "missing" anything. The only exception to this (as in nearly every other television series) is the pilot episode: Heads or Tails. In the television industry, a pilot episode is an experimental test episode that tends to set the atmosphere and theme for the show overall, and can be radically different from the remainder of the series, such as including different characters, elements and scenes, and is nearly always the first episode. Heads or Tails is no different, and follows this rule. Season One also introduces characters to the Freedom Fighters, Mobius in general, and even the King. Season One is also the closest in relation to the video games, as the Buzz-Bombers (though re-painted) are the only characters from the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game "Sonic 2" that make an appearance.

Heads or Tails
Season 01, Episode 01
Heads or Tails is the first episode of SatAM, and centers on the latest plot of the tyrannical dictator, Doctor Robotnik: spray a lethal chemical into the Great Forest to kill all the trees, expose Knothole Village, and allow him to capture the Freedom Fighters that reside there. Sonic the Hedgehog, Princess Sally, and the other Freedom Fighters quickly form a plan to use makeshift catapults and trebuchets to destroy Robotnik's Buzz-Bomber robots as they deliver the chemicals towards the trees, but their range is limited, and they are not strong enough to hold the weight of large boulders they have stashed. Sonic takes his best friend Tails on a mission with him into Robotropolis to steal some cotter pins from his factories. After a narrow escape, Sonic returns to Knothole Village and hands the cotter pins to his friends. They get the catapults working just in time. Sonic runs out to lure the Buzz-Bombers close enough to the catapults, and they are destroyed, along with Robotnik's plans.

Sonic Boom
Season 01, Episode 02
Antoine, Sally and Sonic investigate some clues about King Acorn during a mission with a fellow freedom fighter, and how he may still be alive. They investigate after the mission ends, but later realize that their friend sacrificed himself as a distraction to protect Antoine, Sonic, and Sally, and was captured and tortured by Robotnik. Sally and Antoine try to investigate whether or not the King is alive, while Sonic attempts a rescue, before joining up with his friends in the Dark Swamp. They ultimately learn that their friend was roboticized.

Sonic & Sally
Season 01, Episode 03
During a mission against Robotnik with Sonic and Bunnie, Sally is captured and held prisoner in Robotropolis, while Robotnik switches her with an advanced robotic duplicate, with the intention if spying on the Freedom Fighters, roboticizing Princess Sally, and finding Knothole Village. While somewhat suspicious of the "new" sally's behaviour, most of the Freedom Fighters shrug it off as stress from her nearly being captured. Only Tails knows the truth, but will Sonic and the others believe him, and be able to save Princess Sally before she's roboticized?

Ultra Sonic
Season 01, Episode 04
Sonic discovers his Uncle Chuck working with SWATbots on a mining expedition to remove a giant energy crystal to replace Robotnik's dwindling oil supplies, sending Sonic on an emotional roller-coaster ride as he battles both SWATbots, and to help his uncle regain his free will.

Sonic & the Secret Scrolls
Season 01, Episode 05
The Freedom Fighters travel on a mission to find some magical scrolls that will help them in their battle against Robotnik. What will they do when they find Robotnik waiting for them?

Super Sonic
Season 01, Episode 06
Sonic and Robotnik both learn of a powerful, dormant wizard's computer of magic spells, and race each other to get it. Sonic is thought to be the thief of the wizard's computer when he awakens, and loses his speed. Can he clear his name, get the computer back, AND stop Robotnik, while speed-less, or is Sonic just an ordinary hedgehog now?

Sonic Racer
Season 01, Episode 07
Sonic, Sally, and Antoine are on another scouting mission in Robotropolis, when they manage to deactivate one of Robotnik's generators. When they find that his backup generator kicks in, they decide to destroy that one as well. Sonic learns of a race being held by Robotnik, which is a trap, unknown to him, and offers to race, as a cover for Sally and Antoine.

Harmonic Sonic
Season 01, Episode 08
Robotnik launches a spy satellite ("Sky Spy", a space station/spy satellite) to find the location of Knothole Village, but does not anticipate Sally and the others decrypting his transmission signals and learning of this when one of his rocket boosters unknowingly crashes right next to Knothole. Sonic and Rotor use the booster to reach the spy satellite and destroy it.

