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Fan Fiction

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TRYAX: <surprised> Since when did you learn to fight with light-sabers?

SALLY: <leers> Easy, Ace trained me in the magic arts and showed me the basics of wielding light-sabers.

TRYAX: <scowls> Then let's see how really good you are, redhead!

SALLY: <glares> I'll show you...yes!

She attacked with thrusts as Kahn parried them then he struck back yet Acorn blocked them easily. They continued dueling fiercely as Tryax tried several times to break down Sally's defenses and land a killing blow but she was too smart to let him wound her that quickly. She blocked an overhead strike as Kahn glared at her, she glared back over locked sabers.

TRYAX: Release you anger, it's the only way to defeat me.

SALLY: Never...I will not give into the dark-side.

Kahn threw her back with a force shove then rushed forth to strike her down but Acorn levitated up and flipped over his head, coming down behind him then swiftly blocked a thrust aimed at her backside before pivoting about shoving Tryax's red blade away from herself and still in motion brought her blue blade around and upwards battering Kahn's saber into the air as he tried bringing his weapon back into play again staggering the 2nd in Command to Borf momentarily off balance then executed a swift strike hitting Kahn in the chest. A big "HUH?!!" went up from everyone looking on...Tryax gasped, eyes wide in shock and disbelief, started to topple over onto his backside trying to shield himself with his red blade but Acorn trapped it against her blue blade then a twist-flick of her wrist sent it flying out of his gloved hand! Another big gasp arose from the witnesses.

SONIC: What is this? She disarmed him?

AMY: I don't believe it.

TAILS: Wow, she beat him.

ROTOR: Incredible, Sally is strong in the magic.

BUNNY: Way to go, Sally-girl!

ANTOINE: All right!

MegaMind, the Supernova twins, Gantu, Beerus and Borf could only stare in stun disbelief without saying a word. So too did Ace, Kimberly, Don, Star Lord, Flash, Jesse and Colin. It was Borf who broke the silence ordering another retreat back to headquarters.

BORF: Decepticons, take the Energon cubes with you and retreat! <rises into the sky> So long, Ace. Until next time that is...<sneers at me>

ACE: Asta-la-vista, baby. <I quote the Terminator>

As one the grays fled Station Square leaving the humans staring after their rivals as usual. Tryax, last to escape shouted death-threats at Sally with shaking fist.

TRYAX: We'll settle this another time, Sally Acorn!

SALLY: Fine! I'll be waiting...NOT! <flips him off>

SONIC: You tell him boss-lady. <leers>

Once they were gone the President and Mayor of Station Square thanked the Autobots for rescuing them, their city and its people from being harmed by the hostile beings. We assured them Borf and his horde would not dare launch another strike against their metropolis then changing back into vehicles returned to New MoboTropolis with the Freedom Fighters onboard. Inside the cab of the Western Star 5700...

SONIC: That was awesome how you handled yourself in battle.

SALLY: Uh-huh, the light-side aided me in fighting Tryax and winning.

SONIC: Cool, I wonder where those light-sabers came from anyway? <puzzling frown>

SALLY: Yeah, I'll ask Ace about that soon enough. <also frowns>

ACE: <semi form> No need, they are used in a science fiction fantasy film saga called Star Wars.

SALLY & SONIC: Huh? <say together and frown>

I told the whole story of Star Wars...from Episode I "The Phantom Menace" to Episode VII "The Last Jedi" including of course the Clone Wars animated series that bridged the gap between Episode II "Attack of the Clones" and Episode III "Revenge of the Sith" until concluding the story.

ACE: And that is where the saga ends for now. Luke merged with the Force to become a Jedi Ghost with Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon-Jin, and Anakin Skywalker.

SONIC: Wow! Reunited with his father the Chosen One who saved his life by striking down Emperor Palpatine.

SALLY: And now the Resistance continues battling the First Order and Kylo Ren to save the universe.

ACE: Correct you are boss-lady. <Sally frowns at Sonic who shrugs>

SALLY: Uh, how about stop using that title for now, yes? It's sort of embarrassing to me.

ACE & SONIC: Yes ma'am. <we say together>

In no time we made it back to MoboTropolis and immediately reported to King and Queen Acorn at the palace with Sally and I telling Max and Alicia what happened at Station Square then Sally demonstrating for her parents how she mastered the light-side of magic through illusions and light-saber techniques too.

MAX: I'm impressed, really I am.

ALICIA: Well done my dear.

SALLY: Thanks, mom-dad. <half bows to them>

MAX: Congratulations on teaching our daughter the magic arts.

ACE: Thank you sir. She is now strong within the magic.

ALICIA: Indeed, she is powerful all right.

ACE: Want to see how skilled she is in mock light-saber combat? <the king and queen look surprised at first then nod>

SALLY: Oh, this is going to be fun. <quotes Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 2>

We ignited our green and blue sabers, saluted each other then commenced trading thrust and parry moves against each other as Sally's parents watched in awe. It ended quickly enough when Sally disarmed me then took me down aiming her blue blade inches from my body.

SALLY: Do you yield?

ACE: I submit to you. <put up my hands>

SALLY: <turns to her parents> Well...<shuts off her saber>

MAX & ALICIA: Bravo! <say together and clap>

Soon after the royal family invited me to join them for dinner with their daughter of course and I accepted. On the other hand Jesse, Don, Flash, Star Lord, Colin and Kimberly were eating at the homes of Sonic, Tails, Amy, Bunny-Antoine, Rotor and swapping stories as usual.

Inside Decepticon HQ the grays finished stocking away the Energon cubes then rested briefly, meditating within the dark arts that is to open their minds to the power and allow it to flow through them while Borf was communicating with the Grand Council Woman alongside Eggman.

BORF: Sonic and his friends ran roughshod over all of us, made us look like fools.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Sorry to hear that. <frowns> At least you got away with more Energon cubes.

BORF: Yes we did escape with the goods.

EGGMAN: I will continue serving his cause to help fulfill his destiny.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Well said, well spoken doctor. I shall see to it you are rewarded well.

EGGMAN: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! <then stops himself> My apologies, ma'am for insulting your honor.

COUNCIL WOMAN: No need to apologize, no harm intended. <then to Borf> When will you continue stealing more resources?

BORF: Not now, I and my horde need to rest and recover before we resume the task.

The Galactic Federation leader nodded then vanished like a ghost when the transmission ended. Borf and Eggman again inspected the stockpile of cubes humming merrily way then checked on repair work to the Decepticons starship noting the SwatBots-ComBots-ShadowBots were hard at work, not missing a beat so to speak.

EGGMAN: My machines get the job done in no time.

BORF: So I've seen. <nods> I will be in my chambers meditating so I must not be disturbed.

EGGMAN: By your command my lord. <salutes then leaves him>

Thus speaking he went back into his chamber and performed the ritual of meditation to quiet and relax the body and open the mind into the dark arts.

TO BE CONTINUED... Click here to read Sonic and the Transformers Part 6.

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