Hooked On Sonics
Season 01, Episode 09
After failing to win the heart of Princess Sally, Antoine tries to show up Sonic and impress Princess Sally by capturing Robotnik himself with the lure of a power ring! Can Sonic save the day, or will Robotnik discover the power ring's secrets?

Sonic's Nightmare
Season 01, Episode 10
Sonic must fight to retain control of his mind while being tormented with a recurring nightmare, where Princess Sally is roboticized by Robotnik and Snively, and he is powerless to stop them. The Freedom Fighters learn of Robotnik's next plot, which is seeding clouds with acid rain, using the factory-filled Nimbus Island as a testing zone. Princess Sally realizes that if anyone is there, they must be warned, and Sonic leads the way. Sonic begins to fall apart, daydreaming that Sally was Roboticized, and nearly being captured. Will the Freedom Fighters make it out from Nimbus Island, or will Mobius end up swimming in acid rain?

Warp Sonic
Season 01, Episode 11
It looks like Sonic, Sally, and Antoine are done for, cornered by Swatbots when a mission into Robotropolis goes horribly wrong! They are unexpectedly saved by a mysterious fur named Griff the Goat, who pulls them through a vent panel to safety. He leads them into the colony of Lower Mobius, where his freedom fighter friends live. Sonic is initially suspicious, especially when Griff begins courting Sally, causing tensions to rise over who should win the heart of Princess Sally. After Griff returns them to Knothole Village, he sneaks off with the Power Stone at night, to replace his colony's failing energy crystal. Eventually, Sonic reaches Lower Mobius on their own, and encounters Griff, who returns the power stone to Sonic, admitting he never should have stolen it. Sonic reminds Griff that they're all in the fight against Robotnik together, and splits the stone in half, so both can retain some energy, as a sign of goodwill.

Season 01, Episode 12
When the trees in the Great Forest begin dying off, the Freedom Fighters search for answers, hopefully before their hide-out is exposed. Sonic accidentally discovers some magical water that causes plants to grow rapidly and to large sizes, and the Freedom Fighters embark on a search for more, to save their forest. They begin disappearing one by one on their journey, but who is responsible?

Sonic Past Cool
Season 01, Episode 13
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters encounter the dinosaur-like terapods as they migrate through the Great Jungle, and defend them when Robotnik tries to capture them. Tails forges a friendship with the small baby terapod, who he nicknames "Baby T", while Sally tests a language translation device on "Mama T", who is able to warn them of dangers in the jungle.

Season Two

Season Two is vastly different from Season One. Princess Sally now wears a blue vest, Rotor's appearance has changes as well, with a slightly smaller head and rounder body, with his colour changing from mauve (light purple) to deep blue. The stories in the episodes are also dramatically different, as most of the episodes in Season Two are linked and have continuity, building up to the final episode, the Doomsday Project. Also changing things, is the appearance of Dulcy, a young but large female teenage dragon, who helps out Sonic and the Freedom Fighters in their missions. The inclusion of two episodes, each containing two fifteen-minute long shorts about Antoine and Sonic were included at the demand of ABC's network executives, who felt the show was too serious and needed to "lighten up" a bit.

Game Guy
Season 02, Episode 01
Sonic and Sally encounter a mysterious person who claims to be a fellow freedom fighter, and Sonic is lured into a trap after trusting him, against Sally's advice. Sonic is then placed in a giant pinball machine where he must fight Robotnik in score to win (and regain his freedom) or lose (and be sucked into the Void, forever). Will Sonic make it out of this alive?

Sonic Conversion
Season 02, Episode 02
Sonic vows to free Uncle Chuck once and for all. Upon restoring Uncle Chuck's free will, Chuck, Rotor, and Sally attempt to rebuild a deroboticizer in Knothole. All doesn't bode well, however, as upon trying to deroboticize Uncle Chuck, he loses his free will. After NICOLE determines this to be a compound hardware failure of the deroboticizer, Sonic sneaks into Robotnik's roboticizer by pretending to surrender, so he can steal the replacement parts. When it works, Sally plans to start deroboticizing all the victims of Robotnik, with Bunnie Rabbot as the second (after Uncle Chuck). Unfortunately, the effects of deroboticization are temporary, and Antoine and Tails are captured by him, and are nearly roboticizsed themselves. Sonic saves the day, however, by helping him fight to have his free will restored.

No Brainer
Season 02, Episode 03
Sonic is brainwashed by his enemies during a rescue-attempt in Robotropolis. While suffering from mmory Loss, Snively uses Sonic to find Knothole Village, and captures the Freedom Fighters! Is this the end of Knothole Village?

Blast to the Past (Parts 1 and 2)
Season 02, Episode 04 and 05
Sonic and Sally try to stop Robotnik as he begins his takeover. Not only must they stop Robotnik, but they must also save their past selves from being Roboticized, and stop his massive flying fortress from destroying the Great Forest and Knothole Village's future location. Can they save themselves and their futures?

Fed Up With Antoine / Ghost Busted
Season 02, Episode 06A and 06B
Two comical 15-minute episodes about Antoine. Fed Up with Antoine focuses on his lifestyle, and how he gets captured by a group of motorcycle-riding hyenas. Can Sonic Save him? Ghost Busted is about a campfire story during a training mission with Sonic, Tails, and Antoine. Ghost Busted would later be adapted as a story in Sonic Super Special Issue 7 by Archie Comics.

Season 02, Episode 07
Dulcy begins having dreams and urges to go to the dragon mating ground, Dragon's Nest, as Robotnik tries to roboticize the remaining dragons. Can she save her species, or are the dragons done for?

The Void
Season 02, Episode 08
The Freedom Fighters find some unexpected surprises in the dimensional vortex known only as the Void. Sonic is nearly sucked into it as he's exploring the Great Unknown, while Bunnie and Sally are pulled into it after researching some ancient artifacts. When Robotnik drives Sonic into the void, he meets up with Sally and Bunnie. The ruler of the Void (Ixis Naugus) introduces himself, and brings them to the King and Ari.

The Odd Couple / Ro-becca
Season 02, Episode 09A and 09B
Two comical 15-minute episodes about Antoine. The Odd Couple is about Antoine sharing his hut with Sonic during a winter blizzard after Dulcy accidentally crashes into it, and their ensuing lifestyle clashes (Antoine being neat, with Sonic being sloppy). Ro-Becca is about a lovesick robot that falls for Antoine.

Cry of the Wolf
Season 02, Episode 10
Sonic, Sally, and Antoine finally make contact with The Wolf-Pack, another Freedom Fighter group, and encounter one of Robotnik's new deadly Doomsday Pods for the first time. After a long but courageous battle against the machine, the Freedom Fighters and Wolf-Pack are successful, and link up with the other freedom fighter groups on King Acorn's list. This would later be adapted as Issue 114 in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics.

Drood Henge
Season 02, Episode 11
Sonic and Tails team up with Princess Sally on a mission to thwart Robotnik's plans to use the magical Deep Power Stones for his "Doomsday Project". Sally also encounters the family secret about Drood Henge, and why it is so important.

Season 02, Episode 12
Uncle Chuck finds himself increasingly at risk as he operates as a spy for the Freedom Fighters in Robotropolis, nearly being caught by Snively or Robotnik several times as he does things that raise their suspicions. Is his secret safe, or will his free will be taken away?

The Doomsday Project
Season 02, Episode 13
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters face Robotnik's forces in their final assault on Robotnik's forces. Sonic and Sally admit their love for each other. After nearly being Roboticized, Sonic recovers the Deep Power Stone that Robotnik had, and destroys the Doomsday Project with Sally, casting Robotnik into the Void as they do so. The ending leads to a cliffhanger that involves Snively and a mysterious red-eyed character (Ixis Naugus). This would prove to be the final episode of the series. It ended on a cliff-hanger as DiC (the animation company that made the show) expected ABC to let them do another season, however this did not prove to be the case.

Season Three

For more information on why SatAM was cancelled, see the Cancellation Page.
Season Three never made it off the ground, as the show was cancelled when the Walt Disney Company purchased Capital Cities Communications (owners of the American Broadcasting Company television network) in 1996. The only work done towards a possible Season Three were initial outlines of which direction the story and show would've gone, and where the characters would have gone. No storyboards or episodes were ever created. Ben Hurst has stated at SAGExpo that if the show was allowed to continue, it would have elaborated upon the growing close relationship with Sonic and Tails, to become much like in the games (a brother-like relationship, where Tails would finally be able to go on freedom fighter missions), along with the appearance of Knuckles at the end of Season Three, becoming a main character in Season Four.

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